King Kong Coloring Book

Here we will see this giant animal in coloring pages. The character of this small with extremely large size which is called King Kong is waiting for all children. We will color it online or print it, as well as we will get acquainted with cool sceneries from movies and TV series and other characters that, apart from the main one, have appeared here.

The King Kong Family

king kong family coloring book to print
Today is a real treat! There are three characters to color - the whole King Kong family. Remember to paint very carefully and not to cross the black lines....

King Kong with a barrel

king kong with barrel coloring book to print
King Kong is a character known from a movie or cartoon. Have you ever watched it? If not, choose any colors of crayons and carefully paint King Kong and...

King Kong from a fairy tale

king kong from fairy tale coloring book to print
Once again you have to color a well-known cartoon character, this time it is none other than King Kong. Do you have any idea what colors you will use?...

King Kong in a tie

king kong in a tie coloring book to print
The drawing shows some handsome and cheerful animal in a beautiful suit. Wait, is that King Kong? Yes, that's him! He's so dressed up, it's hard to...

King Kong in the car

king kong on car coloring book to print
What a super fast car that is! And who is sitting on it? Is it the famous King Kong? Sure it is. He's probably chasing someone with that fiery...

King Kong and the Dinosaurs

king kong and dinosaurs coloring book to print
Today we move to the old times, when dinosaurs still lived. In the picture we see King Kong, who is fighting with ancient dinosaurs. You have to ...

Trumpet-playing King Kong

king kong trumpet player coloring book printable
In the picture we see King Kong, who has a trumpet in his hand and is playing it. We also see that he is sitting on the very top of a stone and that...

King Kong in the city

Our main character went to the city as we can see in one hand he holds and protects his beloved, and with the other he fights the enemy, which are increasingly ...

King Kong and Godzilla fight

The two eternal rivals stood on two opposite sides. On the good side stands none other than King Kong himself, on the bad side...

King Kong for kids

As I know this gorilla was very big in size and could defeat all vehicles like tanks, but he wasn't the bad guy either, he just wanted to fight the evil...

King Kong (キングコグン - original name) is a giant ape monster that first appeared in the 1933 film. AFTER that, a second giant appeared and these two animals fought each other in King Kong and Godzilla.

One of the most famous characters in all of cinema, Kong made his debut in the 1933 film bearing his name. Although he has been replicated many times in various films. However, he is virtually always depicted as a giant gorilla-like ape inhabiting a remote island hidden from civilization and inhabited by other bizarre creatures. He is usually worshipped as a god by the natives living on the island.

In the original film and its two remakes, this giant is taken from his island by an expedition from the United States and brought to New York City, where he escapes and goes on a violent rampage, then climbs a skyscraper before being shot down by a military plane and dying. Toho acquired the rights to use Kong in the 1962 film King Kong vs. Godzilla, where Kong was dramatically scaled up and juxtaposed with Toho's flagship monster, Godzilla. There have been many films and series created with these characters along the way, the latest being two productions we wanted to write about here. In 2017, the rights to this character were acquired by Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros.' studio.

What does King Kong's character look like ?

In all his appearances he resembles a giant silverback gorilla, with light black or brown fur. Sometimes he walks on his ankles like a real gorilla, and walks upright like a human, sometimes using both forms of movement in the same video. It usually has an upright posture similar to a human

In all his appearances, this great ape is portrayed as tragic. He lives a very lonely and hard life, constantly under attack by the vicious giant creatures that live on his island. The main character himself varies very rarely to attack unless provoked, and is able to cause mass destruction due to his size and strength, causing people to fear and attack him. He has a weakness for human women and will do anything to protect the woman he likes, whether it be fighting another monster or military forces.