Kirby Coloring Pages

We invite you to the magical world. This is where Kirby coloring pages will be waiting for you - together with him we will be able to choose cool pictures which you will color. A few options are waiting for you. The first of them is coloring online - we have a few steps to do it. The first one is to choose a picture, the next one is to choose a color with your mouse and paint a given fragment of our painting for children. We also have an option to print the painting from the service drukowanka - more creative and demanding for children.

Online coloring book Merry Kirby

Happy Kirby

Kirby is very cheerful today. He seems to have had a funny adventure. I'm sure he wants to share it with...
Nintendo Kirby online coloring book

Nintendo Kirby

The character featured in this image is from the Nintendo game Kirby. This is a game that is loved by children of all ages....
Online coloring book Human Kirby

The Kirby Man

Do you recognize this funny character? This is Kirby, otherwise known as the pink mascot or the star warrior. This character you can...
Ice Kirby online coloring book

Ice Kirby

In the land of Kirbi, a cold winter has just arrived. The entire land has been covered in snow that won't stop falling. Kirby on his...
Online coloring book Kirby with sword

Kirby with a sword

Kirby is a great fighter. Today he has a very menacing face and a large sword in his hand. I think he's preparing...
Printable coloring book of Kirby on TV

Kirby on TV

Working in television is not easy. To make any TV show or movie look good, you need a crew that will...


Online coloring book Kirby the singer

Kirby the singer

Kirby really likes to sing. I wonder what song he is performing this time. There is a large microphone in his hand, and all around...
Online coloring book of Kirby as Mario

Kirby as Mario

Were you able to figure out who is in this picture? It might have been very difficult, because Kirby disguised...
Online coloring book of Kirby as a boxer

Kirby as a boxer

Kirby dressed up as a boxer today. I think he and a friend are training for a very important fight. If you want to help him...
Kirby and the rainbow online coloring book

Kirby and the rainbow

Kirby is having a great time today and the smile never disappears from his face. A tiny umbrella can be seen in his hand. To...
Kirby and Friends online coloring book

Kirby and Friends

This picture features Kirby, the main character of the game Nintedo, and his friends. They are all sitting together in nature....
Kirby and Fuzzy online coloring book

Kirby and Fuzzy

Do you recognize the character that is in this picture? If not, I'll give you a hint that it's Kirby, the protagonist of...
Kirby online coloring book for girls

Kirby for girls

What is that adorable character peeking out at you? Did you manage to recognize it? Of course you did, it's...
Kirby online coloring book for kids

Kirby for kids

Kirby is playing chef today. See how many delicious dishes he has prepared. You can spot a hat on his head,...

Two warriors

Cool and interesting fun for each of you is already waiting. We will have a lot of fantastic fun while coloring such pictures....

Kirby for kids

The idea of creating Kirby game and character came from Masahiro Sakurai - he is well known game designer in the world. He also took part in creating games for Nintendo Game Boy. At the beginning there was only an idea for such a game, but nobody believed too much that it could be successful. But with time more and more people believed in this project. Just like the game, coloring pages with Kirby became popular all over the world among children of different ages. He doesn't know if you know, but Kirby's original name is Popopo. We will find out about it in the game Kirby Mass Attack.

History of this character's name

It's too unclear where the Kirby name of the game character came from. Some of the fans of the game have a few theories about it. One is the belief that Kirby may have been named after the Kirby Company, which manufactures vacuum cleaners and is responsible for the character's inhalation abilities. Another theory is that it could be named after Nintendo's legal counsel, John Kirby of the law firm Latham & Watkins LLP, who defended Nintendo against a copyright infringement lawsuit filed by Universal Studios over Donkey Kong's resemblance to King Kong. You guys have a theory of your own on this ?

Information and trivia about the character

Kirby is a little creature that is pink in color. He is spherical in shape and has two arms and two small feet. The blush on his cheeks appeared only in his second game, Kirby Adventure, where it was visible as two black mustache lines. The character is not too complicated, that's why you will like to choose coloring pages with him because they are easy and simple to color.