Land Rover Coloring Book

Mmay already one brand from England this time another car manufacturer. Welcome to the section where you can find Land Rover coloring pages. We have here many vehicles of this brand Land Rover Discovery, Evoque, Range Rover Velar, Sport orad Defender. Of course you will get to know them better if you just choose a picture from this page and color such cars. If you want to have fun quickly, we recommend the online or printable option - the latter is more creative but requires a printer and crayons for painting.

Range Rover Sport

Online coloring book Range Rover Sport
The Range Rover Sport car is made for fast driving enthusiasts. It is a luxury mid-size SUV with a sporty character. Do you fancy a meeting with...

Land Rover logo

Online coloring book Land Rover logo
Have you seen the Land Rover logo yet? Land Rover is a British manufacturer of off-road vehicles and SUVs. Try to create its own design. Think about how you would color...

Land Rover SUV

Online coloring book Land Rover SUV
Do you like SUVs? Are you passionate about wildlife? Take a trip in a beautiful Land Rover SUV today. It's going to be a lot of fun. You can visit...

Land Rover Old Defender

Online coloring book Land Rover Old Defender
Do you know, or would you like to know, the Land Rover Old Defender car? This car is an automotive icon. So if you are passionate about off-road vehicles, you have come to a great place. Take a look...

Land Rover Range Rover

Online coloring book Land Rover Range Rover
Are you dreaming of a trip to the mountains? How about going there in a Land Rover Range Rover car? This car will surely appeal to you. If you want to experience a wonderful...

Land Rover Freelander

Online coloring book Land Rover freelander
Are you passionate about off-road vehicles? You could not have found a better place. Land Rover Freelander is a compact SUV, designed for the most demanding people....


Online coloring book Land rover evoque

Land Rover Evoque

Do you like challenges? Don't you like easy tasks? If yes, then get busy coloring the Land Rover Evoque car, which is a compact...
Online coloring book Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover Discovery

Are you a fan of motorization? Do you love a comfortable ride on four wheels? If so, I invite you to meet the Land Rover Discovery. Model...
Online coloring book Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender

This car brand which specializes in off-road vehicles. One of them and probably the cult and known all over the world...

Land Rover - range Rover - coloring pages and trivia

It is one of the most popular brands in the UK. Increasingly bought in other European countries as well. It belongs to premium brands, these cars are not cheap.

  1. The first of the Land Rover cars had the steering wheel right in the middle. It was a 1947 model. It was the same as it was in the Jeep. Both on the right and on the left side of the steering wheel could sit a passenger. In the front it was possible for three people to sit. It also had another advantage because, as we know in England, traffic is on the left so when the vehicle was sold to other European countries there was no problem on which side is the steering wheel.
  2. A journey to the Middle East from London. This was done by students from Oxford and Cambridge universities. They had to travel more than 20 thousand kilometers in a car of this brand.
  3.  In England in 1963 there was a train robbery where a lot of money was stolen. About 7 million dollars. People who robbed this train were escaping by the Land Rover cars which later were found in a forest.