Lego Coloring Pages

Lego coloring pages for kids - sets for girls and boys. Among the most popular pictures that we paint online or print from this site are: Ninjago and Lego Friends and Adventure. Recently there were also coloring pages with City and Avengers. Below is a whole list of great coloring pages for each of you.


Lego dog from Unikitty

Lego Dog Coloring Book from Unikitty
Puppycorn is the younger brother of Kitty Horn. Puppycorn is a dog with a unicorn horn. He is energetic and playful and tries to beat his older sister, which often ends up...

Lego Robocar Poli

Lego Robocar Poli coloring book for kids
Bruner is a yellow backhoe loader that is a member of a construction team. However, he looks more like a robot than a backhoe loader. He is also a big cousin of Bruny. Bruny is a yellow loader who is a small cousin of...

Lego pirate with a sabre

Printable Pirate with Lego Saber coloring book for boys
A pirate is a man who sails the seas and raids ships and searches for treasure. You can recognize him by the saber in his hand. Perhaps this one swims...

Lego pirate duel

Printable Lego Pirate Duel Coloring Book
Two pirates are fighting each other on a ship, on the high seas. One has attacked the other because he wants to plunder his ship... The pirates are looking for gold and treasure,...

Lego superhero Hulk

Printable Superhero Hulk coloring book from Lego
The Hulk is a character well known to all. His transformations have key solutions in battles with villains. The Hulk has the ability to regenerate quickly, making him indestructible....

The Lego character Hulk

Printable Lego Hulk Character Coloring Book for Kids
Lego creators have done a great job of replicating the Hulk from Avengers. He is as big and powerful as in the movies or comics. Hulk is distinguished by his extraordinary dexterity,...

Lego Batman Man

In this picture we see the Human from the popular Lego Batman series. Our superhero is wearing bat wings, which allow him to move faster to different places.

Lego and Joker from Lego bricks

Printable Lego and Joker coloring book
In the image, we see Batman fighting the Joker. The Joker is a villain who disturbs the peace of Gotham town and is an age-old enemy of Batman. The brave Batman...

Lego Batman for kids

Lego Batman coloring book for kids to print
Batman is known by everyone, children as well as adults. Batman is an iconic superhero who fights evil and villains. His costume is black, he wears a cape, and his...

Robin Lego Avengers for kids

Robin Lego Avengers coloring book for kids to print
Robin is a great companion for Batman. Much more than a mere sidekick, Robin is a trained warrior, trained in armed combat and hand-to-hand combat under the guidance of...

Lego Iron Man for kids

Lego Iron Man coloring book for kids to print
Iron Man is part of a group of Avengers and together they try to defend the world and people from villains. Iron Man owes his superpower to his powerful armor and...

Lego Captain America from Avengers

Lego Captain America with Avengers printable coloring book
Captain America is one of the members of the Avengers group. He is wearing an armored costume and a bulletproof shield that has saved him more than once. Along with...

Lego Captain America for kids

Lego Captain America coloring book for kids to print
Captain America is also a well-known superhero from the Avengers group. Captain America becomes one after drinking a superhero serum that increased his strength...

Lego Thanos

Printable Lego Thanos Character Coloring Book
Your task is to paint a Lego figure representing Thanos. Use your imagination. Move him into space, to Earth or to the Moon. Good luck

Lego Thor Man

Printable Lego Thor Human Coloring Book
Hmmm, I wonder who this Lego figurine represents. I think it's a superhero. Don't you think? He has a long cape and a huge hammer in his hand. I think it's Thor! Grab...

Lego Wonder Woman

Online coloring book Lego Wonder Women
For some time now, Lego has been creating its figures with characters from various fairy tales or cartoons and games. Here this is exactly the situation because...

Ninja Warrior

Ninja Warrior online coloring book
This ninja warrior is an important character from the Legend of Korra cartoon. He has assumed a fighting stance and is ready to face his opponents. In the hands of...

Iron Man from Lego Avengers

This character can move very quickly and unnoticed from place to place. In his hands are special jet elements that allow him to...

Lego Marvel Hulk

This is a complete novelty, Hylk who has become a human and an extremely popular one at Lego. he is highly sought after in bricks. However, their recent...

Lego Quicksilver

Another Avengers collie. This kind of pictures we wanted to dedicate to younger players who are just getting to know the world of Marvel because there they will be able to discover...

Lego Thanos

Lego bricks have also put up a series to the Avengers, this human is just a perfect example of that. See how big Thanos is even if we talk about...

Ninjago Valentine's Day

Check out this warrior who is built from Legos, of course. This kind of figures is called just a human. On the back he has two...

Duplo man

coloring book duplo human printable with lego for kids
We already have several different people in this section and we also have another one that you will have the opportunity to color. Big picture with great elements. Just in time...

Firends human girl

coloring book lego firends girl for kids printable
We will meet a girl who is a modern human from the new series of these blocks. See what has changed compared to the old version and let us know which...

Duplo bricks for kids

coloring book duplo blocks printable with lego for kids
How are they different and why are they larger than the standard blocks from this manufacturer ? They are dedicated to the youngest children and the elements for building...

Building a house with blocks

coloring book lego house building for kids to print
With these blocks we can practically build anything we want. Here we see a house built together with people who live in it. They have a special ladder...

Bionicle human

coloring book lego bionicle human printable online
See what these Bionicle characters look like and color them all ways. We have the option to color the picture online or print it out right away with...

City space for kids

coloring book lego city space printable for kids online
The cosmonauts have just flown out of the ground on their spaceship. They are sitting in special suits thanks to which they can breathe without any problems. This is the new series for...

City police and police station

Coloring book lego city police station.
In one picture we see a police unit where police officers work. Above it we can see a flying police helicopter and a car at the signal. Next to it there are people, that is...

City Series Fire Brigade

Printable lego city fire department coloring book for kids
We see a firefighting action in which a fire truck and firemen are putting out a building that has caught fire. All of this is available to you if you purchase...

Eleves and dragons for girls

coloring book lego eleves for girls to print online
A new series from Eleves where we meet a magical flavor in which, among other things, dragons will fly, and on them girls who have a dangerous mission...

Duplo brand logo

coloring book lego duplo logo printable for kids
We will recognize the duplo brand logo in the picture - that is much larger stacking blocks for the youngest people. Let's color and play without any restrictions.

Friends series animals

coloring book lego friends printable animals for kids
We will meet all the animals that are on a classic farm. We will have the opportunity to color: a horse and pony pig, chicken and cow. Meet all the animals...

Minecraft human

lego minecraft coloring book for kids to print and online
The game, however, of those in which you can practically everything you can do and build. Now they also came to bricks, where you can also build such characters and ...

Indiana Jones human

coloring book lego indiana jones printable for kids
A character known all over the world. It was him who went on a journey where, as an archaeologist, he tried to solve a number of unsolved phenomena that had occurred during the ...

Ninjago snakes for kids

coloring page lego ninjago snakeskin for kids to print and online
Another character that some of you may have already seen in an animated movie on one of the children's channels. If you already had blocks with characters ...

Human robot made of blocks

coloring book lego robot for kids online cartoon
Some of you love to color different kinds of rockets and explore space in you different planets. That's why we have a cool coloring book from Lego that shows...

Knight on horseback and knights in the castle

coloring book lego knights on horseback and castle printable online
A cool series that you will be able to color online as well as print. The picture shows us a series in which we see a castle on which sits a man ...

Superheroes people

lego superheroes coloring book - people printable for kids online
You probably haven't seen such a large number of sub-heroes in one picture yet. These characters come from various fairy tales and have come to Lego - meet the characters that...

City people from this series

coloring book lego city people printable for kids
In one place we can meet many different people. Surely if you have had these blocks you know that you can build such characters from scratch yourself....

Ninjago snakes for kids

ninjago snakes coloring pages for kids to print
Let's explore the excellent series that came to our site and we will have the opportunity to meet different people who are snakes. Explore the whole world of these wonderful characters ...

Lego princesses

Lego princesses coloring book for kids to print and online
We see several girls in the picture. All of them are, of course, lego men from different series that were created especially for girls You can...

The Lego wizard Dumbledore

Lego blocks human - wizard Dumbledore coloring book with lego printable online
I don't know if you know but not so long ago Lego released a whole series of bricks with this fairy tale wizard. Now we see in the picture...

Mining machine - Lego

coloring book mining machine printable
As you probably know Lego has released a series in which you can feel like a real miner. In the picture we can see one of the men as well as the...

Lego for boys helicopter

coloring book for boys with lego
We are waiting for you a special dedicated for boys coloring book with lego in which we see a helicopter to color.

Lego Jurassic Park

lego dinosaurs for kids
We will learn about these prehistoric reptiles along with the Lego bricks and characters they appear. We will be able to grab the mouse and on our portal choose the right colors...

Mario made of lego bricks

mario with lego blocks coloring book to print
In the picture you see Mario built with Lego bricks. Mario is a great character that you can easily build with Lego bricks if you have them....

History & Trivia 

The company originated in the workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen - he was a carpenter from Billund, Denmark, who began making wooden toys in 1932. In 1934, his company adopted the name "Lego," from the Danish phrase leg godt, meaning "to have fun." In 1947, it expanded production to plastic toys. In 1949, among other new products, Lego began producing an early version of its famous building blocks, calling them "Automatic Binding Bricks." These bricks were based in part on the Kiddicraft Self-Locking Bricks, which were patented in Britain in 1939. Lego modified the design of the Kiddicraft bricks after examining a sample provided by a British supplier of an injection molding machine the company had purchased.

By 1951, plastic toys accounted for half of the Lego Company's production, although the Danish trade magazine Legetøjs-Tidende ("Toy-Times"), visiting the Billund factory in the early 1950s, believed that plastic would never be able to replace traditional wooden toys. Despite popular belief, Lego toys seem to have become a notable exception to the aversion to plastic in children's toys, thanks in part to the high standards set by the company's owners

In 1954, Christiansen's son, Godtfred, became the junior managing director of the entire company. It was his conversation with a foreign buyer that led to the idea of a toy system. Godtfred saw great potential in building blocks. Thus was born the new Duplo product line, introduced in 1969, a range of simple blocks that measured twice the width, height and depth of standard blocks and aimed at younger children. In 1978, Lego produced the first people, which have since become a staple in most sets. New pieces are often released with new sets. There are also sets designed to appeal to young girls, such as the Belville and Clikits lines. The most advanced and for older people are the Technic series of blocks - they were first produced in 1977.

Lego Ninjago

It is in this amazing adventure that our heroes clash with a new enemy! A battle from the past returns to defeat Master Wu, and now Kai, Nya, Jay, Cole, Zane, and Lloyd must battle a new enemy - the Time Twins! With their army of snake-animated armor and their ability to manipulate time, the Time Twins plan to change the past and the future. To save Ninjago City, the ninjas must work together.

Lego Friends

This is a series of construction toys designed primarily for girls. Introduced in 2012, the theme includes unique figures of so-called mini dolls that are about the same size as traditional humans, but are more detailed and realistic. The sets feature pieces in pink and purple colors and depict scenes of life in the suburbs of the fictional town of Heartlake City. There are human characters such as Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia and Stephanie. These blocks, of course, are fully compatible with all the blocks in the other series. Collect all the sets to explore a whole world of fun - color the characters in the coloring books for kids and have a great time.

Lego City

These are a series of bricks which, as the name city tells us - occur in the city. They will be both different buildings and occupations. We will see the emergency services, which include the police and fire department. We will move to the airport where we will meet planes and helicopters. We will also see a railroad station where there are trains. We can move as knights to a castle or fly into space. The first sets of this type were made already in 1978.


1. Lego produces more tires than Goodyear - the company taps an average of 318 million plastic tires per year, which is about 870,000 per day. The company produces these tires 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

2. You can pitch your own set of blocks - For those who are interested in creating their own set we have great information, if you share your idea on their page and your idea gets 10,000 likes, the company will consider putting it on toy shelves.

3. Why are the people in yellow? This is not a coincidence. When the people were first produced in 1975, the company wanted faceless characters. Yellow was considered a race neutral color. Although today, they are available in other colors.

4. Old blocks from the 1950s can easily be combined with those from the 2000s and newer models because they are part of a universal system, meaning that no matter when they were made, the pieces will always be compatible.

5. The largest and most expensive commercial Lego set comes from the Star Wars universe This highly sought after Ultimate Collectors Series Millennium Falcon set contains over 7,541 pieces and costs around $800. It may take you quite some time to build this set.

6. There is a house made entirely of blocks by this company. Have you ever dreamed of building your own house with blocks ? Know that someone has already done it. Using over three million blocks, the BBC documented the build. The house used over 3 million bricks and included "a working toilet, a hot shower, and a very uncomfortable bed."

7. The world's tallest Lego tower contains over 500,000 bricks. A team of ambitious builders decided to build a tower of blocks over 35 meters high. The project, which lasted all summer, landed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

8. The numbers inside each Lego block tell a story. The number on the underside of the blocks corresponds to the exact mold that was used to form the block before it was placed in the package. If there are any defects, this company has the ability to quickly track down the defect and fix it.