Luca coloring pages

Discover interesting coloring pages of Luca from Disney - you will have the opportunity to color characters from this animated film for children. You can choose your favorite picture, just search it with your mouse and click on it to go further, where we have the option of coloring on our website. Just click on the online icon. Use the mouse to choose a color and click on the part of the picture which is coloured. In this way we paint the whole picture. Another option is to click on the printer icon to print the picture on your home printer. The next step is to paint it on a piece of paper.

Luxa Alberto boyfriend

Online coloring book Luxa Alberto boy
Take a look at the coloring book. This is Alberto, the boy from the animated movie "Luca". He is a friend of Luca's. The two of them spend the summer playing together, eating ice cream, but most of all...

Luca the Disney movie

Online coloring book Luca the Disney movie
This coloring book shows a girl who is the protagonist of the animated movie "Luca". Her name is Giulia Marcovaldo, she is an Italian girl who knows her town very well. She is brave, friendly and full of...

Luca for kids movie

Online coloring book Luca for kids movie
The picture shows two best friends from the Disney movie "Luca". They are Luca Paguro and Albert Scorfano. The boys spend their summer together in Italy eating ice cream,...

Luca girl for kids.jpg

Online coloring book Girl with Luca for kids
Look at the picture. Does this girl look familiar? Surely you recognize her from the Disney cartoon-"Luca". Her name is Giulia Marcovaldo and she is Italian. She befriends...

Luca's movie boyfriend

Online coloring book The boy from the movie Luca
The picture depicts a boy. He is the main character of the Disney fairy tale titled. "Luca". Luca Paguro is a boy who spends a carefree summer in Italy with...

The Boy and the Disney Bicycle

Online coloring book The Boy and the Disney Bicycle
This coloring book depicts the main character of the Disney cartoon titled. "Luca." The boy's name is Luca Paguro. He lives in Italy. See the picture. Luca is just learning to ride...


Alberto Scorfano Luca

Meet this athletic boy. He is one of the popular characters from Disney's fairy tale called Luca. We encourage everyone to ...

Luca - information and interesting facts

The original Disney and Pixar feature film titled Luca is a coming-of-age story about a young boy who experiences an unforgettable summer. He spends his time how he wants and eats what he wants. He moves around on his scooter. Luca shares these adventures with his newly met best friend, but all the fun is threatened by the danger of a secret they are hiding. They are sea monsters from another world, just under the surface of the water. We encourage everyone to watch the film to see what happens to the characters and how this production will end.


  1.  The story is set in Italy exactly on the Italian Riviera. This allows us to experience Italy in a new way with our friends Luca and Alberto. The film is set in a beautiful seaside village on the Italian Riviera, based on the childhood of director Enrico Casarosa himself, Pixar's artists made several trips to Italy to see what life is like there which helped them later to act in the film.
  2. Underwater world - in the movie Ariel we knew everything about the underwater world as well as the characters also knew it very well. Here in luca he discovers and learns about this world. He learns everything - it is a complete novelty.
  3. The name Alberto comes from the name of Casarosa's childhood best friend - he met his friend at the age of 11 in Italy - Genoa to be exact. When they were young, they also had a fascinating summer together. Many adventures awaited them, but also dangers, which they sometimes got into.