Coloring pages Madagascar penguins

Coloring pages with Penguins from Madagascar for kids - meet these crazy animals and their friends. On pictures of our coloring pages you will find all the characters that you have the opportunity to color either on the site - choosing the online option, or if you prefer you can print them from the site or even download as a PDF. 

Hippopotamica Gloria

coloring page hippo gloria printable madagascar for kids
She is wild and always cheerful. She loves all the other animals and spending time with them all. When it comes to saving her team she never...

King Julian XIII

coloring page king julian madagascar penguins printable for kids
A lemur who thinks he is the king of the whole zoo and reigns in it. Everyone does what he wants and is subject to him. However, only...

Alex the lion

coloring book lion alex from madagascar cartoon for kids to print
He is often referred to as the king of New York in this cartoon. He loves to live in his zoo where everyone adores him and comes to...

Maurice - Madagascar fingerling

coloring page maurice madagascar printable cartoon
is a very intelligent animal and in this fairy tale is considered to be the right hand of King Julian. He is always helpful and can solve virtually any of the puzzles.

Mort the mouse lemur

coloring page mort from the cartoon madagascar penguins for kids
He's not a very helpful animal, but he's always cheerful, and with him, none of the rest of the fairy tale team can even for a moment...

Rico - explosion specialist

coloring page penguins of madagascar - rico from kids cartoon to print
If something needs to be blown up or demolished, he is the one to do it. He is loved by the Skipper himself, who often advises him on all sorts of matters...


Skipper - a fairy tale character

coloring book skipper - penguins of madagascar for kids to print
Some people love him while others from his team are not fond of him. Check out this penguin character - he's the leader of the whole group and...

Marty's Zebra

coloring page zebra marty from the cartoon penguins of madagascar for kids
She is the most laid back animal in the pack and is also very crazy. She loves all kinds of adventures that fall on the whole pack of these animals. Constantly everywhere...

Melman the giraffe

coloring page giraffe melman disney fairy tale madagascar for kids to print
She is a unique character in this fairy tale, practically afraid of something all the time and singles out all sorts of illnesses for her. He finds very often that...

Giraffe and hippo from Madagascar

giraffe and hippo from magadaskar coloring book to print
What animals are in this picture? That's right it is a hippopotamus and a giraffe. You definitely know them from the cartoon "Madagascar". If you look carefully...

Skipper, Rico, Private, and Kowalski the penguin

skipper,rico,private and smith penguin coloring book to print
Penguins usually come in black and white. But now you can use your favorite crayon colors and create very unique penguins. Make each penguin a...

Penguins connect the dots

penguins connect the dots coloring book to print
In this picture there are four cunning penguins from the cartoon "Madagascar". However, if you want to see them in their entirety then you need to complete a mission. Connect...

Penguins catch fish

penguins catch fish coloring book to print
Did you know that penguins' main food is fish? The penguins in the picture have already caught a few of them, having a great time doing so. They are not just ordinary...

Penguin from Madagascar

penguin from madagascar coloring book to print
Do you know what animal is in the picture? It walks on two legs and instead of hands or feet it has flippers. It's a penguin. But this one...

Penguin Kowalski

penguin smith coloring book to print
Pictured above is the penguin Kowalski from the cartoon "Madagascar". He is very athletic and very talented in martial arts. He is just doing his daily...

Madagascar cartoon characters

madagascar heroes coloring book printable
Do you know the cartoon "Madagascar"? You sure do! In the picture above you can see all the characters from this fairy tale. You can also color them all. You can find there...

The Lion King from Madagascar

lion king of magadaskar coloring book to print
Lions are called the kings of the jungle. This is because they are very agile and strong. However, the lion in the picture is very cheerful and friendly. Grab the...

Characters from Madagascar

A little about the plot of this cartoon itself, they are animals who live in the New York Zoo and suddenly decide to see what it would be like...

Penguins from Madagascar

If you have never watched this fairy tale from Disney, we strongly encourage you to do so. All parts are simply outstanding and you won't be able to ...

Information about the fairy tale movie

Madagascar is a 2005 computer-animated comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and released in theaters in 2005. The film tells the story of four animals that live in the Central Park Zoo, who spent their lives in captivity and were accidentally sent to a country where they live in the wild, namely Africa - the island of Madagascar. The film turned out to be a real box office success as it earned over 54o million dollars worldwide. The budget that had to produce the film was 75 million dollars. The film earned the most money among all animated films in 2005. In the following years new productions were made with numbers 2,3,4.

The plot of the anonymous Disney film

Alex the lion and Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe and Gloria the "hippo" live a quiet life at Central Park Zoo in New York City. Here they show off in front of the crowds and generally have a good time. But Marty, who just celebrated his tenth birthday, misses the rest of the world and dreams of a life in the wild. When he learns that the zoo penguins are planning an escape, he decides to follow in their footsteps. And so begins the wonderful adventure of all the characters who make it from the United States to Africa.