Mario Coloring Pages

Coloring pages with Mario Bros and Luigi to print and paint online. They are two great friends who together are to free the princess. This mission, despite appearances, is not easy. They will run as well as jump, fight enemies and ride go-karts to defeat their rivals. Play along with them by coloring the pictures.

Happy mushroom

printable mario bros mushroom coloring book
They are usually the positive characters in the game itself. They are the ones who give us magic coins or make us much bigger and...


printable princess from mario bros game
In each of the boards we are about to fight with the boss. Who imprisoned the princess and we, going through the various boards of this game, want to free her.

Go-karting car

coloring page luigi and the karting car
These are interesting races with such small karts but they can be very fast and agile. Here we see one of the characters who is going to...

Luigi from the game

coloring page luigi from the game mario bros
Do you remember this cult game that we could play on Pegasus? Do you know what color our friend Lugi was? Green, of course, with his...

Game Turtle

coloring book turtle from the game mario bros
These turtles usually in the game interfere with us need to jump on them twice the first time when we do it the animal falls on ...

Super Mario Bros characters

super mario bros heroes coloring book to print
Do you know the game Super Mario Bros? If so then you definitely know the characters that are in the picture above. You can see there Princess Daisy, Bowser, Luigi...

Sonic fights Mario

sonic fights mario coloring book to print
Among friends, disagreements sometimes occur. Sometimes a fight can start as a result of them. This is not a good way to resolve conflicts, but Sonic and...

Friends of Mario and Sonic

mario and sonic friends coloring book to print
Do you know the characters in this drawing? If not then I will tell you who they are right away. On the left is Soni and he is a blue hedgehog,...

Mario and Lugi two friends

mario and lugi two friends coloring book to print
Mario and Lugi are best friends. And do you have a best friend or friend of yours? This is the person who is there for us for good and...

Mario series oddysey

mario series odyssey coloring book to print
Look at Mario in the picture and his hat. He took it off specifically to show it to you and allow you to color it accurately. W...

Mario cart

mario cart printable coloring book
Just look at the figure in the picture smiling encouragingly at you. Do you know what the vehicle behind her is? It's a vehicle for...

Mario made of lego bricks

mario with lego blocks coloring book to print
In the picture you see Mario built with Lego bricks. Mario is a great character that you can easily build with Lego bricks if you have them....

Mario party

mario party coloring book printable
Mario or his friend is apparently having a birthday party. There is a party going on in the picture and there is nothing missing that should be present at such a party. First of all...

Cart mario on a go-kart

cart mario on a go-kart coloring book to print
Go-karts are a lot of fun. I'm sure you know this if you've ever been to an amusement park or special go-kart place. Riding such...

Mario on a motorcycle

mario on a motorcycle coloring book to print
Just look at the speeding motorcycle Mario you see in the picture. Riding a motorcycle is not as easy as it seems - it's hard to ...

The mario princess

princess with mario coloring book to print
In the picture you see a princess from Mario. She is dressed in a beautiful, long gown, her ears are decorated with earrings and on her head she has a princely crown. Each element of her...

Mario's family

mario family printable picture
When we played Mario, we always had to complete one board at a time. If we passed one then we automatically got to the next one. Later the world changed,...

Mario Bros

mario bros printable picture
A very cheerful man who always played games we jumped around the board and collected coins. We also had to watch out for opponents in each round. Mostly we had to...

Two Mario characters

mario printable picture
Top Mario game probably everyone remembers it very well from their childhood. In the picture there are two characters one very skinny and the other Mario...

Information & Trivia

Super Mario Bros - is a Nintendo Entertainment System video game released in 1985 by Nintendo. Designed by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka, it became one of the most important, influential and successful video games of all time. In this game, our hero goes on an adventure to save the beautiful princess Peach Toadstool from King Bowser Koopa. She is able to reverse King Koopa's black magic, which explains his motives for kidnapping her. King Koopa uses his magic in the Mushroom Kingdom and turns toads into mushrooms and stones. In multiplayer, a second player will take control of Mario's brother Luigi when the first player loses his life. The game is recognized worldwide for its significant contribution to the gaming industry, especially in America, where it led the country out of the video game decline of the 1980s.

Characters on coloring pages

Mario - is the main character of the game. He is a plumber who was originally introduced in Donkey Kong. In this game, his appearance has been slightly changed and he has gained various new powers. He is a playable character.

Luigi - is player number two. He only becomes available in the multiplayer portion of the game, where players alternate between trying to complete the game this way. The only difference between the characters is the different color of their clothes. There are no differences in gameplay between the two.

Princess Toadstool - currently known as Princess Peach (she was called Toadstool until Yoshi's Safari on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System). She is the beautiful daughter of the Mushroom King and is the only person capable of transforming the Mushroom People into their normal appearance. King Koopa kidnaps her in hopes that she will not be able to do so.

King (Bowser) Koopa - He is a villain in the game who invades the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnaps Princess Toadstool. He is often referred to as the Koopa King in the game because he is the ruler of the Koopa Troopas. He acts as the ultimate boss in Super Mario Bros.