Mouse Coloring Pages

Coloring pages with mice - we will see different species. We will not only have fun but also educate thanks to this kind of painting with rodents in the lead role. See what pictures has prepared for you - choose only what interests you and have fun.

Alexandra Mouse

Alexander Mouse Coloring Book
Mouse is one of the main characters of the fairy tale about Mai's Bee. He is a close friend of Mai and Gucci. They often visit together the meadow where they live and...

Maisy Mouse for Kids

Maisy Mouse coloring book for kids to print
Do you see what is sitting on Maisy's nose? Yes, it's a bird and next to the animals lie two presents. Is it Christmas and they are visited by...

Mysia for children

Mysia coloring book for kids to print
Take your favorite crayons in your hands and color an illustration depicting Maisy Mouse. If you are a fan of this fairy tale for children then you surely know what color ...

Children's cartoon mouse

Let's meet this fantastic mouse who has a heart-shaped patch on the front of his fur. In addition, he has a sizable pair of glasses on his nose. Check it out...

Minnie Mouse from the Disney cartoon

coloring book minnie mouse from disney cartoon to print
As everyone knows the main Disney character not everyone knows Minnie's wife, she is the one in this picture. See and color the girl together with...

Cheese mouse

coloring book mouse with cheese printable for kids
This is also a picture of the kind that should appeal to younger players who are looking for some interesting and simple coloring pages for toddlers on our site....


Happy mouse with a heart

coloring page happy mouse with a heart
Very simple and fun coloring book for younger players who decided to visit our portal and color on it interesting pictures. Every day something new...

Two little mice

two little mice coloring book to print
It is not true that cats and mice must live in discord. You can find a perfect example in the picture above. It features a cute kitten and a tiny...

Remy Mouse

remy mouse coloring book to print
Do you know who is in the drawing? It's Remy from the cartoon "Ratatuj". He has a very sensitive sense of smell for a rat and the most...

Innocent Jerry Mouse

innocent mouse Jerry coloring book to print
Jerry is a quiet brown mouse. He is always being chased by Tom the cat. He likes to eat cheese from the refrigerator and trick Tom into doing something so that his lady...

Christmas mouse sock

Christmas sock for mouse printable picture
Do gifts have to be prepared only for people from our families? Of course not. As long as we have a dog at home, a kitten, a horse in the backyard....

Diddl mice dance

diddl mice dance printable picture
Our mice are dancing! Look at them and follow their example! Do you like dancing too? Then turn on the music and dance together with...

Field mouse

field mouse printable picture
It's not surprising that a lot of people talk about having mice in their house. It's only natural that field mice, which spend all summer on...

Mickey Mouse in a hat

mickey mouse printable picture
However, one of the most famous Disney cartoon characters. Mickey Mouse is well known to all of us and we all had a chance to watch him in our childhood.

Mouse and cheese

mouse printable picture
Probably each of you already knows that the favorite delicacy of every real mouse is yellow cheese. The mouse you can see in the picture today from his home kitchen...

Ratatouille eats cheese

Ratatouille and cheese printable picture
If you have seen the cartoon with Ratatouille mouse, you must know that this mouse is a good eater and likes to eat cheese....

Facts & Trivia

These small rodents are obviously mammals that have fairly small bodies. They are also distinguished by their rounded ears, pointed snout, long tail and high reproductive rate - several times a year. The most common of these mammals is the field mouse, which can be found almost anywhere. In summer it usually roams outside and looks for food there, but as soon as winter comes it willingly enters our houses, apartments and places where it is warm.

These animals eat very often as they eat about 20 times a day. Females can already give birth after 2 months of age and can give birth practically every month. They give birth to up to 130 little mice a year. In coloring pages on the site we will get to know both mice from different fairy tales from around the world but also those living in the fields or outdoors. Certainly, cool pictures to color are waiting for you.