Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages

Meet the characters of Mickey Mouse and his friends from various Disney cartoons. Choose the pictures you want in two versions. The first one is painting with the mouse, so called online. Another option is to print out the pictures from drukonka.pl and color them on a piece of paper with your writing instruments.

Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck play tennis

Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck coloring book play tennis printable
The drawing shows two cute characters, namely Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. You can see that they love to spend time with each other. Just look at the...

Disney's Fairy Tale Dog

Disney cartoon dog dive pluto printable coloring book
He also doesn't like boredom so whenever he can he wants to do different sports like Mickey Mouse, this time we see how he decided to do a little diving...

Disney cartoon characters on a sled

coloring page disenya friends on a sled printable characters
See how many Disney characters are in this one picture. It's up to you to decide how they will be colored and how the final look like...

Christmas gift bag

Christmas gift bag coloring book to print online
It is in such a bag that gifts are kept and later distributed by Santa Claus to all children around the world. We can see here a character known from a fairy tale...

A fairy tale couple in love by the Christmas tree

Minnie mouse and Christmas tree printable coloring book online
Cool Christmas coloring book which presents us Disney characters from the fairy tale. If you just color this Christmas tree and decorate the bobs and lights it will be...

Minnie Mouse

minnie mouse coloring book to print online
The girlfriend of our hero of this category can be seen in this picture. She is just celebrating her birthday so on this occasion she already has her little gift...


Christmas gift wrapping

Disney printable gift wrapping coloring book
Identify the Disney characters in the picture and see how they wrap presents. You decide if each of the presents will be the same color...

Santa enters through the chimney

coloring book Santa Claus enters through the chimney to print
I'm sure you can guess what character is dressed up as Santa Claus and distributes gifts for children. Here we see a character from a Disney cartoon who...

Goofe on skis in winter

coloring book goofe on skis to print online with cartoon
Our friend likes winter very much, he just waits for the first snow to fall. That's when he goes sledding and slides down the big mountain or...

Goofy from Disenya

coloring page Disney Goofy printable cartoon character
A crazy character who does not like to be bored at all. He loves his friends on whom he can count and with whom he can spend his free time.

Jolly mouse for kids

fun mouse coloring book for kids to print
There is a very funny mouse in the picture. It has large ears and equally large and round paws. Around its nose it has four whiskers sticking out....

Mickey Mouse with a cake

mickey mouse with cake coloring book to print
Mini Mouse has just baked a delicious birthday cake. There are three candles on it, which someone will blow out later and think their birthday wish. Color Mini Mouse...

Mickey Mouse with Christmas presents

mickey mouse with Christmas presents coloring book to print
Christmas is an occasion to give gifts to your loved ones. Mickey Mouse also wants to give his friends gifts. He has already wrapped them all in cute...

Mickey Mouse with flowers

mickey mouse with flowers coloring book to print
Look what beautiful flowers! Mini Mouse is just coming home from the glade. She has picked up lots of flowers and is about to put them in a vase with...

Mickey Mouse with a basket of apples

mickey mouse with a basket of apples coloring book to print
Mickey Mouse is just returning from the fruit orchard. He went there to pick apples for a delicious apple pie. He picked a lot of apples and I'm sure he's already...

Mickey Mouse with balloons

mickey mouse with balloons coloring book to print
Today is Mickey Mouse's birthday. On this occasion, Mini Mouse has dressed up her birthday dress and brought Mickey a birthday present. In her hands she holds a lot of...

Mickey Mouse in the car

mickey mouse in the car coloring book to print
Hooray! Mickey Mouse and Pluto the dog are about to go on a trip. They are very happy and can't wait to get to their destination. Both...

Mickey Mouse in a hat

mickey mouse in a hat coloring book to print
Today Mickey Mouse is having a play day. On this occasion, he has dressed up in a wizard's outfit and is going to do a show of magic tricks. He is wearing...

Mickey Mouse dresses a Christmas tree

Mickey Mouse dresses up a Christmas tree coloring book to print
The Christmas season is approaching. This means that you have to prepare your house and decorate it. Minie Mouse knows that very well, and she is currently decorating...

Mickey Mouse has a birthday

mickey mouse birthday coloring book to print
Do you know what day today is? Today is Mickey Mouse's birthday. He's wearing a birthday hat on his head and holding a paper cut-out that says "Happy Birthday."....

Mickey Mouse and Friends

mickey mouse and friends coloring book to print
Winter has just arrived at Mickey Mouse and friends' house. They are wearing scarves and warm hats. Soon they will probably also celebrate Christmas. Mickey...

Mickey Mouse Head

mickey mouse head coloring book to print
Do you know this mouse? You sure do! It is Mini Mouse, after all. Everybody who likes watching cartoons knows her. Her ears and nose are black and she has...

Happy running Pluto

cheerful running pluto coloring book to print
Just look at how happy our dog Pluto from the Mickey Mouse cartoon is today. Perhaps he had a very interesting adventure today with Mickey Mouse...

A nervous pluto dog

pluto dog coloring book to print
We see in the picture the dog Pluto, who is Mickey Mouse's eternal companion. Pluto is loving, sensitive, usually a coward, but in decisive moments he is very heroic,...

Pluto Easter eggs

pluto easter eggs coloring book to print
Just look at what Pluto the dog is doing. We see him digging a hole. Next to the dog is a bush, and behind it are hidden Easter eggs. Perhaps...

Pluto found a treasure trove of candy

pluto found a treasure with candy coloring book to print
We see in the picture shown a dog named Pluto. He is wearing a pirate hat on his head and holding his muzzle very close to a large bag that is filled to the brim with...

Pluto the dog with balloons

pluto dog with balloons coloring book to print
Pluto the dog is rushing somewhere with eleven balloons. Perhaps someone has a birthday and they are organizing a surprise party. Do you like to help with the birthday party? How...

Pluto the dog on a walk in the woods

pluto the dog on a walk in the woods coloring book to print
Pluto the dog has gone for a walk in the forest. In the distance we can see very many trees, as well as Mickey Mouse's house. In the middle of the picture is shown...

Pluto dives underwater

pluto dives underwater coloring book to print
Pluto the dog has gone on an underwater trip. He has an appropriate device on his head to help him breathe. The underwater world in the picture is very diverse. We have...

Pluto plays ball

pluto ball game coloring book to print
Look how our dog Pluto is playing beautifully with her ball. His face looks very surprised, perhaps she was not expecting it in this...

Pluto's dog in the kennel

pluto the dog in the kennel coloring book to print
We see a playful dog named Pluto sitting in a doghouse. He is a yellow dog with black ears and a green or red collar around his neck, accompanying Mouse...

Happy Pluto

pluto printable picture
Pluto is in a very good mood today, as you can see in the picture that we are going to color. He is smiling and happy all the time. No...

Pluto in a winter hat

pluto printable picture
Because of the winter, even the dog Pluto decided to wear a winter hat in order not to get cold when the temperature starts to drop quickly and is below...

Pluto and Mickey Mouse

pluto and mickey mouse printable picture
In one picture we have very popular and well known heroes. Namely on one coloring page you have an opportunity to color a dog named Pluto and Mickey Mouse....

Mickey Mouse with balloons

mickey mouse printable picture
Today at Myka Mouse's house, preparations for a very important party, which is being organized on the occasion of Donald Duck's birthday, have been going on since morning. Mickey Mouse stood on...

Mickey Mouse and Plutto

mickey mouse and pluto printable picture
Mickey Mouse and Pluto the dog are certainly familiar to each of you from Disney cartoons. These are two great characters, which probably...

Mickey Mouse and Halloween

mickey mouse printable picture
Halloween is a holiday in which we can always find pumpkins, which are displayed in front of the house or lying on the grass in gardens. Very often in the middle of...

The story of Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is an animated character created by Walt Disney - he is a playful and always curious mouse. She was first shown in the movie Steamboat Willie, on November 18, 1928. She is about 70 centimeters tall and weighs a little over 10 kilograms. The character is very easy to recognize thanks to its large rounded ears. She is usually dressed in red shorts and white gloves. She also wears rather large yellow shoes.

It is the most popular Disney character as well as a recognizable cartoon character around the world. She serves as the mascot of the Walt Disney Company. She has appeared in over 130 films for which she has received numerous awards. In 1932, Walt Disney received an honorary Academy Award for creating Mickey Mouse. In 1978, Mickey became the first animated character to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Currently, Mickey Mouse is the highest earning animated character of all time, and as of yet, no one has even come close to the results he achieves each year.


1)  The character was supposed to be a rabbit - that was the idea at the very beginning. It was supposed to be Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, but Disney lost the copyright to the rabbit. It was taken over by his business partner from Universal - surely this change worked out well for everyone.

2) The name of our hero at the very beginning was to be Mortimer - here the name did not appeal to Disney's wife Lillian who preferred him to be called Mickey and so it remained.

3) Do you remember Oswald the Lucky Rabbit? Walt Disney created this character before he created Mickey. However, he eventually lost the rights to Oswald in a dispute with a business partner at Universal. Oswald inspired the birth of Mickey Mouse. In fact, the resemblance is impossible to miss.

4) Number of fingers on the hands of the character - here there were many disputes because at the very beginning the number of fingers as in humans had to be 5, however, in the drawings the character was better presented with 4 fingers and so it has remained until today. Each of the characters had to be drawn in the past - our hero Mickey Mouse has more than 50 thousand drawings which translates into more than 6 minutes of animated film. Therefore, this saving in the number of fingers saved time for drawing, and thus huge savings of money for the character draftsmen.

5) Mickey Mouse has been wearing white gloves since the first film in 1929, and we have never seen him take them off in any production to date. That is why it is said that since then he always wears white gloves.

6) Our hero is married to Minni - at least that's what the creator of these characters, Disney, officially said. However, nowhere in any short or feature-length animated film is there any mention of this.