Miniforce Coloring Pages

Interesting coloring pages Minifoce for kids - both for girls and for boys. Every day there are new interesting pictures on the portal printables which are completely free without limit for each of the players visiting our site. We have a wide range of categories in which you will find what you are looking for. You can download them as PDF or jpg files in order to print them later from the website or you can immediately proceed to paint pictures online - the choice is yours.

Crazy Robot with Swords

Online coloring book Crazy robot with swords
This coloring book depicts a crazy robot. Check it out! Our robot has as many as four hands and in each of them he holds a very sharp sword. It certainly fights...

Volt and Sammy from the fairy tale

Online coloring book Volt and Sammy from the cartoon
In the picture we see two wonderful friends. They are characters from the Mini Force cartoon. Their names are Volt and Sammy. They may look like ordinary pets,...

Sammy the Devil

Online coloring book Sammy the Devil
Check out the picture! This coloring book features the extremely brave hero of the Mini Force cartoon. It is Sammy-the devil, a pet who, in the face of danger, along with his four...

Mini Force characters

Online Coloring Book Mini Force Characters
In the picture you can see the characters from the Mini Force cartoon. Are they two separate characters? No, they are a pet called Sammy. On the left...

Mini Force Fox

Mini Force Fox online coloring book
Look, it's Fox, one of the four characters from the Mini Force cartoon! He's winking and waving at you! Fox is an unusual animal, because when you need...

Wonder Day Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Wonder Day online coloring book
This coloring book features your favorite Wonder Day bear! Just look at him! At first glance he is an ordinary teddy bear, but in fact he is unique....


Mini Force online coloring book for kids

Mini Force for kids

Check out the four friends from the Mini Force cartoon. The animals appear here in their pure form. They are cheerful and waiting...
Online Coloring Book Girl Miniforce Max Brawl Stars

Girl Miniforce Max Brawl Stars

Check out the Max Brawl Stars character from the Mini Force cartoon. Max Brawl is one of four pets that turn...
Online coloring book of Lucy the Fox from the MiniFore cartoon

Lucy the Fox from the Miniforce Fairy Tale

This coloring book features Lucy the Fox from the Mini Force cartoon, which tells the story of four animals. Whenever the helpless creatures need their...

Miniforce girl

A superheroine for the 21st century. She has many abilities that she uses very often when she has to fight evil. Get to know...

Miniforce - a unique world for children

Miniforce World is the official game of the Miniforce series. We have the opportunity to choose one of many interesting characters in the game - we play as one of the selected and fight with the evil in the Miniforce World. At our disposal are, among others, such weapons as laser guns we must also have reflexes to avoid the huge number of projectiles fired by enemies. 

Completely mastering the controls is fairly easy, though the real challenge in Miniforce World comes when you beat the levels of this game. During the break, of course, you are encouraged to paint coloring pages for kids with these characters and scenes from the game. Remember that each level you pass in the game will be rewarded with coins and your experience level, which increases over time - you can use them to improve your character.