Coloring pages Miraculum Ladybug and the Black Cat

New coloring pages of Miraculum - Ladybug and the Black Cat are a fascinating adventure for all children. Here you will have the opportunity to find a picture and print it with the characters you like the most in the episodes of this fairy tale. We guarantee that you will find a lot of them. Some of them will be easy to colour. Others will be more complicated and dedicated to older players. You can decide what you want to paint and color.

The Boy and the Disney Bicycle

Online coloring book The Boy and the Disney Bicycle
This coloring book depicts the main character of the Disney cartoon titled. "Luca." The boy's name is Luca Paguro. He lives in Italy. See the picture. Luca is just learning to ride...

A character from Miraculum

Online coloring book Character from Miraculum
This coloring book features a character you may know from the cartoon "Miraculum: Ladybug and the Black Cat". His name is Tikki and he is so called Ladybug's Quami, the ward of...

Miraculum girls

Online coloring book Miraculum girls
The picture shows the irreplaceable duo - Ladybug and the Black Cat. Two friends: a girl (Marinette) and a boy (Adrien), who in the face of evil and danger transform into...

Miraculum Black Cat

Online coloring book Miraculum Black Cat
Look! It's Black Cat! Ladybug's best friend! Not everyone, however, knows that Black Cat is not only a super hero, but also an ordinary boy who...

Miraculum Ladybug and the Black Cat

Online coloring book of Miraculum Ladybug and the Black Cat
Look at the picture! This coloring book shows two characters from the fairy tale "Miraculum: Ladybug and the Black Cat". The girl's name is Marinnete Dupain-Cheng and the boy's name is Adrien Agrest. They are known...

The girl from the show

Online coloring book the girl from the series
This coloring page depicts a boy Adrien Agreste, whom you know from the cartoon "Miraculum: Ladybug and the Black Cat". He is Marinnete's best friend. But not everyone knows that...


Online coloring book Two girls

Two girls

Coloring book at first glance shows two girls. However, the picture shows one and the same character. It is Marinnete...
Online coloring book Mermaid girl

Mermaid girl

The picture shows a mysterious girl who is a mermaid. The girl is lying on the beach and relaxing. Choose your favorite colors, grab...
Ladybug and the Black Cat online coloring book

The Ladybug and the Black Cat

Check it out! This is Marinnete Dupain-Cheng from the cartoon "Miraculum: Ladybug and the Black Cat". The girl is a superheroine, who in everyday life is...
Online coloring book Ladybug Miraculum

Biedronka Miraculum

Our new coloring book presents the main character of the fairy tale "Miraculum: Ladybug and the Black Cat"- Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Marinette is not an ordinary girl....

Miraculum Ladybug and the Black Cat

A portly girl who always rushes to the rescue. She is dressed in a special suit in which she fights evil. This is another...

Interesting Facts about Miraculum

  1. The graphic style of the movie and the newy poster are similar to that of the movie called Ladybug. In addition, the film's trailer also uses shots from that film.
  2.  The poster promoting this movie was designed by Marina Tsuzuki, a Method Animation artist.
  3. This video is dedicated to people who are more than 12 years old - coloring pages of course without age limit.
  4. The film is quite long because it lasts over two and a half hours, to be exact: 2 hours and 32 minutes. If we add to it commercials in the cinema, we will easily have 3 hours of watching.

Miraculum - coloring book information

You should know this basic information about Miraculum Bidronka and the Black Cat is a superhero story about two high school friends, the girls have one very important task. Namely, they have to protect Paris from the evil plans of their wicked enemy. The plot of this movie is not too complicated. There are no fight scenes, and the characters often rely more on their wits than their willpower to restore justice.

Cat Noir has fallen in love with a ladybug which we can also see if we decide to watch this animated movie for kids. Another plot involves spoiled teenagers who try to turn the heads of their handsome high school classmates. This series is set in Paris, which allows kids to experience some of the sights and sounds of the city, including the Eiffel Tower and the fashion industry. We encourage you to watch either the movie or the series which was created immediately as the movie has gained immense popularity around the world.

History of the creation and shooting of the children's series

Miraculum is a French animated series with superheroes. It was produced by Zagtoon and Method Animation studios. Before its debut in France on October 19, 2015 on TF1, the series was first shown in South Korea on September 1, 2015 on EBS1. In the United States, the series originally debuted on Nickelodeon on December 6, 2015. New premieres were moved to Netflix on December 20, 2016, and reruns are currently airing on Disney Channel beginning April 8, 2019. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, the series premiered on Disney Channel on January 30, 2016.

As we wrote above, the action takes place in modern-day Paris. Teenagers Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste transform into superheroes when evil appears. Marinette transforms into her superhero persona Ladybug, and Adrien transforms into his superhero persona Cat Noir, using his magic items to do so. They are not friends and did not know each other before. They all have only one task, which is to protect Paris from the mysterious villain Hawk Moth, who wants and tries to steal their powers.

He wants to do everything to accomplish this. He also plans to turn the ordinary citizens of Paris into super villains through the negative emotions they have recently felt or are feeling. We have so far created three seasons, each with several episodes of the children's series.