Albatross Colouring Books

Albatrosses are a group of large seabirds belonging to the albatross family. They are known for their long wings and ability to fly for long periods of time over the open ocean.

Albatross flies over the sea

Online coloring pages Albatross flies by the sea
An albatross and its friends are flying over the sea. All the people, who are sunbathing on the beach, are admiring these beautiful birds. If you too...

Albatross bird for children

Online coloring book Albatross bird for kids
The bird you can admire in the picture is an albatross. It is not very big, but it has very long wings. Thanks to its wings it can fly with...

Meet the Children's Albatross

Online coloring book Meet Alabtros for kids
Do you know what bird is in this picture? Exactly yes, it is an albatross. You can easily recognize it by its long wings. The picture looks...

Image with albatross

Online coloring book Picture with albatross
This bird somewhat resembles a duck, however, it is not one. If you don't know what kind of bird it is, let me tell you that it is an albatross. Albatross...

Two albatrosses on the island

Online coloring book Two albatrosses on an island
These two albatrosses went on a trip. At this moment they have landed on an island where they will rest for a while. Any moment now they will move on to the next part of their...

A fairy tale albatross

Online coloring book Albatross from the fairy tale
This albatross doesn't look like the real thing. That's not surprising, since he's a character from a fairy tale. You may have seen him before in your favorite...


Online coloring book Albatross laying eggs

Egg-laying albatross

The albatross in this picture has a very responsible task. He is currently hatching eggs. Thanks to him, they will quickly hatch...
Online coloring book Albatross in flight

Albatross in flight

The bird in this picture is an albatross. It has a rather short beak and very long wings. You can color it...
Online coloring book Albatross in flight over the sea

Albatross in flight over the sea

Do you know what bird is in this picture? If not, I will give you a hint that it is an albatross. Pay attention...
Online coloring book Albatross on the grass

Albatross on the grass

This albatross decided to take a moment to rest. It has landed on the grass where it can rest. In a little while it will move on....
Albatross coloring page bird for kids to print

Albatross bird for children

In the picture we see two albatrosses. One of them is a mother who is guarding her nest in which there is a baby...


  1. Sizes: Albatrosses are among the largest flying birds. The wingspan of some species can reach up to 3.5 meters.
  2. Scope of occurrence: Albatrosses are mainly found in the open ocean in the southern hemisphere, although some species inhabit the North Pacific Ocean.
  3. Flying travelers: Albatrosses can fly hundreds or even thousands of kilometers without resting, often using a technique called dynamic gliding.
  4. Diet: Albatrosses feed mainly on fish, squid and other small sea food. They hunt by diving into the water from a diving flight.
  5. Nesting: Albatrosses are known for their long-term partnerships. They often nest on isolated islands, where they lay one egg and care for it for a long time.
  6. Longevity: These are birds with a long life cycle. Some albatrosses live to be 50 years old or even longer.
  7. Threats: Unfortunately, many albatross species are threatened with extinction. The main threats are accidental catch by industrial fishing nets, introduced predators on breeding islands, and climate change.
  8. Communications: Albatrosses have unique courtship rituals that include elaborate dances and vocalizations.
  9. Unique adaptations: They have special salt glands at their nostrils that allow them to get rid of excess salt from sea food.
  10. Scientific classification: Albatrosses belong to the family Diomedeidae and are closely related to petrels.


  1. Long relationships: Albatrosses are known to form lifelong couples. Once they find a mate, they stay with them until death. Their courtship rituals are elaborate and include various gestures such as beak touching and dancing.
  2. Extraordinary flight ability: Thanks to special joints in their wings, albatrosses can hover for hours without even moving their wings. They use wind and thermals to do this.
  3. Coleridge's poem: The albatross is a central figure in Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem "The Paradise-Ship Sailor," where the bird became a symbol of a curse for the eponymous sailor.
  4. Outstanding navigation ability: Albatrosses can travel thousands of kilometers across open oceans and return to the exact same nesting site.
  5. Long development of the young: After hatching from an egg, young albatrosses spend many months under the care of their parents before leaving the nest. In many cases, the young birds do not reproduce until they are 5-10 years old.
  6. Long flight: The record holder among albatrosses, the wandering albatross, can travel a distance equal to the length of the equator in a single flight!
  7. Sexual dimorphism: In many species of albatrosses, males and females differ in size and coloration.
  8. Salt glands: Albatrosses have special salt glands that allow them to excrete salt from their bodies. This allows them to drink salty seawater.
  9. The dangers of plastic: Unfortunately, albatrosses often mistake pieces of plastic for food and swallow them. This leads to contamination of their stomachs and can be fatal.
  10. Symbolism: Albatrosses are often seen as good omens by sailors, though thanks to Coleridge's poem, they can also be a symbol of a curse or moral burden.