Alpaca Coloring Pages


Two happy alpacas

Online coloring book Two contented alpacas
Everyone would like such a carefree life as these two alpacas have. They are resting on a meadow among beautiful landscapes. They are very happy and cheerful with each other...

Smiling alpaca

Online coloring book Smiling alpaca
But a beautiful and sweet alpaca. She stands so gracefully, so I guess it's some kind of alpaca going to a fashion show. It just doesn't have the designed...

Realistic alpaca

Online coloring book Realistic alpaca
But this alpaca has a long neck. Not as long as a giraffe, of course, but certainly longer than other animals. It also has a short tail, a goatee....

A simple picture with alpacas

Online coloring book Simple picture of alpacas
Do you think it's a sheep? No, it's an alpaca, which is very similar to a sheep. It has fluffy fur that can also be used to make wool, pointed ears...

Alpaca at home

Online coloring book Alpaca in a house
In front of you is a big, gorgeous alpaca. She is now resting in the corral after a hard day. What do you think she's been doing? Her little house is all made of wood, and inside...

Alpaca from a fairy tale

Online coloring book Alpaca from the fairy tale
But this alpaca has a lot of fur. It makes you want to pet it. And did you know that these animals are used in therapy with children and adults?


Online coloring book Alpaca wearing a scarf

Alpaca wearing a scarf

Who would have thought, an alpaca wearing a scarf! I guess it must be very cold outside if the animal is dressed like that. How...
Online coloring book Alpaca on a meadow

Alpaca on a meadow

See who you might meet on a walk in the meadow. It's an alpaca! Have you ever seen an alpaca on your way somewhere?
Online coloring book Alpaca for kids

Alpaca for the youngest

The alpaca is a domesticated mammal of the camel family. However, it is quite a bit smaller than a camel and has fluffy fur, of which...
Online coloring book Alpaca for kids

Alpaca for children

Do you know this animal? It has very fluffy fur and looks a bit like a sheep. Maybe you have seen it somewhere before...
Satisfied alpaca coloring book for kids to print

Satisfied alpaca for kids printable

Simple painting on which we can see a big alpaca. Quite easy picture suitable even for the youngest children. Choose the colors you like...