Peach Coloring Book

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Peach - English name

coloring book fruit - peach
This is how we call this tasty and quite sweet fruit in English as in the title. It originates from China but nowadays you can find it practically on...

Peach drawing

peach coloring book to print
There is a peach in the picture. It is a large fruit that has a seed in the middle that you need to watch out for. The whole peach is covered with a lovely mess of fur that...

Sliced peach

Sliced peach printable picture
In order to comfortably eat a peach, we must first wash it and then ask an adult to cut it open for us.

Two peaches

Two peaches picture to print
In order for peaches to grow very densely on your tree and for the fruit to be very plentiful, you must first trim the branches of the tree before it sprouts buds. In this way, we can...

Ripe Peach

Ripe peach picture to print
Peaches, unfortunately, are the fruits that take the longest to ripen than other fruits. They need as much as three months! It is better not to pick them yet...

Ripe peach

Ripe peach printable picture
Ripe peaches are ready to eat. Before they get a nice pink or orange color they are not good to eat and we should not...

Peach with a leaf

Peach with leaf picture to print
As we know leaves on trees are usually but not always - green. Fruit trees have fruits in different colors but for you today we have prepared...

Peach drawing

Peach drawing picture to print
You've probably eaten a peach many times before and know its taste very well. This fruit is delicious and that's why we all love it so much! And do you remember...

Peach on a branch

Peach on a branch picture to print
Many children as well as adults love this fruit! It is very healthy and sweet! It has many vitamins so it is important to eat it....

Peach on a tree

Peach on a tree picture to print
This is what an already ripe peach looks like on the tree. It is delicious and juicy. Everyone who loves the taste of peaches loves to eat them in summer. A...

Peach for children

Peach for kids printable picture
Peaches are very healthy and sweet fruits. Children like them very much. This fruit is ideal as a snack between meals, it is very healthy...

Basic information about peaches

This fruit probably originated in China. It has alkaline and diuretic properties. This is why it is often recommended in various types of diets, especially those for weight loss. It also has a sedative effect due to the fact that it has boron, which raises our estrogen. It also prevents osteoporosis.

What vitamins does it have?

They contain a lot of different types of vitamins. The most common in this fruit is magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and vitamins C, A and B. At home they are used for various preparations such as jams, compotes or they are very popular in cakes. As far as vitamins are concerned, a lot of them and minerals are in the peel itself. That's why we should consume it together with it, and not take it off and peel it. It has quite little sugar and that is why it is often used, as mentioned above, in various diets. It also has the advantage that peaches stimulate metabolism, which leads to faster fat burning.