Peter Pan Coloring Pages

Peter is a very cheerful boy who loves playing with pirates. He could play with them all day long and do nothing else. Of course, it's not a friendly game, it's all about playing tricks. One day he decided that he never wants to be a grown-up boy but always wants to be young.


Captain Hook and Peter Pan

captain hook and peter pan colouring book to print
There are two characters in the picture that you already know very well. They are Peter Pan and Captain Hook during their battle. Which one of them has...

Peter Pan and the bell

peter pan and the bell coloring book to print
Why do you think Peter Pan is yelling at Tinkerbell? Could it be that she got into trouble again? Or maybe she just played a friendly prank on him? Either way,...

Captain Hook fights

captain hook fights coloring book to print
Just look at the picture. Can you tell what's happening in it? It's a fierce battle between Captain Hook and Peter. You must take all the...

Smee and Captain Hook

smee and captain hook coloring book to print
Look at the two characters that are in the picture. They are Smee and Captain Hook. They both starred in a popular fairy tale. Do you remember the title?...

Peter Pan in the tree

Peter Pan in the tree coloring book to print
The picture shows Peter Pan, the main character of his fairy tale. He has many missions to complete, but now he has decided to rest in a tree for a while. Climbing...

Tinkerbell from the fairy tale Peter Pan

piotrul mr bell coloring book printable
The fairy you see in the picture is Tinker Bell. She comes from Neverland, the land of magical fairies, and is just waiting for you to color her so that she can return to her...


Peter Pan characters

heroes of piotrul pan colouring book to print
Do you know the fairy tale of Peter Pan? All the characters you see in the picture come from this story. Can you name them by name? Which one...

Happy Peter Pan

happy piotrul mr printable picture
Peter Pan is a fairy tale for children that is very popular. The main character of this fairy tale is very happy that so many kids are watching...

Peter Pan in the tree

peter pan in the tree picture to print
Peter Pan went for a lonely walk in the forest. He found a tree with a branch coming out of it, sat down on it and thought for a long time about...

Peter Pan and the fairy

piotrul mr printable picture
As you know, a fairy always predicts different stories that may happen in the future of our lives. This time the main character of the fairy tale Peter Pan talks...


  1. Author: Peter Pan was created by Scottish writer J.M. Barrie. His character first appeared in the children's novel "Peter Pan and Wendy," published in 1911.
  2. Never-Never: Peter Pan lives on Never-Never Island, a place where children never grow up. The island is a magical land where rules are different than in the adult world.
  3. Bell: The Peter Pan stories also feature the character Tinker Bell, a little fairy who is one of Peter's friends. Tinker Bell has become one of Disney's symbols.
  4. Captain Hook: Captain James Hook is Peter Pan's main enemy. He is a fearsome pirate who wants revenge on Peter for cutting off his hand and throwing it to a crocodile.
  5. Lost Boys: On the Never-Never Island, Peter Pan lives with a collection of boys he calls the Lost Boys. They are children who get lost and end up on the island, where they do not grow up.
  6. Theater and Adaptations: "Peter Pan and Wendy" is the original novel, but the story has been adapted into various media, including theater, movies, TV series, and staged as a musical. One popular adaptation is the 1953 Disney animated film.
  7. The Idea of Not Growing Up: The central theme of the story is the idea of preserving childhood and refusing to grow up. Peter Pan is a symbol of the freedom, imagination and carefree nature of children.
  8. Cultural references: The figure of Peter Pan and Never-Never Land have become cultural icons, and the phrase "not wanting to grow up" has become widely known.
  9. Inspirations: Barrie was inspired to create the character Peter Pan while playing with his foster nephew. The name "Peter Pan" was used in his stories and later became the title for the entire story.
  10. Heritage: The story of Peter Pan continues to live on in the hearts of children and adults, conveying important values about the uniqueness of childhood, imagination and friendship.


  1. A reference to J.M. Barrie: The character of Peter Pan first appeared in Barrie's play entitled "Little White Bird." When the novel "Peter Pan and Wendy" was published, it brought the character into mainstream culture.
  2. Origin of the name: The name "Peter Pan" is a combination of two names. "Peter" is the name of J.M. Barrie's adoptive nephew, Peter Llewelyn Davies, who was the inspiration for the character. "Pan" comes from a character of that name whom Barrie met in his youth.
  3. Never-Never Island: The idea of Never-Never Island, where children never grow up, reflects the desire to preserve childhood and avoid having to grow up.
  4. Peter's song and dance: In Barrie's original play, Peter Pan was to perform a distinctive song and dance to further emphasize his independent character and carefree spirit.
  5. Captain Hook and the Hand of the Crocodile: In the original novel, Captain Hook did not have a hooked hand. It was only later adaptations that added this distinctive element to him, which is replaced by the hand that Peter Pan cut off.
  6. First display: The first production of the play "Peter Pan and Wendy" took place in London in 1904. This event contributed to the spread of the character.
  7. A message about childhood: The story of Peter Pan contains a message about the importance of childhood, imagination and how "growing up" can mean losing certain values.
  8. Disney film: Disney's 1953 animated film has become one of the classics of animation, and the characters Peter Pan and Tinkerbell have become icons of popular culture.
  9. Relationship with children: J.M. Barrie was very involved in the life of the Davies family, and the inspiration for the story of Peter Pan came from playing with the family's children.
  10. Music: Peter Pan has become the theme for many musical compositions, both original and adaptations. One of them is the well-known melody of the song "Never Smile at a Crocodile".