Rainbow High Coloring Book

Rainbow Hight coloring pages are a series of dolls which we can meet in this section. It is here that girls who visit this section have the opportunity to color pictures with dolls on our website drukowanka.pl - just select the online option and we can enjoy colored pictures with the use of mouse. The second option is to print pictures from the site drukowanki - in addition to these, of course, we have several thousand of them for you. New ones every day.

Rainbow High girls

There are three girls who are singers waiting for you. For now, they are studying in an elite school where they have many activities that help them sing even more...

RockStar - Lyric Lucas

Another of the characters which is a doll from this series for girls. Explore all the coloring pages that go here. You have the opportunity to read about each character ...

Rainbow High School

It is to this elite high school that people who excel in the artistic things they do go. Meet the characters that study there and...

Singer dolls

A lot of girls from this school love music. That's why not long ago we opened a special section which is exclusively dedicated to music.

A small doll from the series

Get to know her from which series is this character ? Write your types in the comments to this coloring page. Comments section is located below each ...

Georgia bloom doll

Meet this girl who practically never parts with her guitar. This coloring page is in our no-girls section. Every ...


Rainbow High dolls

We see several characters from this elite school for the artistically gifted. This is where girls study to become fashion designers, graphic designers or singers....

The girl from Rainbow High

Very cool and this is a large size coloring book, maybe it is not XXL but certainly will be fun to paint this type of large picture. We encourage ...

Daria Roselyn Rose Rainbow High dolls

Several dolls from the series for girls on one picture. Of course you will find in this section such coloring pages where we have only one person to color but...

Daphne Minton girl

Another character that has joined the department. The next character that was added to this section is another one. We wanted to dedicate it especially to girls because they are the ones who watch it most often. When it comes to...

Carmen major doll

The first of the girls or a doll from the series called Rainbow High - it is an elite school for exceptional people with artistic talents. No...


Rainbow High coloring pages - information 

Rainbow High is a unique high school with beautiful buildings, bright colors, amazing fabrics, and full of creative energy among the people who attend. It is the most elite art school in the world, with graduates becoming fashion designers, visual effects artists, costume designers, lighting designers, sound designers, fashion magazine editors and singers. 

You can't apply to Rainbow High, but if you have talent, Rainbow High will find you on its own. Rainbow High scouts scour the internet and social media to find artistic individuals! This school encourages everyone to express themselves and show their true colors. This animated series on Youtube already has millions of views - new episodes appear here every two weeks

Series Characters

Ruby Anderson - is the main character that appears here. She is known for designing unique shoes which are known all over the world. She is the style creator and is also responsible for the graphic design. She has her favorite color of course which is red.

Poppy Rowan - He loves music which is why he is a top DJ for a reason. He works as a music engineer at this school. Of course like everyone he has his favorite color. It is orange.

Sunny Madison - She's in love with computer animation and that's what she's passionate about at this high school. Her best friend is Violet. And her color is yellow

Jade Hunter - Makeup is what she does and characterizes people. She can change people for different roles and performances through makeup. Her color is green.

Skyler Bradshaw - What no one expects when they meet her is that she is a fashion designer and a world famous one at that. She is a quiet and quite shy girl. Her favorite color in particular is blue.

Violet Willow - is one of the infulancer in this school she is the one who teaches individuals towards digital media. She also has her own relaity show called: The Vi Life. Purple is the color that is special to her.

Bella Parker -. Has an artistic soul. She finds herself perfectly on the fashion runway. She is still a student. The color she loves is pink.

Amaya Raine - is none other than a fashion designer who can design real wonders. Her color is a rainbow. We will meet her in the coloring pages that we have prepared for you.