Coloring Book School

A school is an educational institution where students acquire knowledge, skills and competencies under the guidance of teachers. Schools are a vital component of educational systems in many countries and play a key role in preparing young people for their future lives and careers.

Berenstain Bears go to school

Berenstain Bears go to school printable coloring book
Every child has to go to school one day. You know, with siblings or friends it is always more fun and interesting, you can talk about something and not...

Male and female student

schoolboy and schoolgirl printable coloring book
A couple of kids had a test during their math lesson today. As we can guess from their faces, they are very happy, which means that it went well....

First class

coloring page for children lesson at school
The kids you see in the picture are the first day at school and are just starting their education right from the first grade. Our task is to choose the right ...

Learning geometric figures

learning geometric figures coloring book online
In today's lesson, the teacher is teaching the kids about geometric figures. He shows and discusses each figure step by step. Your task will be to recognize the figures...

Welcoming school - the first day of school

welcome to school - first day of school coloring page printable
Do you see those smiling children? They are students, joyful as they return to school after summer vacation! They are each sitting in their desks, they have their books,...

Elementary school

elementary school supplies coloring book printable
Various items are used in school. As you can see - a notebook where you write your notes, a sharpener with which you sharpen pencils and crayons....


School supplies

school supplies coloring book to print
In school, many utensils are used in class. The ones you see here are an eccentric and ruler, a compass, and a calculator. Using the ruler and...

Scissors for the cutting lesson

scissors for cutting lesson printable coloring book
Oh dear, just be careful! Scissors are not toys! They have very sharp metal blades that you use to cut up pieces of paper, packaging, and cut-outs. This is not...

Markers for school

markers for school printable coloring book
The markers you see in the picture have lots of uses. They often write in very different colors. People use them to color pictures, to write down different words....

Pencil case in readiness for school

pencil case in readiness for school coloring book printable
Books? There are! Notebooks? There they are! Breakfast? Here! Pencil case? Not there? Better get it ready and don't forget! A pencil case should store the most important items of a student's equipment....

School uniform for girls

school uniform for girls coloring book to print
See the clothes in the picture? It's a school uniform for a girl. Once in Poland it was obligatory to come to school in the same outfit - girls in...

Pencil for art

pencil art coloring book printable
The pencil you see here has many uses - you can draw, sketch, write, shade with it... A skilled and patient artist can draw very...

Pencil case for school supplies

pencil case for school supplies coloring book printable
The picture you see here features a pencil case for school supplies. However, it doesn't look like most pictures to be colored in, it feels like it has been sketched....

Book cover - school reading

book cover - school reading coloring book printable
Do you see a happy and smiling boy and girl holding hands? They are on the cover of the book. Reading books is a very useful activity,...

Teddy bear with a book

bear with a book coloring book to print
See, even teddy bears are learning! It is very important to gain knowledge, learning is sometimes boring, but when you find something that interests you a lot,...

Book of mathematical tasks

book math tasks coloring book to print
To do something well, you have to practice a lot, this rule applies to pretty much everything. There are math assignment books in the picture that you need to...

Math ruler

math ruler coloring book printable
Centimeters, millimeters... have you ever heard of them? A ruler is used to measure them and each centimeter is divided into 10 millimeters. This allows you to measure different...

Lesson in the classroom

lesson in the classroom printable coloring book
These girls probably aren't paying attention in class, it looks like they are talking to each other! The teacher must be unhappy, he will probably bring it to their attention....

School uniform for a boy

school uniform for boys coloring book to print
A uniform is a smaller version of the uniforms that soldiers or police officers wear. Uniforms are used in schools, and students wear them to look neat and tidy because...

Counting wheel learning to count

abacus learning to count coloring book printable
Mathematics is a difficult subject, but it is very necessary and useful throughout life. However, in the beginning, when you are completely unaware of what it is about...

Word marker

marker to highlight words printable coloring book
Sometimes when we read some notes or texts, we notice that some information is particularly important. At such moments, we can use a highlighter marker to highlight...

Book and pen

book and pen coloring book to print
These joined together written pages are a book, in turn the writing instrument found in the picture is called a pen. Books can have very different...

Colored pencils

colored pencils coloring book to print
Look! Those are candle crayons! Do you know this kind of crayons? They color in a slightly different way and have a different material than regular crayons, because they are made of...

Mathematical Angle Gauge

math protractor printable coloring book
That interesting semicircular object you see in the picture is a protractor. As the name says, it is used to measure angles and is used in various...

Counting calculator

counting calculator printable coloring book
The instrument you see in the picture is a calculator; it helps you count. You can type in simple operations and it solves them. However, in math class we mostly don't...

Directional and school ruler

printable eccentric and school ruler coloring book
In school, the protractor and the ruler are very important tools, especially in math. With them, you can draw straight lines, segments, figures, and angles! Remember...

Interactive whiteboard in the classroom

interactive whiteboard in the classroom printable coloring book
Maybe you've seen a whiteboard at school where you don't write with chalk but with a special stylus and you can display different materials, tasks,...


  1. Educational objectives: The main goal of a school is to provide students with access to formal education. Schools are designed to impart knowledge in various fields, develop interpersonal skills, and support students' emotional and social development.
  2. Educational levels: Schools include various educational levels, such as kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, vocational schools, technical schools, as well as universities and other colleges.
  3. Curriculum plan: Schools have a set curriculum that includes a variety of subjects, such as math, science, foreign languages, social sciences, art, sports and more.
  4. Teachers: Teachers play a key role in the education process. They are the ones who impart knowledge, teach lessons, organize projects and support students' development.
  5. Teaching methods: Teaching methods can be varied and include lectures, hands-on activities, discussions, group projects, homework and more.
  6. Assessments and exams: In many educational systems, students are evaluated through tests, written assignments, oral assignments, projects and other forms of assessment. Final exams can be relevant to earning a diploma.
  7. Personal development: In addition to acquiring knowledge, the school is also tasked with fostering students' personal development, developing their social, communication, creative and critical thinking skills.
  8. Social relevance: Schools play an important role in shaping society. Education has an impact on students' attitudes, values and civic skills.
  9. Special education: Within the educational system, there is special education, which adapts teaching methods to the needs of students with various disabilities.
  10. Technology in education: Today's schools are increasingly using technology such as computers, tablets and learning platforms to facilitate the teaching and learning process.


  1. Oldest school: According to some sources, al-Qarawiyyin in Fez, Morocco, is one of the oldest operating schools in the world. It was founded in 859 and is still in operation today.
  2. Smallest school: In the reverse direction, Eppleton Academy, a small school in England, is considered one of the smallest schools in the world, with fewer than 10 students.
  3. Long summer holidays: In many countries, summer vacation lasts from June to September. In the United States and some other North American countries, summer vacation is much shorter.
  4. Differences in school attire: In different countries, school attire can vary significantly. For example, Japanese schoolgirls wear school uniforms, while in some other countries such a custom is not popular.
  5. School in Antarctica: Research workers and their families live in Antarctica at the Amundsen-Scott research station, where there is also a small school for their children.
  6. Science in space: As part of astronaut Chris Hadfield's education program, space science lessons were conducted on the International Space Station in 2013.
  7. Online learning: Developments in technology have contributed to a boom in online education. Many schools and universities now offer online courses that allow students to learn remotely.
  8. School day care centers: In some countries, there is the practice of running a school day care center, where students can stay after school and enjoy various activities and care.
  9. Home education: In some countries, parents can opt to homeschool their children, where they are responsible for providing the educational material.
  10. School uniforms: In some countries, such as the United Kingdom and India, wearing school uniforms is commonplace and aims to promote unity and equality among students.
  11. School breaks: The length and frequency of school breaks varies by country and educational system. In some places, students have long summer vacations, while in others they have shorter winter and spring breaks.
  12. Modern technologies: Today's schools are increasingly using modern technologies such as interactive whiteboards, computers and tablets to support the learning process.