Shimmer and Shine Coloring Pages

Learn the unique story of the cheerful girls from a certain children's fairy tale. That's why we have for you Shimmer and Shine coloring pages - where we will see what these twins look like and show you pictures from the series in which they appear. There are also Leach and Zac - we will see them in interesting scenes on the coloring pages. These girls are special because every day they can grant wishes - three wishes to be exact. They live in a magical land which is called Zahara.



Online coloring book Fairy tale animals for kids

Fairy Tale Animals for Kids

Tala the monkey and Nala the cat, Fluffy, are faithful friends of Shimmer and Shine. They accompany their friends on many adventures. The animals...
Online coloring book Sisters on a flying carpet

Sisters on the flying carpet

A new day, new wishes to be granted. On a flying carpet they fly to find the right people. Shine, Shimeer, Tala and Fluffy Nala...
Online coloring book Shine and the fairy cat

Shine and the fairy cat

Shine is friends with a little cat. Just as Tala accompanies Shimmer, Fluffy Nala accompanies Shine. Together they experience many...
Online coloring book Shine girl

Shine girl

Shine likes to dress up a lot. Her dress is very pretty, but it's missing something. Isn't it? She could sure use...
Shimmer and Shine online coloring book

Shimmer and Shine

This time your task will be to color Shimmer and her monkey Tala. They are the best of friends. They accompany each other in many...
Shimmer and Shine online coloring book for girls

Shimmer and Shine for girls

Twins, did you know that they make up a very small percentage of children in Poland? Our Shimmer and Shine belong to this very...


Shimmer and Shine online coloring book for kids

Shimmer and Shine for kids

Shimmer and Shine collected candy during Halloween. As you can see, they did well, see for yourself. Their buckets are completely full...
Online coloring book Shimmer girl

Shimmer girl

Shimmer is an everyday genie who dresses ordinary. Today's outfit is elegant and full of class. She looks very...
Online coloring book by Samira and Nazboo

Samira and Nazboo

Samira is a princess in the land of Zahara. She is beautiful, smart, and talented. She has her own peacock named Roy. Nazboo is...
Online Coloring Book Pets - Shimmer and Shine

Pets - Shimmer and Shine

Tigers belong to the cat family, which means that, just like cats, they love to play tricks and various games. Your task...
Online coloring book Peacock from Shimmer and Shine

Peacock from Shimmer and Shine

Roya, as this peacock is called, lives in Zahara. He appears in only the second season of the animated series...
Online coloring book Monkey Tala

Tala Monkey

Tala is the monkey of Shine and Shimmer. Together with the twins and their friend, she goes on new and crazy adventures every day. This...
Online coloring book little princess for kids

A Little Princess for Kids

Shine is the twin sister of Shimmer. They are both genie, their job is to grant three wishes a day. This is no easy challenge. Every...
Online coloring book The magical girl from the series

The magical girl from the show

Shimmer is just in the process of granting one of her three wishes. Unfortunately, her magic has lost its power. Someone has taken all of her...
Online coloring book of Leah on a skateboard

Leah on a skateboard

Leah is friends with two genie girls, Shine and Shimmer. Together they go on many wonderful adventures, the main reason for which is the need to...
Online coloring page A cat drinks milk from a bowl

Kitten drinks milk from a bowl

It is a well-known fact that cats drink milk. Fluffy Nala also likes it very much, as you can see in the attached coloring page....
Fluffy Nala online coloring book

Fluffy Nala

Fluffy Nala is a beautiful kitten from the children's animated series Shimmer and Shine. It currently airs on the channel...
Online coloring book Fairy tale girl for kids

A girl from a children's story

A cool and interesting painting for girls. We see a girl who has very long hair. They are tied up in a ponytail. On the...

For kids Shimmer and Shine coloring pages and trivia

Some cool and interesting information about Shimmer and Shine - it is an American animated television series for children. It is designed for the youngest children from 3-4 years up to 16 years. Everyone will find something interesting for themselves as well as the same is with the coloring pages in this section. They are easy for younger and more difficult for older players. This series was created by Farnaz Esnaashari-Charmatz. It first appeared in the world in the USA, exactly on Nickelodeon channel, and in Canada on Treehouse. We could watch its episodes for the first time back in 2015, several seasons were created, and it has been completed so far in 2020.

The plot here is quite simple and not complicated. A young girl named Leah receives help from her friends. They are jinn, as we can imagine, twin sisters Shimmer and Shine, who together can grant three wishes every day. Depending on the season, the action of this series takes place on different planets. The first season takes place on the planet Earth, the next on the planet where Leach lives. We encourage all girls to color and watch this series.