Skoda Coloring Pages

We have many great car brands that are featured on our website To this group has joined another of the brands. You can get to know her in the pictures for children that you can paint. Of course, some people have already guessed that these are coloring pages Skoda - this is a brand of cars that are one of the most popular in Europe and best selling cars. These are both cars and SUVs. Here you will find virtually all models of cars from this stable of cars. Do you have any favorite models ? Let us know in the comments in this section.

Skoda Rapid

Online coloring book Skoda Rapid
The Skoda Rapid in the picture is about to embark on a long journey. You can't let it go uncolored. Run for your pencil case and...

Skoda Octavia

Online coloring book Skoda Octavia
Skoda Octavia is a very common car model seen on the streets. It is very nice, however it looks a bit grim in the picture. This is certainly because...

Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda Kodiaq online coloring book
If you are interested in cars, you will surely like this model. It is the Skoda Kodiaq, which today you have the opportunity to admire from the side. See how...

Passenger car Skoda

Online coloring book Passenger car Skoda
This passenger car is known to all car lovers. The picture shows a Skoda. Its trunk is not very large, but it will accommodate all the most necessary things. Interesting,...

The new Skoda Superb

Online coloring book New Skoda Superb
It's time to take a trip. The car in the picture is almost made for that. It has a large, roomy trunk and inside the car there is a...

Make Skoda

Skoda brand online coloring book
But a beautiful car! If you're interested in automobiles, I'm sure you've recognized that it's a Skoda. I wonder where the people sitting in the vehicle are going this time....


Skoda brand logo online coloring book

Skoda brand logo

Any car lover will recognize what brand the logo is on this picture. If you do not know, you can use...
Online coloring book Truck Skoda

Skoda truck

Trucks are used to transport various items. Thanks to them, among other things, stores can be supplied with goods. This Skoda truck...
Kodiaq skoda online coloring book

Skoda Kodiaq car

Another car to the collection this time from Skoda. These are very cool and interesting cars. Often chosen in...
french truck coloring book online

French truck

The Renault brand is not only known for its cars, but also for its trucks. Almost every day on the roads of our...
Printable coloring book car with big wheels

A car with big wheels

These types of cars are not suitable for driving on the streets, but you can fun to drive them on a specially...
expensive car bentley coloring book online

An expensive Bentley car

Bentley is a very expensive car brand, but inside it feels like the best apartment. The manufacturer of these cars took care...
coloring page luigi and the karting car

Go-karting car

These are interesting races with such small karts but they can be very fast and agile. Here we see one of the...
suzuki car coloring book online

The perfect car for the city

This model from the Japanese brand Suzuki is a car that is definitely ideal for city driving....

Skoda information and trivia

Skoda has become extremely popular in Europe thanks to a new car model that debuted in 1996, the Octavia. I don't know if you know but it was the first Skoda car to use an automatic transmission. The launch of the Octavia meant that Skoda for the first time ever had two models produced at the same time. Volkswagen owns the brand we write about here and it is often the engines for this brand that come from the Volkswagen factory.

With the Octavia model, worldwide sales increased by about 25 percent in 1996. The largest increases were recorded in Central Europe. In neighboring Slovakia, sales increased by 90% to 23,035 units and in Poland by 102% to 15,840 units. Also we can see how this new model has stirred things up. So far in Europe a lot of people are praising it and have had it since new. Two years after the Octavia's debut, the brand launched a thoroughly redesigned Felicia, followed by a new version of the Octavia. 

The brand is doing very well in Europe, so it decided to try its hand at another market in India where it built a factory. Three months later, the company launched the new Fabia model. This car was very well received and people from this country were eager to buy it.