Coloring Book Special Agent Oso

"Special Agent Oso" is an American children's animated series that premiered in 2009 on the Disney Junior channel (formerly Playhouse Disney).

Satisfied Oso bear

Coloring Book Satisfied Oso Bear Printable
I wonder what our bear is so happy about. He's probably back from a mission and has already helped some kids who had a problem. With his watch, he could...

The character Agent Oso from the fairy tale

Printable coloring page of Agent Oso cartoon character for kids
Everyone probably already knows this character. He is able to save children in every situation, when children call him he comes to help. He has a lot of...

Cosmonaut in a spacesuit

Printable Cosmonaut in a spacesuit coloring book
And where did our special agent Oso go this time? Yes, he's in space. He had to wear a special suit so he could breathe even...

Agent Oso from a fairy tale

Printable Agent Oso coloring book for kids
Do you recognize this bear? And what fairy tale is he from? He is yellow and wearing a special vest. He is very fond of children and especially of smiling ones, so he helps...

Climbing mountains

Coloring Book Mountain Climbing Printable
Here we see an agent on a very special mission, this time taking place in the mountains. Special Agent Oso had to climb very high to reach the...

Professor Buffo

Professor Buffo printable coloring book for kids
A very unique character appearing alongside Agent Oso. He is quite clumsy and has some minor accidents. This buffoon is also very energetic and positive,...


Coloring book Oso dives to print

Oso dives

During each mission, Agent Oso needs to have different costumes to fit the situation and to be safe....
Dotty and Wolfie coloring book for kids to print

Dotty and Wolfie for kids

Every one of us has friends, in the same way Oso can always count on the help of his friends. They are also secret ...
Special Agent Oso printable coloring book

Special Agent Oso

During the mission, he has to be very careful. He wants to help all the children in the world and tries to make them happy. When he himself needs...
Coloring Book Special Agent Oso for Kids to Print

Special Agent Oso for Children

Look who it is! He's the super special Agent Oso. He is a yellow panda bear who rescues children in need. He gets from...


  1. The main character: Special Agent Oso is a plush bear who is a special agent in a fictional organization called "U.N.I.Q.U.E." (United Network for Investigating Quite Usual Events). He is tasked with helping children solve everyday problems.
  2. Format: Each episode consists of two 11-minute segments in which Oso helps children with various tasks, such as learning to tie their shoes, preparing sandwiches and assembling puzzles.
  3. Guide: During the mission, Oso is guided by the Paw Pilot, a thumb-shaped digital device that provides him with step-by-step instructions.
  4. Other characters: The series also features other characters such as Mr. Dos (Oso's boss) and agents Dotty, Wolfie and Buffo, who help Oso with his training and missions.
  5. Educational nature: "Special Agent Oso" is designed not only to entertain, but also to teach children a variety of life skills, from simple daily activities to more complicated tasks. Each episode encourages children to actively participate and follow the action on screen.
  6. Music: The series contains many songs that are easy for younger viewers to remember and sing.


  1. The title character: The word "Oso" in Spanish means "bear," which is a funny play on words, given that the main character is a plush bear.
  2. Inspiration for creators: Series creator Ford Riley says the idea for "Special Agent Oso" came to him as he watched his own children learning new skills and gaining confidence in the process of acquiring them.
  3. Voice of the Wasp: Sean Astin, known for his role as Sam in "Lord of the Rings," provided the voice for the main character.
  4. Unique format: The series was one of the few children's programs that combined elements of spy adventure with educational content for preschoolers.
  5. Music: The songs in "Special Agent Oso" are designed to be catchy and easy for children to remember. This makes it easier for young viewers to learn through singing.
  6. Uniqueness of missions: Although many missions seem simple to adults (such as learning to tie their shoes or wash their hands), for children these are important developmental milestones. The series highlights the importance of these everyday skills.
  7. The importance of training: Oso often participates in training sessions before the main missions. These trainings often have little to do with the main mission, but they always teach Oso a valuable lesson that later proves useful.
  8. Popularity outside the United States: "Special Agent Oso" has been broadcast in many countries around the world and has been translated into many languages, which proves its universal message and appeal to children from different cultures.


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