Superman Coloring Pages

An unusual super hero who appeared coming from a planet called Krypton. He has superhuman abilities. He is very strong, can fly and at the same time is an indestructible hero. He uses his powers, among others, to protect people and to help others. He is often referred to as the Man of Iron.

Superhero costume

super hero costume coloring book online
The combination of red and blue and the addition of yellow in the logo are the favorite colors of this character. I'm sure you have watched the cartoon at least once...

To save the world

superman in action coloring book online
She is willing to do anything to help another person. Whenever someone needs help he rushes to the rescue first. Of course his super...

A hero in a cape

coloring book superman in printable clothes
The character from today's picture you probably already know very well. He is an unusual character who has incredible powers. For example, he can see through walls...

Superman and batman

superman and batman coloring book to print
Superman and Batman are some of the most famous comic book characters. Do you know any stories about them? In a certain portion of comic book stories, there is a...

Superman is running to help

superman runs help coloring book to print
Superman is a comic book hero. He has characteristics that enable him to defend people. Look at the picture and think about what might give Superman better abilities to...

Little Superman

little superman coloring book to print
A boy decided to dress up as Superman for the carnival ball. Color the picture to match the boy's costume. Color the cape, the shorts part...

Superman in the air

superman in the air coloring book to print
The man you see in the picture is certainly familiar to you. He is Superman, the popular comic book superhero who saves the world from evil. Grab your favorite...

Lego Superman

superman with lego blocks coloring book to print
The lego character you see in the picture is Superman. Grab your crayons and color him as nicely as you can and then you can take your blocks and...

Warrior Superman

warrior superman coloring book to print
The picture shows Superman who is just in the middle of a battle for good against an evil creature. Superman is strong and certainly has a good chance...

Superman sign

superman sign printable coloring book
Color the Superman sign. Surely you associate him from cartoons or comics that featured this superhero. Maybe you would like to be such a superhero one day and save...

Superman sign

superman sign coloring book to print
The sign you see in the picture is that of Superman. He is a popular comic book hero who saves the world from evil. Dressed in his distinctive cape every...

Superman drawing

superman drawing coloring book to print
Would you like to be a superhero and save the world and people from the hands of evil and cruel oppressors? That's the job of Superman who makes sure that...

Superman the hero

superman printable picture
The character of Superman probably does not need to be introduced to anyone rather, because he is a well-known character mainly thanks to the animated cartoon. This man in every cartoon performs...

Superman in action

superman coloring book
Surely once in your life you had the opportunity to watch a fairy tale that is Superman and you know well that in this fairy tale the action takes place...

Superman Icon

superman printable picture
In front of you on the picture the figure of Superman placed in a small logo forming together the so-called icon of this character, which this time we will color. Try to...

Uncommon abilities he possesses include:

Speed - In the first fairy tales, he was faster than a ball that flew at 100 km/h.

Flying - At first, the character could only jump from tall buildings. In subsequent episodes, he learned to fly and float on the ground. At the same time, he can reach cosmic speeds while flying.

Tremendous power - Without a doubt, he can be called the strongest superhero, as there is no fairy tale character at the moment that possesses more strength than him.

Sight - is able to see small parts from up to several kilometers away. Additionally, it can see through walls.