Tarzan Coloring Book

Tarzan is a fictional character created by American writer Edgar Rice Burroughs. He is a literary figure who gained immense popularity and became a pop culture icon.

A nervous tiger

upset tiger coloring book online
The sight of such an enraged tiger can only say one thing. He is very upset, because he is chasing his enemy, who started a fight with him. Our task today will be to choose...

A jungle couple in love

tarzan and the girl coloring book to print
Our main character in the fairy tale also fell in love and has his woman with whom he went on a date this time. They rode through the jungle and found each other...

Fighting the tiger

tarzan fights tiger coloring book online
Another fight from the life of the jungle, but this time our main character Tarzan takes part in it. He's fighting with huge tiger...

Wild animal fights

wild animal fight coloring book to print
Such sights in the jungle are something normal. Every day there are really fierce fights between animals living in different regions of the jungle. Very often...

Leaping on the Vine

tarzan in the jungle coloring book online
Tarzan has extraordinary skills, including how he climbs and jumps over plants is amazing. This time in the picture we see...

Tarzan on the hunt

tarzan on the hunt coloring book to print
Do you know what Tarzan ate when he lived in the jungle? Fish, among other things, but he caught them in an unusual way, with a spear! He would hit a swimming fish with it,...


Climbing Tarzan

climbing tarzan coloring book to print
Mostly people don't have it easy to climb trees, but Tarzan grew up among trees, so he has extraordinary skills. In this picture you can see...

Tarzan and the monkey on a branch

tarzan and monkey on the branch coloring book to print
To live in the jungle Tarzan had to learn many tricks and skills that monkeys have. Right now he is just practicing hanging with one of the monkeys by strengthening...

Tarzan and the monkey in the jungle

tarzan and monkey in the jungle coloring book to print
When Tarzan's parents died, monkeys took care of him, so he treated them like family. In the picture he is just spending time with a little monkey. He seems to be having a great ...

Tarzan and his girlfriend

tarzan and his girlfriend coloring book to print
That's how it is in life, that people fall in love with each other, through love their lives can become more beautiful and full. Tarzan just...

Little Tarzan in the jungle

little tarzan in the jungle coloring book to print
Do you know who that is? Of course, it's Tarzan! He's used to living in the jungle, and as you can see, he's having fun here! He's just jumping...

Little Tarzan and the monkey

little tarzan and monkey coloring book to print
Do you recognize the boy in the drawing? That's Tarzan. Unfortunately, a tragedy happened to him and his parents are dead, so he found himself in the jungle. She just found...

Little Tarzan on a Rope

Tarzan loves the jungle, so from an early age he starts practicing all kinds of stunts and jumps. See how he climbs and jumps on this...

Little tarzan and lianas

tarzan printable picture
From an early age, everyone in the jungle learns to take their first steps. Later on he learns to climb trees and then to...

Climbing Tarzan

tarzan printable picture
Lianas are a plant that is very common in the jungle. This bush definitely makes life easier for the inhabitants there, because they can easily climb on them...

Tarzan and the monkey

tarzan printable picture
Surely most of you have watched a fairy tale called Tarzan at least once in your life.In this animated adventure, a man called tarzan lives in the jungle....


  1. Origins: The character of Tarzan made his debut in the short story "Tarzan of the Apes," written by Edgar Rice Burroughs and published in 1912.
  2. History: Tarzan is the child of English aristocrats who are abandoned in the African jungle after a shipwreck. The toddler is adopted and raised by monkeys, learning to survive in a wild environment.
  3. Skills: Raised by monkeys, Tarzan acquires amazing skills such as jumping trees, hunting and fighting. His unparalleled physical abilities make him the "Lord of the Jungle".
  4. Relationships with other characters: Tarzan comes into contact with people outside the jungle, which introduces him to a world outside the wilderness and presents him with challenges and adventures.
  5. Jane Porter: In one of the threads of the series, Tarzan meets Jane Porter, the daughter of an explorer who arrives in the jungle. Jane becomes Tarzan's love and companion on many of his adventures.
  6. Popular culture: The character of Tarzan has received numerous film, television, comic book and other media adaptations. One of the best-known depictions is a series of films from the 1930s and 1940s, as well as Disney's 1999 animated film "Tarzan."
  7. Symbolism: The figure of Tarzan is often seen as a symbol of the human ability to survive in a wild environment and the dichotomy between civilization and wilderness.
  8. Place of action: Most of Tarzan's adventures take place in the African jungle, where he battles wild animals, explorers, villains and other characters.
  9. Criticism: The works of Edgar Rice Burroughs and the character of Tarzan have been criticized for their stereotypical and racist elements, which reflected the beliefs and perceptions of the era in which they were created.


  1. Inspiration to create a character: Tarzan's creator, Edgar Rice Burroughs, was inspired by the stories of travelers, explorers and jungle adventures he read in newspapers and books. His fascination with these subjects led him to create the character Tarzan.
  2. Character name: The name "Tarzan" comes from the maasai language and means "leather jacket." Burroughs had translations in Swahili, but misunderstood it as maasai.
  3. First story: The first Tarzan story was written based on a rate in a magazine, which the author challenged himself to find out if he could write something as good as what he read in popular magazines.
  4. Influence on pop culture: The character of Tarzan has influenced many areas of pop culture. His adventures have been adapted in movies, comic books, video games and other media.
  5. Movies with Tarzan: One of the most famous actors to play Tarzan was Johnny Weissmuller, who appeared in a series of films in the 1930s and 1940s. His distinctive Tarzan scream became an iconic sound.
  6. Latin origins: The title of the original story "Tarzan of the Apes" had a distinctive Latin form that was popular in fantasy literature of the time.
  7. Influence on the character of Superman: Superman creator Jerry Siegel confessed that he was fascinated by the Tarzan character in his youth and that he was partly inspired by it in creating Man of Steel.
  8. Adventures in comics: Tarzan was also one of the first literary characters to appear in comic books. Beginning in the 1920s, comic books about Tarzan's adventures were published.
  9. International popularity: Tarzan's adventures have gained enormous popularity around the world, and his image and stories have been translated into many languages.
  10. Follow-up: Developers created many sequels to Tarzan's adventures after Burroughs' death, which helped expand the character's universe.
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