Coloring Book Tattoos

Tattooing is a form of body art that involves placing a permanent design or image on the skin by inserting pigment under the surface of the skin.

Heart tattoo around butterflies

Coloring book tattoo srece around butterflies
In the picture, we see a heart that seems to have flames in it and on top of it. Next to the heart, however, on either side, are beautiful butterflies, with...

Unicorn tattoo

coloring book unicorn tattoo
A unicorn is a fantasy creature found in myths and legends, having one horn in the middle of its forehead and sometimes wings, just like the one in the picture. The unicorn is a symbol of wisdom, intelligence, magnificence, strength, purity,...

Heart before leaves

coloring page heart in front of a leaf
The picture shows large hearts with leaves through them. We associate the heart with love, friendship and devotion. Although for everyone it may have different...

Silver Wings Tattoo

SIlver Wings printable tattoo coloring book
In the picture we see a butterfly and the inscription - Silver Wings, which means Silver Wings. This is a reference to the wings of the butterfly, which, admittedly, are not...


printable tattoo coloring book
Tattoos are becoming more and more ubiquitous and performed. For the most part, we associate them well, as there are more and more beautiful designs being made. In the picture we see a rather simple...

Butterfly tattoo

coloring book butterfly tattoo
Butterflies are extremely delicate and beautiful insects. They have wonderful multicolored wings that shimmer with different colors depending on the sunlight. Such...


Coloring book tattoo of a bouquet of flowers

Flower bouquet tattoo

This beautiful bouquet of field flowers can serve as a design for a tattoo. There is even a small butterfly sitting on one of them....
coloring book tattoo of a decorated skull

Tattoo decorated skull

This decorated skull in the picture is a Mexican skull, which has to do with the joyous celebration of the Day of the Dead. The Mexican skull tattoo...
Coloring book tattoo face decorated with flowers

Tattoo face decorated with flowers

Another pattern that can also be a design for a tattoo. In the image we see a woman wearing a headscarf on her head and...
coloring book butterfly printable for kids


Butterflies are very beautiful and colorful insects. They fly from flower to flower and collect nectar from them, which they...
coloring book tattoo making

Getting a tattoo

In the picture we see how a tattoo artist is just giving someone a tattoo. It is a very nautical theme as there is a large ship....
coloring page tattoo of a menacing lion

Tattoo of a menacing lion

The picture shows a menacing lion lying in the midst of the grass. Such a drawing can be a design for someone's tattoo. It will certainly be...


  1. History: Tattoos have a long history, dating back thousands of years. As far back as ancient times, people decorated their bodies with tattoos as a form of artistic, religious, cultural or symbolic expression.
  2. Technology: Modern tattoos are done with a tattoo machine, which inserts dye under the epidermis using needles. The needles stab the skin, leaving permanent patterns in the skin.
  3. Safety and hygiene: It is important to choose a reputable and professional tattoo artist and a studio that adheres to strict hygiene and safety standards to avoid the risk of infections or other complications.
  4. Types of tattoos: There are many types of tattoos, such as traditional, modern, realistic, abstract, tribal, geometric, colorful and many others. Each style has its own distinctive features.
  5. Motives and meanings: People choose tattoos for a variety of reasons, including as a form of self-knowledge, artistic expression, to honor loved ones, to profess religious or cultural beliefs, or simply for unique aesthetics.
  6. Pain and tolerance: The process of creating a tattoo can be painful as the needles penetrate the skin. The degree of pain depends on where the tattoo is applied, as well as the individual's pain tolerance.
  7. Post-tattoo care: After tattooing, it is important to follow the artist's recommendations for care and hygiene to avoid infection and minimize the risk of color loss or fading of the tattoo.
  8. Tattoo removal: There are various methods of tattoo removal, such as laser, surgery, micropigmentation or creams. However, tattoo removal can be difficult, expensive and does not always produce ideal results.
  9. Tattoos in different cultures: Tattoos have different meanings in different cultures. For example, in some indigenous cultures, tattoos were used to signify membership in a particular community or group.
  10. Increase in popularity: Tattoos have become more common in recent decades and have gained widespread recognition as a form of individual expression, which has contributed to their growing popularity around the world.


  1. Oldest tattoos: The oldest known tattoos date back to prehistoric times. Fossils of mummies from the Stone Age show that people were already decorating their bodies with tattoos.
  2. Smallest tattoo: In 2008, Australian tattoo artist Shane Turgeon created the smallest tattoo, depicting an abstract heart, with a diameter of just 0.9 mm. This tattoo is almost invisible to the naked eye.
  3. Longest time on tattoo: The Guinness World Record for the longest time spent on a tattoo is 60 hours and 30 minutes. Many people worked on a tattoo depicting various comic characters.
  4. Pigments from ashes: In some cases, the ash of deceased loved ones is used as a pigment ingredient for tattoos, as a personal tribute to the deceased.
  5. First tattoo machine: In 1891, Samuel O'Reilly patented the first electric tattoo machine, which was based on a typewriter.
  6. Tattoos in prisons: In many prisons, tattoos have their own meanings, such as membership in a particular group, degree of crime or other markings.
  7. Fluorescent tattoos: Some tattoo artists use fluorescent inks that glow in the dark when exposed to UV light. This effect can be unique in night lighting.
  8. Animal skin as canvas: In the past, tattoos were made not only on people, but also on animal skins, which were used as trophies or ornaments.
  9. Martian tattoos: In 2018, a tattoo artist created the first tattoo to be sent into space. He used a special ink and sent the design to the International Space Station.
  10. Interesting styles: In addition to popular styles such as realistic or traditional, there are also more niche tattoo styles such as "blackwork" (black tattoos with intricate designs) and "watercolor" (imitating a watercolor effect).
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