Tayo the Little Bus Coloring Book


Tayo the Little Bus and gas station

Tayo the Little Bus and gas station printable coloring book
Our bus, after a full day of driving, had already run out of fuel to return to base. He decided to drive down to the nearest station and replenish the shortage, and in the process....

Tayo the Little Bus car

Coloring Book Car Tayo the Little Bus printable
Do you like to ride the bus? I love it! When traveling by bus or other means of transport, there are several things to keep in mind. Certainly about safe travel, that also about...

Happy bus Tayo the Little Bus

Tayo the Little Bus Happy Bus Coloring Book
Our cheerful bus is ready to hit the road to the mechanic. Unfortunately, something has broken and it does not allow him to safely transport passengers....

Tayo the Little Bus

Tayo the Little Bus Coloring Book
The buses are waiting patiently for their turn to hit the road. However, they are not ready for the road because they are not painted. No passenger...

Tayo the Little Bus for kids

Tayo the Little Bus coloring book for kids
Goes the bus merrily around the city, hustles passengers while not in a hurry, just take a ticket with you and go on your way merrily enjoying....

Tayo bus character for children

Coloring Book Character Autobusik Tayo for Kids to Print
Tayo is just about to embark on a tour of the streets of his city. Fortunately, he has a bit of free time, so he doesn't have to rush to get after...


Autobusik Tayo coloring book for kids printable

Tayo bus for kids

In the picture we see a cheerful bus named Tayo. He is blue and together with his friends explore the routes of his...
Printable Tayo the Little Bus cartoon logo coloring book

Logo from Tayo the Little Bus cartoon

Four happy and wide-smiling buses invite you to join in the fun! All you need to have at hand is something that...