Teletubbies Coloring Pages

"Teletubbies" is a British children's TV show that has gained enormous popularity around the world. It is an educational and entertaining series, mainly aimed at the youngest viewers.

Adventures of colorful creatures

teletubbies characters coloring book online
Little colorful creatures is a common term that people use when they are just talking about the Teletubbies. Each of them in the cartoon has a different color. If...

A vacuum cleaner from a fairy tale

teletubbies vacuum cleaner coloring book online
Before us an unusual machine from the house of teletubbies and as you can see it is, of course, a funny vacuum cleaner. You can also safely say that it is unusual and the only ...

Home of the Teletubbies

teletubbies house coloring bookonline
The house of the characters from this fairy tale is well known to all of you. More than once you may have wondered what some of the objects in the house are used for.


teletubbies fun coloring book to print
In the picture we see the teletubbies playing. Laa-Laa and Dipsy are lying on the ground and Po is sitting in a chair. Po has a circle antenna and is...

Teletubbies asleep

teletubbies asleep coloring page printable
In the picture, we see a teletubby sleeping. We don't know what a Teletubby is so assume it is Laa-Laa. It is a medium-sized Teletubby with the color...

Teletubbies thinky winky and lala

teletubbies thinky winky and lala printable coloring book
In the picture we see two teletubbies: Tinky-Winky and Laa-Laa. Thinky-Winky is the biggest teletubbie. He has a purple and blue body and so, please color him. He has a triangular antenna....


Teletubbies at the table

teletubbies at the table printable coloring book
Look, the teletubbies are just eating the cream! They are happy, apparently they like it very much, no wonder! There are definitely no colors in this picture, use crayons and...

Lala teletubbies and rabbits

printable teletubbies and rabbits coloring book
Do you recognize which one is the Teletubbies? It's Laa-Laa! It's yellow in color - kind of a hint as to what color crayons you'll need. On the picture there are also...

The Teletubbies are dancing

teletubbies dance coloring book to print
Oh how merry! The Teletubbies are dancing and enjoying themselves. Do you like to dance? It's a very enjoyable activity, you can move freely and have fun! Dance...

The Teletubbies and the Vacuum Cleaner

teletubbies and vacuum cleaner coloring book to print
Check it out, it's all Teletubbies and a vacuum cleaner! Do you remember the names of all the characters? Their names are Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po. But even the vacuum cleaner has a name, this...

Teletubbies After

teletubbies printable coloring book
It's Teletubbies! I'm sure you know the cartoon, the picture shows the smallest of the Teletubbies, Po. He is just playing with a ball and waving to you! Wave...


teletubbies printable picture
Another painting with a character from the cartoon Teletubbies. To make it easier we'll tell you that the cartoon character was red, but we've got one more thing for you...


teletubbies printable picture
In front of you there are all four Teletubbies, that is all the characters from the cartoon Teletubbies. This time the coloring book promises to be very interesting because it will not be so easy and fast....

Teletubbies and rabbits

teletubbies printable picture
The picture certainly shows a well-known cartoon character which is of course teletubbies. Your task is first of all to find out what exactly is this character...


  1. Developers: "Teletubbies" was created by Anne Wood and Andrew Davenport. The series was produced by Ragdoll Productions and debuted in the UK in 1997.
  2. Storyline: "Teletubbies" focuses on the adventures of four characters - Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po, who are colorful characters with a furry appearance. They live in the Magic Forest and communicate in a playful way using simple words and sounds.
  3. Educational message: Although "Teletubbies" is primarily an entertainment program, it is also accompanied by an educational element. The series encourages the development of language, spatial thinking, observation and interaction.
  4. Landscape and surroundings: The Magic Forest, where the Teletubbies live, is full of colorful hills, strange plants and fantastic phenomena. Each episode shows different elements of this environment.
  5. Interactivity: The series encourages children to interact through simple activities like singing, dancing and clapping. The Teletubbies respond to these activities, which increases the involvement of the youngest viewers.
  6. Characteristic elements: Each of the Teletubbies has a distinctive colorful outfit, an antenna on his head and a screen on his belly that shows short videos of children's daily lives.
  7. Music and sounds: "Teletubbies" are known for their distinctive singing and sounds that accompany them on their adventures.
  8. International popularity: The series quickly gained popularity not only in the UK, but also around the world. Translated into many languages, it won the hearts of children in various countries.
  9. Criticism and controversy: Although most children loved "Teletubbies," the series also faced criticism. There was controversy over the choice of characters or the interpretation of some elements of the series.
  10. Long-term impact: "Teletubbies" remains one of the most recognizable children's television shows and continues to influence pop culture and the upbringing of the youngest viewers.


  1. Unusual character names: The names of the Teletubbies - Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po - are unusual and distinctive. They have a variety of sounds and letters to help children learn the language.
  2. Name and inspiration: The name "Teletubbies" comes from a combination of the words "television" and "tube," which refers to television screens. The creators were inspired by the idea of educational programs and drawing children's attention to the screen.
  3. Character creators and design: The design of the Teletubbies was carefully considered in terms of shape, colors and sounds. Anne Wood and Andrew Davenport, the series' creators, worked with child psychologists to create child-friendly characters.
  4. Tinky Winky Blue: Tinky Winky, the first character to go on stage in the series, wears a purple costume and carries a triangular antenna on his head. His blue bag was one of the characteristic elements of the series.
  5. Playing with sound signs: The characters communicate using simple words and sounds. Their dialogues contain elements to encourage children to repeat, imitate and interact.
  6. Belly screens: A screen on the belly of each Teletubbies showed short films depicting the daily lives of children. This provided an educational element, combining reality with fiction.
  7. Whose hands are these?: The series never showed the adult characters in their full form. Viewers only saw fragments, such as hands and feet, to increase children's identification with the characters.
  8. Reversing the main character: In one episode, Tinky Winky unexpectedly turned around and looked toward the camera. This was astonishing and somewhat disturbing to the small viewers.
  9. Awards and recognition: "Teletubbies" won many awards, including a BAFTA for best children's program. At the same time, they were criticized for being too simple and lacking educational content.
  10. Return in new version: In 2015, the return of the Teletubbies was announced in the form of a new series titled "Teletubbies New Adventures," which retains the characteristic elements of the original, but adapted to modern expectations and technology.
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