Coloring Book The Book of Life

"The Book of Life" is a 2014 American animated film directed by Jorge R. Gutiérrez.

Xalibaba from The Book of life

Xibalba coloring book from cartoon to print
I'm sure you have come across a coloring book so difficult that you were afraid you would be able to color it. Fortunately this one is not...

Xibalba from a fairy tale

Xibalba coloring book from cartoon to print
Now you are in for a challenge worthy of a true coloring expert. Just take a look at this picture and notice how many elements it has and different...

The post Jorge Sanchez

Printable Coloring Book Character Jorge Sanchez from The Book of Life
Looking at this drawing we see a real pirate, whose beard is so thick that it is hard to find our hero's face in it. As befits a pirate...

Scardelita Sanchez

Scardelita Sanchez printable coloring book
See that skeleton standing and looking in your direction? It's none other than Scardelita. She loves to scare and draw attention to herself with her...

Characters from the fairy tale The Book of Life

The Book of Life characters coloring book to print
Before you heroes of the fairy tale Book of Life. As you can see you are in for a real challenge with this coloring book. It has a lot of small and hidden elements,...

Maria and Chuy from the children's story

Maria and Chuy coloring page from the children's story to print
Maria has her best friend, a piglet named Chuy. As you can see in the attached picture, they like each other very much and love to spend time with each other....


Pablo Rodriguez coloring book from the animated movie to print

Pablo Rodrigez from the fairy tale

You have the opportunity to paint an extremely funny looking cartoon character. Big hat, small head, big nose and huge beard are...
Coloring pages Manolo cartoon character to print

Manolo fairy tale character

This is Manolo. A young matador who dreams with all his heart of becoming a musician. As you can see Manolo...
Maria's Fairy Tales coloring book The Book of Life printable

Maria's Fairy Tales The Book of Life

In the picture we can see Marie, a beautiful and independent princess, whose hand is sought by two wonderful men. Marie is one of...
Printable coloring book La Muerte Book of Life

La Muerte Book of Life

In the drawing we see La Muerte. She is the ruler of the World of the Remembered, where the dead reside, living in the hearts of loved ones. Look at this...
The Book of Life coloring book for kids to print

The Children's Book of Life

Look what beautiful curls this little girl has. With hair like that, she looks like a little doll, and that big bow she ...
Printable coloring book Hero Joaquin Mondragon

The character Joaquin Mondragon

Before you, dear children, is the hero of the fairy tale Book of Life, whose name is Joaquin Mondragon. As you well know, he is very...
Printable Joaquin Coloring Book from The Book of Life

Joaquin from The book of life

In the drawing we see Joaquin, an athletic man who is the pride of his hometown. Looking at him we see a brave warrior in uniform,...
Printable coloring book of Chela from The Book of Life

Chela from The book of Life

In the picture we see a girl lying down drinking Spanish juice. Remember that lying down drinking can be dangerous! Fortunately...
Anita Sanchez coloring book for kids to print

Anita Sanchez for children

The grandmother you see in the picture is Anita Sanchez. One of the characters in the iconic fairy tale The Book of Life. Today we have a very important...
Printable coloring book of Adelita Sanchez from the Book of Life

Adelita Sanchez of The Book of Life

Adelita Sanchez is one of the characters in the fairy tale The Book of Life. She is a tall and thin skeleton whose bones are decorated with...


  1. Genre: "The Book of Life" is a 3D animated film that is a combination of comedy, musical and adventure.
  2. The plot: The film tells the story of a love triangle between three characters: Manolo, Joaquín and María. The story is set in Mexico and focuses on the Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos), a Mexican holiday during which the living pay tribute to the dead.
  3. Main characters:

    • Manolo Sánchez (voice-over by Diego Luna) - the main character, a young man who dreams of becoming a musician, but is part of a family of bullfighters.
    • Joaquín Mondragon (voice-over by Channing Tatum) - Manolo's friend and winner of women's hearts, who gets a magic medallion from his dead father.
    • María Posada (voiced by Zoe Saldana) - a friend of the two boys, who returns to her hometown after years of studying in Spain.
  4. Visual style: The film features a distinctive visual style that draws inspiration from Mexican folk art, including artistic representations of the skull (calavera).
  5. Music: "The Book of Life" features a rich soundtrack, including both Mexican traditional music and modern songs. Also, many characters perform songs during the film.
  6. Cultural motives: The film celebrates Mexican culture, especially the Day of the Dead, presenting its aspects and traditions in a colorful and respectful way.
  7. Critical success: "The Book of Life" received positive reviews for its originality, visual panache and musical setting. It was also praised for showing Mexican culture in a positive light.
  8. Awards: The film earned a Golden Globe nomination in the best animated film category.
  9. Value Transfer: In addition to being entertaining, the film conveys important values such as courage, true love, friendship and respect for tradition.
  10. Cultural significance: "The Book of Life" has contributed to greater awareness of Mexican culture and the Day of the Dead internationally.


  1. Artistic style: Director Jorge R. Gutiérrez was inspired by folk art and Mexican folklore in designing the film's characters and world. Characterized by vivid colors and patterns, the visual style reflects the Mexican aesthetic.
  2. Día de los Muertos: The film pays tribute to the Mexican holiday of the Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos), which is one of the key themes of the plot. It's a holiday celebrated on November 1 and 2 to commemorate deceased loved ones.
  3. Meaning of the title: "The Book of Life" is the title of the book in which the stories of the dead are stored. The book plays an important role in the plot of the film.
  4. A mix of musical genres: The film's soundtrack features a variety of musical genres, including Latin music, pop and rock. Songs include both classic melodies and modern arrangements.
  5. Exceptional characters: The characters in the film are designed in a distinctive style, highlighting their features and personalities. Their proportions are deliberately slightly distorted, which gives them a unique look.
  6. Ambiguous beginnings: The film project was originally conceived as a short animation called "El Matador," about a bullfighter facing a bull. This concept later evolved into "The Book of Life."
  7. Guillermo del Toro's participation: Director and producer Guillermo del Toro was one of the film's executive producers. His influence can be seen in the dark fantasy and fairy tale elements of the story.
  8. The post La Muerte: The character La Muerte, personifying Mexican Death, is one of the key elements of the film. She is an important figure in both Mexican culture and the film.
  9. Mexican Dubbing: The Spanish version of the film, titled "El Libro de la Vida," features the voices of well-known Mexican actors such as Diego Luna, Kate del Castillo and Eugenio Derbez.
  10. Inspiration from actors: The actors providing voices for the characters were an inspiration for the animators when creating the characters' movements. This gave the characters unique characteristics and mannerisms.
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