Caring Teddy Bears Coloring Book

It is an animated series of American-French production. It tells about adventures of a large number of teddy bears. All the characters of this cartoon were created back in 1981. In this category you will find all the characters of this cartoon. You will be able to paint them online or print and color them with traditional crayons.

Popples toy

Coloring Book Toy Popple
Party is a big pink Popple who is literally a party animal. He finds a reason to party at any time of the day or night and always pulls out of his bag....

Popples Bears

Coloring Book Popples Bears online and printable
Popples bears are mischievous, fluffy teddy bears that can turn into a little fluff ball thanks to the pouch on their backs. Each one has a different color...

A character from the fairy tale Teddy Bears

Coloring Book Fairy Tale Character Printable
Do you know what this animal is? It has two big ears and very clear eyes. On his face is still a tiny nose and a smiling face. He is very fluffy....

Plush Toy

plush toy coloring book online
Each of you surely has a lot of different toys. However, among them are the so-called classics, i.e. toys that everyone has and likes...

Sleeping bear

sleepy bear coloring book online
This cartoon character you know well and you know well what color he appears in the animated adventure. Try to choose the color of pencils to imitate the ...

Mascot plushie with gift

mascot with gift coloring book online
In today's picture, we see a teddy bear holding a gift. He received it from his friend because today is his birthday. Let's choose the right colors together...


Teddy bear with balloon and ice

Beautiful picture of a teddy bear who bought ice cream in a nearby store, took a balloon and a basket and goes to the beach where he has...

Bears on the playground

The teddy bears are able to provide some fun on their own, they decided to go to the playground where they really liked the slide and practically all the time....

Playing with caring teddy bears

Here we can play in different ways with teddy bears. We paint by choosing any color and have fun while doing it. Choose red, blue, green or...

Cheerful teddy bears for children

Pluszaki are usually very cheerful and so are associated by us. Therefore, this new category which was created for people who ...

Caring fairy teddy bears

The teddy bears and the caring ones are one family. Do you remember what they were called. We already remind you: One of them is Sleepyhead, another is Birthday ...

Teddy bear mascot

Each of us when we were kids loved to cuddle up with all kinds of teddy bears. This time we have to color such a caring teddy bear. A simple picture is not...

Sweet teddy bear

cute teddy bear picture to print
A sweet and happy teddy bear, who has just found a four-leaf clover and is so happy about it that he draws the same clover on his...

A family of teddy bears

teddy bear family printable picture
There's a whole family of teddy bears in front of you, so it's sure not to be boring in this coloring book. You have to carefully color each bear individually and in addition...

Two bears

teddy bears printable picture
In any fairy tale that only has teddy bears in it, you can always see how these characters respect and take care of each other. This time...

They live in a house made of clouds and learn new things together all the time. The name does not come from coincidence, but from the fact that teddy bears take care of each other. There are exactly ten teddy bears who are the main characters of this unusual fairy tale. Of course there are many more teddy bears in this animated adventure, but they do not appear in every episode.

As you may have already noticed if you watch this cartoon each bear has a different symbol on his tummy. This symbol signifies their special gift in which they are most familiar with and care about.

The most popular characters in this cartoon are:

Sleeper- is blue in color, his symbol is a blue moon with a yellow star. From the name itself we can guess that this character likes to sleep a lot.

Birthday- He loves the moment when someone has a birthday. As you may have already seen even his symbol on his belly is the cupcake and candle sign.

Merry Heart- She is a girl colored pink. However, her trademark is a colorful rainbow.

Friendly Bear- Another woman in this pack of bears who is orange in color. Her distinguishing mark is two orange flowers.

Sunny Heart- A yellow teddy bear with a cheerful sun on its belly.

Happy Heart- A character who is very happy on his belly has a four-leaf clover symbol. His body is all green in color.

Gderek- An unusual symbol can be found on the belly of this figure and it is a blue cloud from which red hearts fall instead of rain.

Love heart- Another girl from the band of caring teddy bears. She is pink in color, and her symbol is two hearts, one red and the other red.

Tender heart- A unique character in its own right, as it is the only character in this fairy tale to have a brown color and a symbolic red heart that has a pink border.

A kind heart- is the last of the top 10 most popular characters of this cartoon. Her entire body is turquoise and her marker is a falling star with an orange ribbon.