Coloring Book The Owl House

"The Owl House" is an American animated series created by Dana Terrace, which premiered on the Disney Channel in January 2020. The series tells the story of a teenage girl named Luz, who discovers a portal to another world, where magic is a common thing. There she meets Eda, a witch who becomes her mentor, and King, a little demon. Luz, despite having no natural magical abilities, decides to become a witch, and to that end attends the Owl of the Title, a school of magic. The series is praised for its characters, animation and progressive LGBTQ+ representation.

The Owl House for children

The Owl House coloring book for kids to print
Your task is to color a fairy tale character. Paint this woman very carefully and try not to go beyond the lines.

Owl's house for the youngest

Printable coloring book Owl House for kids
Love and friendship is something that is very important in life. We show it with our interest, words and actions. We can also present it in the form of...

Owl House for Children

Coloring Book Owl House for kids to print
Owl House is all about magic and interesting adventures for the characters. The ones in the picture are just about to do something interesting. They seem to have teleported...

Fairy tale characters dance

Coloring Book Fairy Tale characters dance printable for kids
These fairy tale characters went to the disco together. They wore lovely dresses and did beautiful hairstyles. All they need is for you to make them look ...

The Owl House Fairy Tale Girl

Coloring Book The Owl House Girl to print for kids
The Owl House is a fairy tale filled with fantasy, magic, and various jokes. See, the heroine even has funny glasses with fake eyes. It must be...

Character from the fairy tale Owl House

Coloring Book Character from the fairy tale Sowi Dom to print
In the fairy tale of the Owl House, the owl cannot be missing. This heroine holds a beautiful and noble owl. However, they are missing some color. Grab your crayons...


Coloring Book The Boy from The Owl House to Print

The boy from The Owl House

This boy seems to be having a good day today. Look at his great contentment. Why do you think he is so happy? Make...
Printable coloring book Byakia Sowi Dom DIsney

Disney's Owl House

The series tells the story of teenagers. They live in a magical kingdom. Paint the characters in a fantastic and magical way. Have fun


  1. Premiere: The first episode of the series premiered on January 10, 2020.
  2. Creator: Dana Terrace, former director and storyboard artist of series such as "Gravity Falls" and "DuckTales," is the creator of "The Owl House."
  3. Cast: The main roles in the series are dubbed by Sarah-Nicole Robles (Luz), Wendie Malick (Eda) and Alex Hirsch (King).
  4. LGBTQ+ representation: The series has won praise for introducing LGBTQ+ characters, a rarity among animated series for children. Dana Terrace, who is bisexual, expressed her desire for children watching "The Owl House" to see themselves represented on screen.
  5. Inspirations: Dana Terrace drew inspiration from a wide variety of sources when creating "The Owl House," including Studio Ghibli films, video games such as "The Legend of Zelda," and her experience growing up as an LGBTQ+ person.
  6. Production: The series is produced by Disney Television Animation. The animation is done by Sunmin Image Pictures and Sugarcube Animation.
  7. Reception: "The Owl House" earned positive reviews from both critics and viewers, who praised its characters, animation, humor and progressive LGBTQ+ representation.
  8. Music: The music in "The Owl House" was composed by T.J. Hill, who has also composed music for other animated series such as "Star vs. the Forces of Evil."
  9. Nominations and awards: The series has been nominated for several awards, including an Annie Award for best animated series for children.
  10. Follow-up: Disney Channel has confirmed that "The Owl House" will continue with a third season, but it will be the last season of the series.


  1. Disney's first LGBT character: Dana Terrace, creator of "The Owl House," confirmed on Twitter that Luz Noceda, the series' main character, is bisexual. This made her the first LGBTQ+ character in Disney Channel history.
  2. The creator as one of the characters: Dana Terrace underplays the voice of one of the characters, Tiny Nose, in the series.
  3. Inspired by a real place: The titular "Owl House" is modeled after the cabin in the woods where Dana Terrace lived while working on the "Gravity Falls" series.
  4. Inspired by the Ghibli film: The series' creator, Dana Terrace, said in an interview that she was inspired by Studio Ghibli films when creating the world in "The Owl House."
  5. LGBTQ+ community response: The series has been positively received by the LGBTQ+ community for its representation of non-heteronormative characters.
  6. Similarities with other series: Fans have noticed similarities between "The Owl House" and other popular series such as "Gravity Falls" and "Star vs. the Forces of Evil." Dana Terrace has previously worked on both of these series.
  7. Original character concept: Initially, Eda was supposed to be more austere and serious, but eventually it was decided to make it more casual and humorous.
  8. The impact of anime: Dana Terrace said she was inspired by various anime series during the creation of "The Owl House," which can be seen in the animation style and character design.
  9. Some characters were named after animals: For example, the character Luz, whose name means "light" in Spanish, and King, who was named after Dana Terrace's dog.
  10. Limited animation resources: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some episodes had to be created by animators who worked remotely from home. This limited the resources and time available for animation, resulting in some differences in animation style and quality in some episodes.
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