Tobot Coloring Pages

"Tobot" is a South Korean animated series produced by Young Toys and Retrobot. The series focuses on two brothers, Ryan and Kory, who discover that their cars can transform into robots. The brothers, along with their robots, the Tobots, must protect the city from various threats. "Tobot" has become very popular among children in South Korea and has spawned many sequels and spin-offs, as well as a toy line.

Fighters from children's stories

Coloring book fighting cartoon for children
Tobot Y's original design is based mainly on blue and white colors with hints of red and orange. Tobot Y's most noticeable personality traits are.

A figure with glasses

coloring page character in glasses
Diluk is a comically obese man wearing round glasses and a blue suit. His hair is separated into pointy puffs, he has brown eyes, black shoes, a white T-shirt....

Boy with a robot

coloring book boy with robot - Tobot for boys
Dylan wears a dark red and white hoodie, blue pants and dark red and white sneakers. His smart key is a watch he wears on his left wrist. His hair is dark brown and...

Tobot cartoon robots

Tobot cartoon robots for kids coloring page
Titan is larger than X, Y and Z, but is slightly smaller than Tobot Tritan , its head has red wings and a visor shaped...

An armed robot from a fairy tale

coloring book armed robot from printable cartoon for boys
By far the largest and strongest Tobot, it resembles a medieval knight and speaks in hyperbole, and boasts many weapons and skills. Together with other Tobots, they guard...

Smiling fairy tale characters

colored smiling fairy tale characters
Kory and Ryan have a normal sibling relationship. They are constantly arguing with each other due to their conflicting personalities, but sometimes they agree on something. Dylan...


TOBOT cartoon robot coloring book for kids to print

A robot from a fairy tale

X is a good-hearted robot who cares about his friends and pilots. He acts like an old wise man to the rest of the...
printable robot mask coloring book

Robot mask

Tobots are powerful galactic warriors who take the form of a collection of his nuggets. Tadek and the Tobots join forces together to defy...
coloring book fairy tale characters

Fairy tale characters

Young detective Tadek, together with his friends, solves the strangest mysteries. Whether it's a missing balloon of a small...
Tobot robot coloring book for boys

Tobot the robot for boys

Tobot is a galactic warrior who fights against the Chaos Squad. The robot was revived thanks to Tadek and his friends, who found...
Transformers Tobot Coloring Book

Transaformers Tobot

When the world is threatened and evil forces from the Galaxy want to take over, the warriors of the Galaxy-Tobots.... come into action
Tobot coloring book for kids

Tobot for children

Young detective Tadek and his friends play detective and solve any, even the strangest mystery. During one...
Coloring Book Characters Ryan, Dylan and Dolly from Tobot

Ryan, Dylan and Dolly from Tobot

Ryan, Dylan and Dolly are a close-knit team of friends from the Tobot cartoon. Together with the galactic warriors, the Tobots, they fight against the...
Gambar Tobot X coloring book

Gambar Tobot X

In the picture you see one of the galactic warriors, who is fighting against a Chaos troop from a distant Galaxy. A boy named Tadek....
Tobot and Friends Coloring Book

Tobot and friends

  Little boy Tadek has always dreamed of a career as a detective. One day he finds a strange device, pushes a button and... his cars all...
Ryan Tobot Coloring Book

Ryan Tobot

Tadek and his dad are in a hurry to go to school and to an important meeting, but their car unfortunately broke down. Tadek decides to...
Tobot Cartoon Robots Coloring Book

Tobot cartoon robots

One day Tadek discovers a mysterious device and accidentally activates it... Thus, he revives his toy cars, which become...
Tobot Robots Coloring Book for Kids

Tobot robots for kids

Tobots are galactic warriors, perfect for fans of space adventures and cars. These galactic robots were accidentally brought to life by Tadek....
Kory Tobot Coloring Book

Kory Tobot

One day Tadek accidentally activates a strange device and with it awakens the Tobots - powerful galactic warriors who take the form of a collection of...
Tobot Heroes Coloring Book

Tobot Heroes

Young detective Tadek, together with his robot friends, solves the strangest mysteries. Whether it's about a neighbor's missing remote control or...
Coloring Book Robot Mask from Fairy Tale

A robot mask from a fairy tale

Tobots are powerful galactic warriors who help Tadek solve detective mysteries. The boy has awakened them thanks to a strange device....


The plot: The plot centers on two brothers, Ryan and Kory, who live in the fictional city of Daedo. The brothers discover that their cars can transform into powerful robots called Tobots. These robots were created by their father, Dr. Franklin Char, to protect the city from various threats. The brothers, along with their Tobots, fight various enemies to protect the city and the people who live in it.

Main Characters:

  1. Ryan Char: Kory's older brother, he is intelligent and responsible. He is the pilot of Tobot Y.
  2. Kory Char: Ryan's younger brother, is more energetic and impulsive. He is the pilot of Tobot X.
  3. Dr. Franklin Char: Ryan and Kory's father, is a scientist who created the Tobots to protect the city.
  4. Diluk: The main antagonist of the series. He is an evil businessman who wants to take control of the city.

Tobots: Tobots are robots that can transform themselves from cars. Each Tobot has its own unique skills and abilities. For example, Tobot X has the ability to shoot lasers, while Tobot Y can fire volleys to immobilize enemies.

Popularity: The "Tobot" series has gained a lot of popularity in South Korea and has seen many sequels and spin-offs. For example, there is a sequel titled "Tobot: Athlon" and a spin-off titled "Tobot Galaxy Detective." In addition, there is also a line of toys related to the series, which includes figurines, vehicles and construction sets.

Development: "Tobot" was created with younger viewers in mind, but has gained popularity among viewers of all ages. The series touches on various topics such as family, friendship, responsibility and the struggle between good and evil.


  1. Toys Before Tots series: Young Toys, the company that created "Tobot," originally released a line of Tobot toys before the series was released. The success of these toys led to the creation of an animated series.
  2. Various Language Versions: "Tobot" has become so popular that it has been translated into many languages, including English, Chinese and Filipino.
  3. Sequels and Spin-offs: The popularity of the "Tobot" series has led to the creation of many sequels and spin-offs, such as "Tobot: Athlon," "Tobot Galaxy Detective" and "Tobot V."
  4. Mobile Game: There is also a mobile game, "Tobot: Evolution," available for Android and iOS. The game allows players to control Tobots and fight against opponents.
  5. Video: A feature-length film entitled "Tobot: The Attack and of the Robot Army" was released in 2016.
  6. Cartoon: In addition to the animated series, film and games, there is also the "Tobot" comic book series.
  7. Educational Aspect: The "Tobot" series also has an educational aspect, as it teaches children about values such as responsibility, teamwork and the struggle between good and evil.
  8. Production: The production of the "Tobot" series was quite expensive, as it required the creation of many different 3D models for robots and vehicles.
  9. Realistic Scenarios: The creators of the "Tobot" series tried to create realistic scenarios that children would experience in their daily lives, such as problems at school or conflicts with peers.
  10. Special Episodes: In addition to regular episodes of the series, several special episodes were also produced and broadcast during holiday or Christmas periods.
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