Tokyo Ghoul Coloring Book

"Tokyo Ghoul" is a Japanese manga series created by Sui Ishida. It was first published in Shueisha Publishing's "Young Jump" magazine from 2011 to 2014. The series focuses on a young student, Kaneki Ken, who becomes a half-ghoul after an accident with a ghoul, a creature that hunts humans and eats their meat. Kaneki must learn to live in a world of ghouls and humans, where both sides fight each other for survival. The manga has received anime adaptations, several sequels and spin-offs, as well as live-action films.

An evil fairy tale character

Coloring page of the evil cartoon character Tokyo Ghoul
After being imprisoned during the Aogiri arcu and being subjected to constant torture at the hands of Yamori, Kanekhi's personality changed. He became more ruthless,...

Smiling Tokyo Ghoul cartoon character with eye patch

Colouring smiling cartoon character Tokyo Ghoul with eye patch
Kaneki is an independent, good-natured person. He proves to be trustworthy, loyal and dedicated. After being captured by the Aogiri Tree, he was able to accept his side of the...

Scary cartoon character

coloring page scary cartoon character
Kaneki, because of his experiences, began to take an interest in becoming stronger and started reading books on martial arts so he could protect...

Selfie of animated cartoon characters

A coloring book selfie of the characters of the Tokyo Ghoul anime cartoon.
Hinata has a cheerful and energetic personality. She gets excited easily and can be quite loud, a trait second only to Nishinoya and Tanaka. For the most part, Hinata is very straightforward,...

Tokyo Ghoul character in children's mask

Tokyo Ghoul children's mask character coloring book
Kaneki wears a white mask with exaggerated teeth and a mouth with one plus-shaped eye. In a strange way, it resembles a clown mask. Since he couldn't...

An enraged character from the Tokyo Ghoul cartoon

coloring page of the enraged character from the Tokyo Ghoul cartoon
Kaneki is always trying to protect others, essentially trying to protect himself from being alone again. Therefore, in order to escape this scenario, he would take on...


A coloring page of the children's cartoon character Tokyo Ghoul

Children's fairy tale hero

His ghoul mask resembles a leather mask with an eye patch. It reveals a lipless mouth with large, gnashing...
Coloring book of a boy with an eye mask

Boy with an eye mask

As a child, Kaneki had the same qualities that he now has as an adult. As a normal university student, Kaneki is a lean...
kokorowanka connected fairy tale characters for children Tokyo Ghoul

Connected characters from children's stories

Kaneki is a shy boy, and Hide is his only close friend. He usually spends most of his time reading books, mostly...


The plot: The story centers on Kaneki Ken, a young student who becomes a half-ghoul after meeting Rize Kamishiro, a ghoul who hunts humans. In order to survive, he must now consume human flesh. Kaneki tries to learn to live in a world of ghouls and humans, where both sides fight each other for survival. At the same time, he tries to preserve his humanity and not lose himself in the brutality of the ghoul world.

Main characters:

  1. Kaneki Ken: The main character of the series, who becomes a half-ghoul after an accident with a ghoul. He has to learn to cope in a world of ghouls while trying to preserve his humanity.
  2. Rize Kamishiro: Ghoul, who attacked Kanekhi, leading to Kanekhi's transformation into a half-ghoul.
  3. Touka Kirishima: A young ghoul who helps Kaneki adjust to his new life. She works at the "Anteiku" cafe, which is a refuge for ghouls.


  1. Anime: "Tokyo Ghoul" lived to see an anime adaptation, which was divided into several seasons. The first season premiered in 2014, and the second season, titled "Tokyo Ghoul √A," premiered in 2015. There is also a third and fourth season, "Tokyo Ghoul:re," which recounts the events of the manga sequel of the same name.
  2. Live-Action Films: "Tokyo Ghoul" has also lived to see two live-action films. The first film premiered in 2017, and the second, titled "Tokyo Ghoul S," premiered in 2019.
  3. Games: There are also various video games based on "Tokyo Ghoul" that have been released on various platforms, including smartphones.

Topics: "Tokyo Ghoul" touches on many difficult topics, including identity, humanity, violence and a sense of loss. It is a series in the dark fantasy, horror and seinen genres.


  1. Inspiration Names: The name "ghoul" comes from the Arabic word "ghūl," which refers to a demonic creature from Arab mythology that hunts down people and eats their bodies.
  2. Reading from Behind: The "Tokyo Ghoul" manga contains many hidden clues and symbolism that can be seen by reading some of the cards backwards.
  3. Divergent Endings: The anime "Tokyo Ghoul" has a different ending from the manga, which is quite common in anime adaptations. Creator Sui Ishida originally created a different scenario for the ending of the anime's second season, but it was ultimately not used.
  4. Influence on Pop Culture: "Tokyo Ghoul" has had a major impact on pop culture, inspiring many other works and fan art. For example, Kanekie's mask has become very recognizable and popular among cosplay fans.
  5. Floral Symbolism: Flowers often appear in "Tokyo Ghoul" with symbolic meanings. For example, red camellias symbolize love and beauty, but also death in Japanese culture.
  6. Changing Kaneki's Voice: In the anime, Kanekhi's voice changes after he is tortured by Yamori. This is a detail that highlights the change his character has undergone.
  7. Inspiration for Other Works: "Tokyo Ghoul" has influenced many other works in the horror and dark fantasy genre.
  8. Popularity in Japan: "Tokyo Ghoul" is one of the most popular anime and manga in Japan, as well as around the world.
  9. Sequels and Spin-offs: "Tokyo Ghoul" has several sequels and spin-offs. For example, "Tokyo Ghoul:re" is a sequel that tells the story of a new character, Haise Sasaki, and "Tokyo Ghoul: Jack" and "Tokyo Ghoul: Joker" are spin-offs that focus on other characters from the "Tokyo Ghoul" universe.
  10. Change of Main Character: In the sequel to "Tokyo Ghoul:re," the main character changes from Kanekhi to Haise Sasaki, which is quite unusual for a manga/anime series.