Toopy and Binoo Coloring Pages

"Toopy and Binoo" is a Canadian children's animated series created by Anne-Marie Perrotta and Tean Schultz. The series focuses on the adventures of Toopy, a talkative rat, and Binoo, a taciturn plush cat, as they go on various adventures in their fantasy world.

The series is designed for preschool children and focuses on promoting imagination, creativity and friendship. It is very popular with children and appreciated by parents for its positive messages and educational nature.

Music band from Tupi and Binu

Coloring book Music band with Tupi and Binu to print
The picture shows two wonderful musicians having a great time playing their favorite instruments. Mouse cheerfully and energetically hits the drums and cymbals...

Slide and children

Coloring Book Slide and Kids Printable
The best place for great fun for kids is playgrounds. Lots of swings so you can touch the sky with your feet, a slide where you can slide down from...

Playing with Toopy and Binoo

Printable Colouring Book Fun with Toopy and Binoo
Do you like playing dress up? Toopy and Binoo love this game and they do it very often indeed. Today they decided to wear some pretty funny disguises. One...

Car racing

Printable Tupi and Binu Car Racing Coloring Book
Today is a very important and emotional day for Toopi and Binoo. They are going to participate in a car race, which they have been waiting for a long time...

Toopy and Binoo for kids

Toopy and Binoo coloring book for kids to print
Flying in a balloon must be great fun and an unforgettable experience. Looking at the faces of our heroes we can see it perfectly. Imagine that...

Tupi and Binu cartoon characters

Printable Tupi and Binu Coloring Book
Toopy and Binoo love afternoon tea and freshly brewed tea. For today's snack they invited a cheerful creature. Look how beautifully they have prepared the table...


Tupi and Binu for kids

In the picture we see Toopi and Binoo dressed in knightly armor. They are accompanied by a large dragon! Fortunately, it looks like a friendly...
Printable Music Toopy and Binoo Coloring Book

Musical Toopy and Binoo

Everyone loves music and probably everyone likes to play an instrument. As you can see in the attached picture Toopy plays the...
Magic fairy train coloring book for kids to print

The magic fairy train

Just look at this drawing and that big locomotive! This is the locomotive that carries its passengers to the land of...
Printable Magician's Magic Tricks Coloring Book

Magician's magic tricks

Abracadabra and hokus pokus! Before you a pair of fantastic magicians Toopy and Binoo. Take a look! With the help of his magic wand, the magician...
Magic fairy bed coloring book to print

A magical fairy tale bed

Toopy and Binoo are getting ready for bed. They are already dressed in their pajamas and singing songs to sleep. But...
Airplane flight coloring book from cartoon to print

A flight in a fairy tale airplane

In the picture we see Toopye'go and Binoo, who are on a plane. As we can see by their faces, they are having a great time. However, there is something...
Printable Locomotive Coloring Book with Toopy and Binoo

Locomotive with Toopy and Binoo

The Christmas locomotive is driven by Toopy and Binoo. In front of them is a beautiful green Christmas tree and sweet sticks hanging , and when they go...


  1. Developers: The series was created by Anne-Marie Perrotta and Tean Schultz.
  2. Main Characters:

    • Toopy: He is a talkative, energetic and resourceful mouse. He is the main character of the series and always full of enthusiasm to take on new challenges.
    • Binoo: This is a soft plush kitty who is Toopy's best friend. Although he doesn't speak, he expresses his emotions and thoughts through facial expressions and gestures.
  3. Storyline: The series tells the story of various fantastic adventures of Toopa and Binoo, which usually begin in their home and move to imaginary worlds that are full of colors and interesting characters.
  4. Educational Elements: The series focuses on promoting imagination, creativity, understanding emotions, problem solving and the value of friendship.
  5. Popularity: "Toopy and Binoo" has gained popularity both in Canada and around the world. The series is available in many countries and has been translated into various languages.
  6. Production: The series is produced by Echo Media and distributed by Distribution360.
  7. Media: In addition to the TV series, "Toopy and Binoo" are also available in the form of books, online games, mobile apps and various products related to the characters.
  8. Sequels: The series has several sequels and spin-offs, including "Toopy and Binoo Vroom Vroom Zoom," which introduces new characters and interactive elements.
  9. Receipt: The series is well appreciated by parents and teachers because of its educational nature and positive messages. In addition, children love the characters and creativity of the plot.
  10. Issue Years: The series premiered in 2005 and has been broadcast ever since, a testament to its longevity and continued popularity.



  1. Without Binoo Dialogue: One of the most distinctive features of the series is that Binoo, one of the main characters, does not speak at all. He communicates solely through facial expressions, gestures and other non-verbal means of expression.
  2. Literary Inspiration: The characters of Toopy and Binoo were inspired by a series of children's books, which adds additional depth and context.
  3. Popularity on YouTube: In addition to the TV broadcast, "Toopy and Binoo" also has a very popular YouTube channel, where you can find full episodes, clips and other content related to the series.
  4. Derivative Products: In addition to the TV series and books, "Toopy and Binoo" have expanded their brand into various products, including toys, clothing and accessories.
  5. Educational Aspect: The series is often used as an educational tool to teach children about imagination, problem solving and emotions.
  6. Multilingualism: "Toopy and Binoo" has been translated into many languages and aired in various countries, attesting to its universal message and global popularity.
  7. Interactive Elements: In some spin-offs, such as "Toopy and Binoo Vroom Vroom Zoom," interactive elements have been introduced that allow children to take a more active part in the adventures of the characters.
  8. Diversity of Characters: In addition to Toopa and Binoo, the series introduces many other characters who are different in species, character traits and appearance, promoting diversity and acceptance.
  9. Original Form: The series originally had a short-form formula, but due to popularity and demand, the producers decided to make longer episodes.
  10. Positive Reception from Parents: Parents are praising "Toopy and Binoo" for not having content inappropriate for children and for focusing on positive, educational messages.
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