Toyota Coloring Book

A Japanese brand that started its car manufacturing business back in 1937. The brand is named after its founder, who is Sakichi Toyoda. In this category you will find many interesting pictures with different models of cars of this brand. The manufacturer has over 40 different models of cars in its offer, so there really is something to choose from.

Sports car for the race

toyota sports car printable
The sporty Toyota Supra, because that's the car in today's picture, has a four hundred horse power engine under the hood, so it doesn't...

Japanese pick up

Japanese pick up coloring book online
This time we move to the world of cars, and more specifically our task today is to color a picture of a Japanese car which is a pick up. Try to...

Large van

big van coloring book online
In front of us is a large van of the well-known Japanese manufacturer brand Toyota. Cars from under this sign are very refined. We can safely say that their manufacturer took care ...

Toyota Yaris

toyota yaris coloring book to print
The Toyota Yaris is a car that is very often used to learn how to drive a car during a driving course. It is not only used to practice driving on...

Toyota suv 4×4

toyota suv 4x4 coloring book to print
Boom, boom. A Toyota suv had just arrived. He's come a long way, but he's finally arrived at his destination. Quickly find your pencil case with crayons and prepare...

Toyota Supra

toyota supra coloring book to print
It is already approaching evening, but that does not cause a problem for this car. Thanks to its headlights it is able to light the way even in complete darkness....


Toyota rav 4

toyota rav 4 coloring book to print
What color do you like most about cars? I like red the best, but you can color the car in the picture any color you want. To make it look...

Toyota Hilux

toyota hilux coloring book to print
In front of you is the Toyota Hilux. This car is extremely practical. It can be driven by a driver and up to four passengers. Because it is a pick-up truck it additionally has a...

Toyota Corolla

toyota corolla coloring book to print
Do you know what the Toyota badge looks like? If you look closely at the car in the picture you can see a tiny stamp in the middle of the hood. It resembles...

Toyota Camry

toyota camry coloring book to print
Is it just me or does this car have a very sinister face? It's a Toyota car. Color it in happy colors and...

Toyota Auris

toyota auris colouring book to print
Do you know what logo is on the hood of this car? Let me give you a hint, it is the Toyota logo. This logo resembles the letter "T", which is the first...

Toyota car

toyota car coloring book to print
This car is driving along the road by the seaside beach. It's already approaching evening as the sun is very low and slowly setting behind the horizon. Color the car...

New Toyota rav4

new toyota rav 4 coloring book to print
Boom, boom. Watch out because there's a car coming towards you very fast. This is the new Toyota RAV4. It just came straight from the showroom and there's no...


  1. Founding: Toyota was founded in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda as a division from Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, a company founded by his father, Sakichi Toyoda.
  2. Headquarters: Toyota's corporate headquarters are located in Toyota City, Aichi, Japan.
  3. Products: Toyota produces a wide range of vehicles, from small city cars to large off-road vehicles and trucks. It also produces hybrid, electric and hydrogen vehicles.
  4. Hybrid Pioneer: Toyota is considered a pioneer in the production of hybrid vehicles and is the manufacturer of one of the world's most popular hybrid cars, the Toyota Prius.
  5. Global Sales: Toyota is one of the world's largest automakers by number of vehicles sold. It has manufacturing and sales facilities all over the world.
  6. Innovations: Toyota is known for its innovations in the automotive industry, including automation and powertrain technology. It has also developed its own production system known as the "Toyota Production System" (TPS), which has become a model for other companies.
  7. Motorsport: Toyota participates in many different forms of motorsports around the world, including Formula One, WRC (World Rally Championship) and Le Mans.
  8. Sub-brands: Toyota has several sub-brands, including Lexus, which is its luxury brand, and Scion, which was a brand aimed at younger drivers (but was phased out in 2016).
  9. Impact on the Environment: Toyota is committed to producing green vehicles and is working to minimize the environmental impact of its operations. It aims to reduce the CO2 emissions of its vehicles and operations by 2050.
  10. Employment: Toyota is one of the world's largest employers, with thousands of employees worldwide.


  1. Toyota Corolla: It is one of the most popular and best-selling cars in the world. It is available in various versions, including sedan, hatchback and hybrid.
  2. Toyota Camry: It's a popular mid-range sedan, also available in a hybrid version.
  3. Toyota Prius: It is one of the first and most recognized hybrid cars in the world.
  4. Toyota RAV4: It is a compact SUV that is very popular with families. It is available in gasoline, hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions.
  5. Toyota Highlander: This is a larger SUV that is available in gasoline and hybrid versions.
  6. Toyota Tacoma: This is a medium-sized pickup truck that is very popular in the US.
  7. Toyota Tundra: It is a full-size pickup truck.
  8. Toyota Sienna: It's a minivan that is also available in a hybrid version.
  9. Toyota 4Runner: It is a large SUV that is known for its off-road capabilities.
  10. Toyota Land Cruiser: This is one of the most luxurious and off-road capable SUVs produced by Toyota.
  11. Toyota Yaris: It is a compact city car, available in hatchback and sedan versions.
  12. Toyota Avalon: It is a full-size sedan.
  13. Lexus: This is Toyota's luxury brand, which produces a variety of models, including sedans, SUVs and sports cars.


  1. Initially Loom Manufacturing: Toyota got its start by manufacturing automatic weaving looms before it started making cars. The company was founded by Sakichi Toyoda in 1926 as Toyoda Automatic Loom Works.
  2. Name Change: The company changed its name from "Toyoda" to "Toyota" in 1937, when it began producing cars. "Toyota" sounds better in Japanese and is spelled using eight brush strokes, which is considered a lucky number in Japan.
  3. Largest Automobile Manufacturer: Toyota was the world's largest automaker at several different times in the past, intertwined with General Motors and Volkswagen.
  4. Hybrid Pioneer: Toyota pioneered the production of hybrid vehicles and introduced the first mass-produced hybrid car, the Toyota Prius, in 1997.
  5. Vehicle Manufacturing: Toyota produces more than 10 million vehicles a year, making it one of the largest automakers in the world.
  6. Production System: Toyota is known for introducing the "Toyota Production System," which is a production management system based on continuous improvement (kaizen) and the elimination of waste (muda).
  7. Sponsorship: Toyota is a major sponsor of various sports and cultural events around the world, including the Olympics.
  8. Motorsport: Toyota participates in various forms of motorsports, including Formula One, NASCAR, WRC and Le Mans.
  9. Robotics: Toyota is not just in the business of manufacturing cars, but also researches and develops robotic technology. For example, they have developed a robot capable of playing the violin.
  10. Ecology: Toyota is committed to the environment and aims to minimize the environmental impact of its operations. For example, they have a goal to reduce the carbon footprint of their vehicles and production facilities by 90% by 2050 compared to 2010 levels.
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