True and the Rainbow Kingdom coloring pages

"True and the Rainbow Kingdom" is a Canadian animated series created by Samuel Borkson and Maryellen Bauder.

True and the Rainbow Kingdom

True and the Rainbow Kingdom coloring book
The picture shows a little boy. You can see that he is friendly. Do you feel like having an amazing adventure with him? For this you need to find your favorite paints, a...

True and the Rainbow Kingdom for children

True and the Rainbow Kingdom coloring book for kids
The picture shows a tiny kitten. You can see that he is very cheerful. Would you like to spend some free time with him? Playing together will have no end....

True and Rainbow Kingdom for children

Tru and the Rainbow Kingdom coloring book for kids
What is this adorable picture? It shows a little girl with a kitten. Would you like to accompany them a little? You certainly won't be bored. You can see that...

True and Rainbow Kingdom

Tru and the Rainbow Kingdom coloring book
And what is this lovely picture? I think it's a mother and child. They look like nice and friendly characters. Feel like accompanying them and having a nice time....



Description: "True and the Rainbow Kingdom" is an animated series aimed mainly at children. The story is set in a land full of color and magic, where the young heroine True and her friends try to restore harmony and order by solving problems.

Premiere: The series premiered on August 11, 2017 on the Netflix platform.

Heroes: The main character is True, a little girl dressed in a blue outfit and a crown. She is accompanied by, among others, the elf Zee, the dog Bartleby and many other characters from the magical world.

Storyline: Each episode tells the story of a new challenge that True and her friends must overcome. In doing so, they use magical skills and cooperation to restore joy and peace to the people of Rainbow Kingdom.

Educational Aspect: The series is educational in nature, teaching younger viewers values such as friendship, cooperation, empathy and problem solving.

Attitude Patterns: The characters in the series promote positive role models of attitudes, such as courage, trust and concern for others.

Receipt: "True and the Rainbow Kingdom" won positive reviews for its colorful animation, positive message and engaging adventures.

Meaning of Colors: The title refers to the "Rainbow Kingdom" - a land full of colors. Each color represents a different value and aspect of life.

Inspired by Natural Diversity: The series uses a variety of characters and colors, which can be interpreted as a reference to the natural diversity of the world.

Solutions by Creativity: The characters often encounter unusual problems that require creative thinking and solutions, which can inspire young viewers to think "outside the box."


  1. The makers of the series: The series was created by Guru Studio, which employs the creators of such series as "Paw Patrol" and "Justin Time."
  2. Voice True: In the English version, the voice of the main character, True, was lent by actress Michela Luci.
  3. Moral Message: Each episode of the series aims to impart important values to children and teach them various social skills, such as cooperation, empathy and problem-solving.
  4. Diversity of Characters: The series promotes diversity by portraying characters with different skin colors and personalities.
  5. Music: The series features energetic music that not only appeals to children, but is also appreciated by adults.
  6. True's Magical Powers: True has magical powers that allow her to solve various problems. Her powers are related to the colors of the rainbow, which adds a colorful charm to the series.
  7. Wish Tree: The Wish Tree is the centerpiece of the Rainbow Kingdom and the place where True is given missions to complete.
  8. Bartleby: Bartleby is True's best friend and accompanies her on most of her adventures. He is a friendly and helpful cat.
  9. Zee: Zee is the caretaker of the Wish Tree and often helps True and Bartleby on their missions.
  10. Inspiration: The series was inspired by the global movement for positive thinking and is designed for preschool children.
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