USA Coloring Pages


American flag

coloring page American flag
Coloring the American flag can be quite a challenge. The flag of the United States is made up of many small elements. Surely you know that every other stripe...

Fireworks with dynamite

coloring sheet fireworks with dynamite
These fireworks have just been prepared for Independence Day, which is celebrated in America. As soon as darkness falls, they will be launched into the sky to further...

Liberty Bell

coloring page call freedom printable
Look at what a beautiful bell. You may associate it with the Christmas bell, but it is actually something else. The Liberty Bell is one of the symbols,...

Large Statue of Liberty

coloring page of the large Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty is a very large monument that can be admired in the United States. It is of great value to the people of America. If it also fell to you ...

A large flag of America

coloring book large printable flag of America
Look at how big the flag is. Do you know what country it is the national symbol of? If ni, I'll give you a hint that it is the flag of America. To its...

Donald Trump in the background of the city

US President Donald Trump printable coloring book
In this image you can admire former US President Donald Trump. He is standing proudly in the background of the city and is very pleased with himself. Around...


Printable American torch monument coloring book

American torch monument

This picture can be handled by slightly older colleagues. It depicts an American monument with a torch. It is located on the...
coloring page of American politician Donald Trumph

American politician Donald Trump

This American politician is known to almost everyone. He is Donald Trump, the former president of the United States. If you like to color characters, this...
Coloring page American Independence Day

American Independence Day

It is today that Americans celebrate their holiday. Independence Day is extremely important to them. Entire families gather in...
coloring page American Statue of Liberty

American Statue of Liberty

This monument is very important for America. It is America's Statue of Liberty. Not only do Americans admire its beauty, but...
Coloring page Abraham Lincoln President of the United States

Abraham Lincoln

The figure seen in this picture is very important to American history. He is Abraham Lincoln. If you are interested in history,...
Coloring book 50 states of america - division into states of the USA map

50 States of America

Did you know that America is divided into states? On the map they have all been marked. If you are interested in geography, with...
coloring page 4th of July in America

July 4 in America

Every country has its national holidays. Did you know that Independence Day is celebrated in America on July 4? In this...
Coloring page photo of a woman in the New York City area

Photo of a woman in the New York area

The Statue of Liberty is France's gift to the United States for the centennial of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It was intended to be a symbol commemorating the covenant made...
coloring page of the great torch monument of the USA

Great Torch Monument

She is the only resident of Liberty Island, an island located at the mouth of the Hudson River in western New York. Her original name was...
Great Seal of the United States coloring book

Great Seal of the United States

On the obverse is an American white-tailed eagle with outspread wings, each wing decorated with 13 feathers. With its left claw, it holds 13, like thirteen colonies,...
coloring page of smiling U.S. president

Smiling president

Joe Biden is an American politician and the 46th President of the United States. After graduating from law school in Delaware, he worked as an attorney, and with...
coloring page of President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump

In his life, as mentioned, Donald Trump has taken on various interesting jobs. One of the least known of his roles was...
coloring book beautiful flowers

Beautiful flowers

Camellia japonica proudly wears its crown; it is an easy-to-grow, evergreen flowering shrub with an amazing austerity and...
Printable picture coloring book politician

Politician in the picture

George Washington was a president beloved by the people, and his power was met with great support among the people. He was.
coloring page one dollar with a statue

One dollar with a statue

Statue of Liberty - an icon of the United States on a silver coin. A commemorative coin marking the 100th anniversary of the unveiling of the Statue of Liberty. It is definitely...
coloring page independence day animals

Independence Day animals

Independence Day is a public holiday in the United States celebrated annually on July 4, the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the United States from Great Britain. On Independence Day, the...
Coloring page of the picturesque Empire State Building

The picturesque Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is a skyscraper in New York City, United States, one of the most recognizable symbols not only of the city, but also of the entire...
coloring page of an athletic soccer player wearing a helmet

An athletic footballer wearing a helmet

American soccer is a contact team sport that involves two teams of eleven people striving to score more points. It is.
coloring page of a man on a fast horse

A man on a fast horse

Paula Revere was an express passenger who carried news, messages and copies of important documents all the way to New York and Philadelphia....
coloring page crown of the statue of liberty

Crown of the Statue of Liberty

Located on Liberty Island, the Statue of Liberty is the unofficial symbol of freedom, New York and the United States. It is known on...
A coloring book of a plane flying over a monument

Plane flies over the monument

Freedom Illuminating the World, Statue of Liberty, Statue of Liberty... Regardless of the name, a huge statue of a woman, holding in her raised right hand...