Vikings Coloring Book

Vikings coloring book is a world where we will move to the Middle Ages. This is where we will be able to learn how a typical Viking looked like. We will also see their armament and what is probably the most interesting thing. How do their boats look like in which they moved so quickly and nimbly on the seas and assessments. It's all in the pictures which are in this section dedicated to boys of all ages.

Viking with a sword

Online coloring book Viking with sword
This Viking is not afraid of challenges. He stands bravely in front of the castle, and in his hand is a long sword. With his other hand he holds a shield that will help him...

Viking battle by the sea

Online coloring book Viking battle by the sea
Vikings very often fight with their enemies. This time also there was a clash. In the picture you can see how two brave Vikings fight with each other....

Viking ship

Online coloring book Viking ship
Vikings do not use cars to get around. On land they ride on horses, and for sea expeditions they use ships. In this picture you can admire...

A little boy dressed as a Viking

Online coloring book Little boy dressed as a Viking
This little boy is about to go to a costume ball. He knew right away who he wanted to be dressed as. I'm sure you'll recognize what costume he wore this ...

Viking helmet

Online coloring book Viking helmet
Do you know who usually wears such a helmet with horns? If not, I'll give you a hint that it is worn by Vikings. The helmet protects their heads during battle...

Viking girl on horseback

Online coloring book Viking girl on horseback
A Viking girl is an unusual rarity. The one shown in the picture is exceptionally brave. She is riding on horseback to meet the leader of their group. On her head worn...


Online Viking with a hammer

Menacing Viking with a Hammer

This Viking is very dangerous. He is preparing for an important duel. In his left hand he holds a hammer and in his right he holds a round...

Boy Viking disguise

Once a year there is a special event where children dress up as different characters or their favorite boahters....

Asterix and Obelix on a journey

Our heroes Asterix and Obelix like to travel. They have already visited Rome, Great Britain and were with the Vikings. Where do they travel to...
asterix and obelix coloring book

Asterix and Obelix coloring book

The three main characters of this funny tale are waiting for those who love to watch them and spend time with them....

Vikings - facts and myths - trivia

The Vikings were a seafaring people who made a name for themselves as traders, explorers and warriors from the late 8th to the early 11th century. They discovered America long before Columbus and could also be found in eastern Russia. Although they are often thought of as savages raiding more civilized nations in search of treasure and other material goods. These invaders also contributed to many changes in these lands, from economics to warfare. Many historians commonly associate the term "Viking" with the Scandinavian term vikingr, meaning "pirate."


  1. Helmets with horns - Vikings did not wear them, however, this is often how they are shown in children's stories or coloring books. Depictions from the Viking Age do not show this, and the only authentic Viking helmet ever discovered is definitely hornless. Long before Viking times, Norse and Germanic priests did indeed wear horned helmets for religious purposes.
  2. Fire Potion - They harvested a fungus called touchwood from the bark of trees and boiled it for several days in urine. The sodium nitrate in the urine allowed the material to smolder rather than burn, so the Vikings could take fire with them on their travels and light their camps very easily. It is important to remember that fire was not easy to come by in those days.
  3. Slave Trade - Many Vikings became wealthy from this type of trade. They captured and enslaved women and young men while plundering Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and Slavic settlements. These "slaves," as they were called, were then sold in huge slave markets throughout Europe and the Middle East.