Gacha Life Coloring Book

The world of Anime and Manga has arrived on the portal where we can find coloring pages Gacha Life. It is here that a number of interesting pictures will be waiting for you. Dedicated for girls and for boys - additionally option of painting online. Here it is very easy because you just need to click on the picture and then on the online button to start painting on the website. By clicking on the print button, the picture will be printed on a printer and you can color it with paint tools.

Image from Gacha Club game

coloring page online picture of the game Gacha Club
This girl is crazy! This is evidenced by her hair, which is up in a strange way, and her interesting outfit. In the picture you can see that she has glass...

The girl in the mask

coloring page online girl in a mask
The drawing shows a girl with a cat mask. She has very long hair. She is dressed wearing a short dress and high-heeled shoes. She has a scared look on her face! This one...

Angel girl

Another character that most of us associate with the world of manga and anie. A whole series of this kind and similar images have just appeared on...


Gacha life - information about the game

Gacha Life is a role-playing game for children, which was created by Lunime Inc. It is a dress up game, where our task is to dress up the characters in specific outfits. It was released in a mobile version on such systems as: Android and iOS. Here, especially girls love to play it and create their characters.

What opportunities does Gacha Life offer for children ?

Kids in Gacha Life can create their own characters, which they just love/can fill each slot with pre-made characters and make edits to suit their preferences. They have a lot of options, with over a dozen different character choices. We can create eight characters to be exact. We have the ability to give names in the game. Contact players in the network. The advantage of the game is also that it is very simple and intuitive for children. We can also add any background or edit so called chat bubbles. It is also very easy to save changes or return to the character from before the change.

Is it safe for children ?

We get a lot of questions precisely when it comes to safety. As for the coloring books we can download them without age restrictions. As for the game itself, if we enter the subpage with applications of Androdi or iOS games, here we have age restrictions +9, which means that this game is dedicated for children over 9 years.