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Coloring Book Bird Bittern

The bittern (Botaurus stellaris) is a species of large waterbird in the heron family. The bittern is one of the most mysterious and not easy to see birds in Europe due to its secretive lifestyle and excellent camouflage.

Bittern bird - information and interesting facts

  1. Appearance: The bittern is a bird with a long body, short tail and thick neck. Its plumage is brown in color, with dark and light spots that help it camouflage well among the reeds. Its body length ranges from 66 to 81 cm, and its wingspan is 100-130 cm. It has large yellow eyes.
  2. Sound: The characteristic sound of the bittern is a low, loud "boom" or "bong," which resembles the sound of a beating drum. This sound is often heard in swampy areas from March to June, especially in the evenings and nights.
  3. Environment: Bitterns prefer areas with dense rushes, marshes and lakes with growing reeds. They are sedentary birds, although some populations may move short distances.
  4. Diet: Bitterns feed mainly on fish, amphibians, insects and other small aquatic animals.
  5. Disposition: The bittern is widely distributed in swampy areas in Europe, Asia and northern Africa.
  6. Reproduction: The bittern's nest is a platform made of rush vegetation, hidden in dense reeds. The female lays 4 to 6 eggs, which are incubated for about 4 weeks.

The bittern is a species under strict species protection in Poland and many other countries due to population declines caused by habitat loss.

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