Chucky coloring pages

Chucky is a character from a series of horror movies, starting with the 1988 film Child's Play. His real name is Charles Lee Ray and he is a Good Guys doll, possessing the soul of a psychopathic killer. Chucky is also the antagonist of the first part of the series and all the sequels, as well as the computer game Curse of Chucky. Being summoned to life by Alex Shabowski as a result of witchcraft, Chucky is able to transfer his soul to other dolls through the use of a voodoo talisman. Chucky is known for his cruel crimes and brutal humor.

Interesting facts and information

1 The name Chucky is a tribute to the world-famous director, Charles Chaplin.
2 It is the first animatronic in the Child's Play series.
3 He has tattoo-like paint splatters on his body, a reference to Charles Lee Ray's human appearance.
4. Voice of Chucky - Don Mancini, creator of the series, also played the character of Chucky in a scene from the second part of the film.
5. Chucky's character inspires fear and is considered one of the most frightening characters in horror movies.
6 He had his own film in production called "Chucky: The Real Story."
7. Chucky is the protagonist of the computer game entitled. "Curse of Chucky".
8. actor Brad Dourif, who plays the role of Chucky, received a Golden Globe nomination for his performance.
9 The Ressurection of Chucky, the eighth installment in the Child's Play series, was made in 2013.
10 A separate toy brand was created based on the Chucky character, including an animated version.

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