Harp Coloring Book

A harp is a musical instrument that consists of hemispherical strings and a bow and arm that are used to make sounds. Harps also contain pedals or buttons that are used to change tones. The instrument appeared about 4,000 years ago and has since been used by many artists and creators in a wide variety of musical styles.

Construction of the harp

The harp is made up of several main parts, including the bow, frames, core, strings and pedals or buttons. The bow is a tube that has six long arms that hold 33 or 34 strings each. The frame, which is formed by the arms in which the strings are placed, must be tight to hold the sound. The strings are fixed to the bow arm and attached to the core. The core is a rotating metal cylinder that is designed to grip the strings when they are pressed. Pedals or buttons are used to change tones.


1 The harp is the only instrument in the orchestra that is not directed by a conductor.
2 The harp originated in Ireland and is an important part of their national music.
3. In 2010, the harp was one of the most expensive musical instruments in the world.
4 The world's largest harp was built in New Zealand in 2014 and is more than 26 meters long.
5 The harp was used in the music of the ancient Sumerians and Mesopotamia as early as 4000 BC, making it one of the oldest musical instruments in the world.
6 In Ireland, there is a special style of harp playing called "Celtic Harp".
7 Harps are often used in sacred music, such as in churches and synagogues.
8 Most harps can only produce a certain number of tones, depending on the number of strings on the instrument.
9 Harps have a very long history that dates back to the Neolithic Age.
10 The oldest existing harps are ancient Chinese models dating back 4,000 years.

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