Coloring pages Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Middle East, located on the Arabian Peninsula. It is a constitutional absolute monarchy ruling under Quranic Law. The capital and largest city is Riyadh. Saudi Arabia has access to the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, and borders Iraq, Jordan. Explore with us interesting coloring pages Saudi Arabia and interesting buildings of this country.

Saudi Arabia - information and interesting facts

The government in Saudi Arabia is established by the Saud royal family, which took power in 1932. The country is home to about 34 million people, about 12 million of whom are immigrants, mostly from other Gulf and Southeast Asian countries. Arabic is the official language, and Islam is the state religion. Saudi Arabia is an important member of the Organization of United Nations (UN) and the League of Arab Nations. The economy is based mainly on oil exports, which account for more than 50% of gross domestic product.


1. Saudi Arabia is the world's largest international oil producer.
2 Travel by car from KSA to Egypt takes about 8 days.
3 Before the reign of King Fahd ibn Abdul Aziz began, few residents had access to education and medical care.
4 Most of KSA's terrestrial area is occupied by deserts.
5 Saudi Arabia's official currency is the Saudi rial (SAR).
6 Being a single woman in Saudi Arabia comes with many restrictions.
7 Saudi Arabia has a long history in trade, it is estimated that almost half of all imports include foodstuffs.
8 Saudi Arabia's highest peak is Jabal Sawda (3,133 meters above sea level).
9. in November 2017. Saudi Arabia was accepted as the 193rd member of the United Nations.
The 10th Gol Masjid al-Haram in Mecca is considered the holiest Islamic site in the world.
11 Until modern times in Saudi Arabia, women did not have the right to vote.
12 The country has three seven-star hotels, making it one of the most luxurious places in the world.
13 Most Saudi Arabs speak the Hejazi Arabic Dialect language.
14 Mizwa is the equivalent of religious relations in Saudi Arabia, where people pray and worship God.
15. all kinds of alcohol, as well as objects referring to it, are prohibited.
16. currently women have the right to drive, starting in 2018.
17. KSA is home to the world's largest university.
18 According to Arab tradition, mourning Arabs wear traditional attire for the occasion, such as kandura, dishdasha or abaya.
19 Some upscale boutiques run their stores only in the early hours of the morning to avoid the heat.
20 One of Saudi Arabia's most famous festivals, the Masyaf Summer Festival, is held in July or August each year.