Tobi coloring books

"Tobi" is a character from the manga and anime series "Naruto," created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Tobi - interesting facts and information

Tobi is a member of the Akatsuki organization, which is made up of various criminals and enemies of the main characters in the series. Initially Tobi is presented as a somewhat comical and clumsy character, but over time it is revealed that he is one of the main antagonists of the series.

Tobi is a mysterious figure with multiple identities. He initially claims to be Madara Uchiha, one of the founders of Konoha village. It later turns out that this is only a false identity, and Tobi's real name is Obito Uchiha, an old friend of Kakashi Hatake.

Tobi/Obito has many powerful abilities, including Sharingan, Rinnegan and Mangekyo Sharingan control. His goal is to initiate a plan called "Tsuki no Me," which would transform the world into a perfect utopian state by controlling the minds of all people.

Both Tobi's story and motives are complex and multidimensional, and his character evolves over the course of the series. He is a key character in the "Naruto" series, and his actions have a profound effect on the plot and other characters.


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