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White House Coloring Book

The White House has been the official residence of the President of the United States since 1801. It is located in Washington DC and is the main venue for political meetings and official ceremonies. The White House consists of 132 rooms, 16 halls, 35 bathrooms and is surrounded by 52-acre gardens. It also contains a ballroom and courtyard, as well as a basement where there are tool storage rooms, equipment tire storage and a movie theater room. Since the 1880s, the White House has been the seat of US presidents, and since 1817 it has also been the seat of the federal government. Interesting white house coloring pages are waiting for you.

Interesting facts and information

1 The White House was named after its white marble finish.
2 The presidential seat has 52-acre gardens.
3 The first couple to live in the White House was President James and Martha Washington in 1800.
4 In 1909, Theodore Roosevelt began the first renovation of the White House, and it is the most expansive room in the building.
5 In 1962, the White House was merged with the Pentagon to support the operation of the presidential administration.
The 6th White House has 107 staircases, eight elevators and 28 smoking rooms.
7 Immediately after George Washington became president, the White House became a target for plots, kidnappings and other crimes.
8 The White House has been the site of numerous protests, from the days of Abraham Lincoln to those of Barack Obama.
9. In 1798, the White House was the first building in the US to use electric lighting.
10 In 1970, Richard Nixon introduced a system of protection for White House residents called the Secret Service.
11 In 1799, the White House was the first building in America to have guest rooms.
12 In 1993, it was added to the Register of National Historical Treasures.
13. the White House has 28 sidewalks in the garden, each of which has its own name.
14 The White House has a laundry room that is used to wash the clothes of the president and his family.
15 In 1961, John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie Kennedy introduced fashionable style and taste to the White House.
16 In 1902, Theodore Roosevelt introduced the first officer's outfit for the White House military.
17 In 1817, it became the seat of the United States Congress.
18 In 1994, it became the official center for managing emergencies through the national security system.
19 In 1959, it was paralyzed by a snowstorm called Snowmageddon, which snatched the surrounding trees and caused damage.
20 In 1922, the White House illuminations exceeded 14,000 bulbs.

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