Pusheen mascot coloring pages

Pusheen is a popular internet character in the form of a cat, who has become famous for his adorable comics and pictures. We for you just got a cool...

Printable autumn leaves templates - various designs

Autumn - a season that fascinates with its colorful spectacle. This is the time when the leaves of the trees change their green to shades of reds, oranges, yellows and browns....

Autumn leaves printable template

Here we have a template that we can color. Another of the possibilities is to cut out such leaves and color them. Then we can, with the help of glue, stick them on any...

Falling leaves from the trees

We see in the picture leaves that fall from trees. We have three different leaves to color. It is best to color them all, of course, but of course you can choose one....

Various autumn leaves

Recognize what leaves are in this picture and color them to your liking. Choose whatever colors you want. Remember that these are leaves....

Autumn oak leaves

In the picture we see an oak leaf and acorns which we can color. Cool large xxl size picture for all children. Autumn is the season of many...

Different leaves of autumn

Another in the series of pictures we have for you. For those who like the month of autumn we have something unique and interesting when it comes to coloring pages for...

Autumn leaves for children

Autumn is approaching us. Therefore, on this occasion we have new pictures for you to color with leaves. This time several types of leaves, including...



Information for parents

The portal was created for all users who love the world of colourful pictures which they can colour at home or paint them on line. This option is completely new as far as our website is concerned, however it is becoming more and more popular, especially when we travel and we don't have the possibility to print a picture. It is a cool and interesting alternative. Each picture has an option to choose from these two options. We try to provide you with the latest images from various fields. You can choose between these versions as you wish. Every day we add new coloring pages to print for children. Everything of course completely free, which is also an additional advantage of this service for children.

How to color the coloring pages ?

How to paint coloring books for children ?

We have a few tips that you may find useful while coloring pictures to print on our website. For sure, at the beginning you should choose a technique, that is whether you will paint pictures online or prefer to print out a PDF and color at home. Of course, during the first technique we have only the mouse at our disposal, but we can start with the mouse to paint the outlines of the images, and these larger elements and then move to smaller ones and paint their center. The second option, coloring pages for printing are a few cool tricks, which will be more described below in the entry, but here you should definitely pay attention to the thickness of the paper. It is easier to paint on thicker paper if we are going to paint a drawing with acrylics. If you use crayons, the paper can be a little thinner, of course. Supplied with a good crayons for drawing, which are durable and do not break and planer to sharpen them. It's also a good idea to use a pencil sharpener to sharpen the crayons, which will allow you to paint more accurately and precisely. For sure it is worth to experiment with colors and mix them. You don't have to stick to a rigidly defined color scheme when painting certain elements of pictures.

Advantages and disadvantages of printable coloring books ?

By coloring pictures in particular those that we have previously printed from a coloring page, the child using crayons or paints develops his manual skills. They are very important in the early stages of child development. As we know, as the years go by it becomes easier and more accurate for us to color pictures. It is thanks to the exercises that we can do while coloring pictures. For younger children it is worth using simple coloring books that do not contain small elements. Through painting we also learn to recognize colors, which we use to color the picture we printed earlier.

Painting pictures is also the development of motor skills in our children. This activity is especially important when learning to write once children go to school and learn their first letters there. Holding crayons while coloring will influence the easy use of a pen or quill with which we will write the letters of the alphabet in the notebook in the future.

How to print coloring books ?

There are several ways to print a picture. We can do it at home if we have a printer hooked up to our computer then all we have to do is select the picture we want to color and click on the print icon below it. Another option is to download the pictures to your computer desktop, then send them by e-mail to friends who have a printer, or go to a photocopy shop where we can print any picture.

How do coloring books affect the development of children ?

Certainly the pictures that children color develop imagination and creativity. It is worth remembering that it is nice to print a particular element from the page to which the child can add his elements. For example, we print a picture with a house to which children then have the opportunity to add a fence or a tree or a garden, a sun. This extremely develops creativity in children.

Coloring also prolongs concentration and fights stress in children. A child can concentrate for a long time on painting this picture, choosing different colors to make it complete which takes a significant amount of time. It is also ideal for relieving any emotional tension in children. It also has a great effect on the boredom of children who can choose many pictures whether they are different coloring books with fairy tale characters or dedicated to boys and girls.

How to encourage children to color pictures ?

The basis is to choose the right coloring book for the age of children. This is very important because if for the youngest children we choose difficult pictures with a lot of small elements to color, they will quickly get bored and will not want to return to this kind of games. It is also worth asking children what they would like to color or what fairy tale character they like and just find on the site such pictures that children like and then print them.