Joker Coloring Book

One of the colorful characters that often appears in comic books as well as movies. As you know this is a character who wants to defeat Batman at all costs. There are a lot of pictures with him, that is why we created a dedicated category where we have collected practically all coloring pages with Joker which we have in our service. Joker is waiting for you here both in the online version as well as the most popular one which is to print.

Online coloring page puzzling couple

A puzzling couple

What a smiling couple they are. They obviously enjoy each other's company! Just look at their interesting outfits. The man is smartly dressed,...
Online coloring book mean joker

The Mean Joker

This figure, despite its elegant attire, looks awful. Who is this creature? It is the Joker - the king of cards and the winner! On...
coloring page online mystery detective

Mystery detective

This character hides a lot of secrets. It is apparent that she has many problems. Her look is gloomy. She has a bad look in her eyes!...
Color online mystery character with a gun

Mysterious figure with a gun

Who is this character? The look in her eyes doesn't bode well! She's watching someone closely! I think she's about to kill him! Stop...
Online coloring book uncommon face

Unusual face

And what an interesting face that is! Have you ever seen something like this? This face is composed of the faces of the Joker and Batman!!!
Online coloring book man with black eye

A man with black eyes

And what is this mystery man? What could have happened to him? Why are his eyes blackened? Discover these mysteries and...


coloring book online card geek

Card Maniac

Are you passionate about cards? Can't imagine an evening without playing cards? If so, you must meet a card maniac...
Online coloring book lego joker man

Lego Joker Man

And what's that weird character? It's the crazy Joker Man! He looks like a robot. His arms and legs are...
coloring page online card gambler

Card gambler

Cards are sometimes addictive. The gentleman in the picture has fallen into card addiction. The look on his face doesn't bode well. Just look at the...
Online coloring book joker and batman

The Joker and Batman

Do you like to play cards? Now you have the opportunity! Would you like to meet the real Joker and feel the taste of victory? The Joker always wins! No...

Joker for kids

The character of Joker is a big mystery for many of us until now. To this day, many people do not know...

The Joker - Bruce Wayne's enemy

Another enemy has been added to our series. You can choose this picture and color it. It has appeared in several episodes...

Batman and Robin in action

These two friends who work for the good of the people you know for sure. Batman and Robin look like they're off to...

Batman caught the Joker

Batman is certainly the favorite hero of the youngest. We can watch cartoons, movies and comics with this hero. Today he managed to...

Joker coloring pages and trivia

The Joker is a villain and Batman's main enemy who he wants to defeat and take over the city at any cost. He first appeared in a comic book in 1920 and in a movie over 20 years later. At the very beginning he was to appear only once, but the Joker's instant popularity made this character appear several times already and surely we will see him more than once during the duel with his enemy which is the Dark Knight and Robin. He is probably the most famous criminal in the world who fights with Batman for Gotham City. 

A lot of bad things were done to Batman by the Joker character. Among them Barbara Gordon's paralysis and Jason Todd's death. He loves to commit various crimes that give him great satisfaction and entertainment. We can see this, among other things, on many scenes that have been written on coloring pages to print which are located in this section for older children.

No one really knows the exact origins of the Joker, it is most often assumed to come from a book by Alan Moore called, The Killing Joke. It is in this book that he met Batman in a chemical plant. There, during a duel, he fell from a great height into a barrel of chemicals. It was these chemicals that bleached his skin and drove him mad and wanting revenge.

The Joker's Secret Smile - This is a debatable topic, but we do know that the Joker's legendary smile was probably inspired by Conrad Veidt's performance in the 1928 silent film The Man Who Laughs. It was there that the character was mutilated in such a way that he was always smiling. Therefore, in subsequent films, this smile remained and is the hallmark of this character.