Oddbods Coloring Pages

For children fairy tale characters came also to us. We have a cool category where we have prepared several selected images especially for you. Get to know the new Oddbods coloring pages. We will see the main characters who appear in this cartoon and they are: Bubbles, Pogo, Newt, Jeff, Slick, Fuse and Zee. All of them in single images on which there is only one of them and we can download such a picture and then print it or immediately choosing the online version we can paint them on our site using a computer mouse.

Funny people

Online Coloring Book Funny People
Pogo is one of the Oddbods, responsible for the fun and funkiness of the pack. Each of them brings something different to the pack. One person brings fun,...


Online coloring book Slick
Slick is a typical weirdo. His fur is orange and he has freckles on his cheek. He always tries to be the center of attention and be cool. His...

Strong Oddbods

Online Coloring Book Strong Oddbods
The Oddbods are very strong. The strongest of them all is Fuse. The red fur he has can attest to his strength and aggressiveness. His strength...


Pogo online coloring book
Together with Fuse, they are children's favorite characters. His fur is blue. He is the biggest joker and prankster. He loves to make people laugh and play innocent little pranks on them.

Oddbods Newt

Oddbods Newt online coloring book
Newt is one of two female characters. She wears a pink fur coat in everyday life and is sweet, innocent, and very girly. She is a character...

Oddbods as Santa Claus

Online coloring book of Oddbods as Santa Claus
We are not the only ones who celebrate Christmas. Oddbodies also celebrate this holiday. On this occasion, one of them dressed up as Santa Claus to...


Oddbods Fuse online coloring book

Oddbods Fuse

And what's with the angry Oddbods? That's Fuse. The most aggressive and impatient character in the entire series. He's very strong,...
Oddbods Bubbles Online Coloring Book

Oddbods Bubbles

Bubbles is a character from the animated cartoon "Oddbods". She is one of two female characters. She is yellow in color, and her...
Online Coloring Book Magic Oddbods

Magical Oddbods

Oddbods have put together Halloween costumes. This is a day when children dress up as various scary monsters or characters from...
Oddbods online coloring book for kids

Oddbods people for kids

"Oddbods" is an animated series for children. It focuses on 7 characters called the Oddbods. The story presented in the series often...
Online coloring book Fuse from the cartoon for kids

Fuse from a children's story

Fuse Ruse is Oddbod, one of the five main male characters. In everyday life, Fuse wears a red jumpsuit, has a tattoo...

Zee's girlfriend

This section is a series of very cool, and both quite simple paintings for children. Here you will have no problem with...

Oddbods coloring pages and trivia

Oddbods - the original name is The Oddbods Show is a children's series produced by two countries: Singapore, Ireland. It was created in CGI technology. The studio that produced it comes from Singapore and is called One Animation. We will meet here several characters whose names are as follows:- Bubbles, Pogo, Newt, Jeff, Slick, Fuse and Zee. All of them are wearing different colored furry suits. They don't talk to each other but make sounds that is why this series can be seen in many countries around the world and in Europe.

This series was created in 2013 and the first season ended in 2015. Each season consists of 60 episodes. We had to wait almost a year for the next already second season which was created in 2016. Another two years later - the episodes are quite short as they are only a few minutes long. This series for children from which there are coloring pages on our site has won many awards around the world. The most important ones are: Gold Panda Awards, Asian Television Awards, Apollo Awards and Web TV Asia Awards. It was also nominated for an international Kids Emmy Award.

The plot of each episode depicts how these characters live their daily lives and how they experience them. These are usually situations that can happen to any of us during the day as well as unusual ones. There is always a lot of humor and interesting facts. In each episode the characters eat pancakes for breakfast which is a cool curiosity for kids.