Coloring pages Sweden


Tall lighthouse

Printable tall lighthouse coloring book
Sweden is a country located on an island, and since it's an island it means that there is water all around, on which ships sail. So there must be...

Stockholm Tower

printable Stockholm tower coloring book
Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, and there is a beautiful tower. Paint the picture as nicely as you can.

Ship coming from Sweden

Coloring book of a ship sailing from Sweden
In the picture we see a Swedish ship. It is known by the fact that there is its flag and above it is an inscription. Paint the flag in blue and yellow and...

Beautiful girl with garland

coloring page of a beautiful girl with a garland
Your task is to paint a girl. She has a garland on her head with candles and is wearing a traditional Swedish outfit. To do.

The Swedish state and customs

Printable coloring book State of Sweden and customs
Every country has its customs, Sweden too. It has a lot of interesting customs. I think you will be happy to learn more after you paint the picture.

Swedish Emblem

coloring page emblem of Sweden
The emblem in colors and symbols has reference to the country's history. There is a crown, maroon cloth, animals, coats of arms and much more. You can find in...


coloring book flag of sweden printable template

Flag of Sweden

The flag of Sweden, like any other, has its appropriate colors. A blue background and a yellow cross. Blue is used to mark the...
coloring page flag of Sweden blown by the wind

Sweden's flag blown by the wind

Sweden is a country in northern Europe. As you can see, the flag has a cross. It is yellow in color, on a dark blue background. You can...
Coloring page of a girl blowing into a tube

Girl blowing into a tube

In the picture we see a girl who is dressed in the traditional costume of the Swedes and playing a traditional Swedish instrument. For ease of...
coloring page road near the shed

Road near the shed

Beautiful this picture. A shed hidden among the green trees. Paint this picture as fabulous as your imagination will allow.