Top Wing Coloring Book

"Top Wing" is a Canadian-American children's animated series produced by Industrial Brothers and 9 Story Media Group. The series premiered on November 7, 2017 on the Nickelodeon channel in the United States.

The series tells the adventures of four young birds - Swift, Penny, Rod and Brody - who are cadets at Top Wing Academy and are training to become full-fledged pilots. They each have their own unique vehicles and skills, which they use to solve problems and help other islanders.

The series is popular with children and appreciated for its positive messages, such as the importance of teamwork, responsibility and helping others.

Planet Top Wing

Top Wing Planet Coloring Book
Have you ever been to the Top Wing planet? If not, you absolutely must go to this place. You will meet many interesting characters there. Do you fancy...

Aviator Speedy from the Top Wing cartoon

Coloring book Aviator Speedy from the Top Wing cartoon
The picture shows a very nice creature. The animal is a pilot. You can see that he is calm, as well as rational when teaching cadets and directing them during missions. You have...

Heroes of Top Wing Bird Academy

Top Wing Heroes Coloring Book Bird Academy.
And what are these cheerful birds? They are the heroes of the Top Wing cartoon. Their greatest passion is flying. Maybe you feel like spending a nice time with them....

Top Wing Bird Academy for Children

Top Wing Bird Academy coloring book for kids
The picture showed a rhinoceros. The animal is probably a cook. You can see that she enjoys her work immensely. Perhaps you would like to accompany her in the kitchen? Certainly...

The characters of Swift and Bea

Coloring Book Heroes Swift and Bea
And what are these lovely characters? They are the birds Swift and Bea. The girls love to fly and spend time with each other. Maybe you feel like getting to know them more closely....

Shirley Squirrley

Shirley Squirrley Coloring Book
The drawing depicts a funny and brave squirrel who is a young pilot. The girl's dream has always been to fly in the skies. The squirrel trains all the time to fly as fast as possible....


Top Wing Beard Coloring Book

Top Wing beards

Brody from Top Wing is shown in the picture. The bird is very friendly and smiling. He loves to surf and has w...
Top Wing Bird Academy coloring book from fairy tale

Top Wing Bird Fairy Academy

And what is this cheerful bird? It looks like his passion is flying an airplane. I wonder what the next...
Top Wing Bird Academy Coloring Book

Top Wing Bird Academy

The drawing depicts a cheerful bird that wants to fly an airplane. You can see that flying gives him great joy. I wonder where he would like to fly?....
Baddy McBat coloring book from the cartoon

Baddy McBat from the fairy tale

The drawing shows a bat. Unfortunately, the animal is not friendly. It is a rascal who is unaware that being evil,...
Top Wing cartoon characters coloring book

Top Wing cartoon characters

The drawing shows characters from the Top Wing cartoon. All the animals are nice and smiling. You can see that they are having a great time....
Top Wing coloring book for kids to print

Top Wing for children

The picture shows very interesting characters. Do you feel like getting to know them better? You certainly won't regret it. Therefore, find a moment...
Top Wing coloring book Bird Academy characters

Top Wing Bird Academy characters

The drawing shows the characters from the Bird Academy. It looks like the birds love to spend time with each other, as well as great...
Printable Rod Top Wing Character Coloring Book

The post Rod Top Wing

The picture shows a smiling rooster. The animal is very energetic and friendly. It loves to have a good time. Do you feel like getting to know more about...
Coloring Book Girl Bea from Fairy Tale

Bea's girl from the fairy tale

Who is the cute character shown in the picture? I think it's a penguin. It looks like he is a pilot. Would you like to...
Penny Penguin Printable Coloring Book

Penguin Penny

A cute penguin has been drawn in the picture. The penguin is friendly and smiling. You can see that he loves to spend time playing. You have...


  1. Premiere: The series premiered on November 7, 2017 on the Nickelodeon channel in the United States.
  2. Main Characters:

    • Swift: The main character of the series, a blue bird and helicopter pilot. He is the leader of the Top Wing team.
    • Penny: A penguin who pilots an underwater vehicle. She is intelligent and clever.
    • Rod: Rooster, who drives an all-terrain vehicle. He is full of energy and always willing to help.
    • Brody: Frigate, who runs a hydrofoil. He is calm and balanced.
  3. Storyline: The series tells the adventures of Top Wing Academy cadets who learn how to become pilots and rescuers. Each episode focuses on different rescue missions that the Top Wing team has to perform, teaches about teamwork and coping with difficulties.
  4. Message: The series promotes positive values such as teamwork, friendship, responsibility, helping others and coping with difficulties.
  5. Receipt: "Top Wing" is popular with children and is well regarded by parents for promoting positive values. In addition, the series earned a nomination for the Canadian Screen Awards in 2019.
  6. Production: The series is produced using CGI technology, or three-dimensional computer graphics.
  7. Licensing: Hasbro has global licensing rights for consumer products related to "Top Wing." Accordingly, various toys, clothing and accessories related to the series are available.


  1. Creating a Serial: "Top Wing" was created by Matthew Fernandes, who is also co-founder of Industrial Brothers, the company producing the series.
  2. Canadian-American Production.: Although the series is produced by Canadian company Industrial Brothers, it is a Canadian-American co-production with 9 Story Media Group, which is also from Canada.
  3. Inspiration from the Real World: The vehicles and equipment used by the characters in "Top Wing" are inspired by actual emergency vehicles and equipment used by emergency services.
  4. Educational Aspect: The series aims to teach children about teamwork, responsibility and helping others. Each episode has a moral that children can learn.
  5. Diversity of Characters: The characters in "Top Wing" represent different species of birds, which shows the diversity in the natural world.
  6. Toys: Hasbro, a global leader in toys and games, has the global licensing rights to "Top Wing" related consumer products.
  7. Nominations: "Top Wing" has been nominated for the 2019 Canadian Screen Awards in the "Best Animated Program or Series" category.
  8. Use of Technology: The series is produced using three-dimensional computer graphics (CGI) technology to create realistic and dynamic scenes.
  9. Music: The music in "Top Wing" is energetic and enjoyable, which helps build tension and excitement during rescue missions.
  10. Various Locations: The series is set on a fictional island that has different types of terrain such as mountains, forests, beaches and oceans. This allows for a variety of scenarios and rescue missions for Top Wing cadets.
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