Guitar Coloring Book

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Guitar - information and interesting facts

The guitar has a long history, dating back to the antiquity of the Middle East and Central and Eastern Europe. The first known counterparts of the guitar date back to Mesopotamia around 3,500 years ago, and Greek historical sources dating to around 1,500 B.C. feature an instrument called the kithara. It was a huge guitar, often used to play religious hymns. Since then, the guitar has gone through many evolutions before reaching modern times. In Italy, it began to spread at the end of the 16th century; during this time, the resonance box was invented, and guitars became an important musical tool. In the 18th century, acoustic guitars with three and five strings appeared, and the first electric guitar was invented in 1931. Since then, the guitar has become one of the most popular musical instruments in the world.


1 Guitars have about 200 to 400 different pieces, depending on the type of guitar.
2 Guitars are one of the most popular musical instruments in the world and are used to play music in various genres, including rock, folk, jazz, blues and country.
3 The guitar usually consists of 6 strings, although many guitars have more.
4 There are several different types of guitars, such as acoustic, electric, electro-acoustic, bass and 12-string.
5 The most common type of guitar is the acoustic guitar with 6 strings.
6 Guitars can be played in many ways, including by strumming and pinching.
The 7th Guitar scale includes 24 sounds that can be played on it.
8 The guitar has five basic chords, which include the notes C, D, E, G and A.
9 Popular guitarists include Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Slash and Steve Vai.
10 Guitars are most often built from wood, such as cedar, mahogany, olive and rosewood.
11 The oldest known guitarist was Antonio Stradivari, maker of legendary guitars.
12 There are many different types of guitar strings, such as nylon, steel and chrome.
13 Popular brands of guitars include Fender, Gibson, PRS, Ibanez and Yamaha.
14. In the 19th century, acoustic guitars with three and five strings appeared.
15 The anchor is an instrument used to strum the guitar and hold it with a strap.
16 The guitar has a scale that can be very useful in creating harmonies and melodies.
17. guitar chords are usually composed of three or four notes.
18 In 1931, the first electric guitar was invented.
19 Most guitars have five knobs for adjusting the sound.
20. Wettedlyth is a tool used to strum a guitar and repair its strings.

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