Coloring Book Watches

Learn about the world of clocks and watches is long and fascinating, spanning hundreds of years of invention and innovation. Here is a brief summary as well as coloring pages with watches that await you in this section.

Types and interesting facts about watches

Sundials and water clocks (ca. 1500 BC - 14th century AD): Before mechanical watches became commonplace, people used natural phenomena, such as the movement of the sun in the sky, to measure time. Sundials and water clocks were some of the earliest methods of keeping track of time.

Mechanical clocks (14th v.): The first mechanical clocks were developed in Europe during the Middle Ages. They were powered by weights and used a mechanism called "escapement," which controlled how the energy was released.

Pocket clocks (16th c.): The first portable watches, called pocket watches, were created in the 16th century. However, they were quite inaccurate and expensive.

Wristwatches (late 19th century - early 20th century): Although wristwatches have existed since the 16th century, it wasn't until World War I that they became popular for their practicality on the battlefield.

Quartz watches (1969): Japanese company Seiko introduced the first quartz watch, the Astron, in 1969. Quartz watches use a vibrating quartz crystal to maintain time accuracy, which is much more precise than traditional mechanical watches.

Digital Watches (1970): The first digital watch, the Pulsar LED, was launched in 1972 by the Hamilton Watch Company. It used light-emitting diodes to display the time.

Smartwatches (2000s): At the beginning of the 21st century, watches began to become more and more technologically advanced, with the ability to perform functions such as tracking physical activity, receiving notifications from your phone and much more. The beginning of this trend was the launch of the Pebble watch in 2012, followed by the Apple Watch in 2015.

The history of watches shows how much our methods of measuring time have evolved over the centuries, from simple sundials to the complex electronic watches and smartwatches we have today.

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