Ben 10 Coloring Book

Welcome to the world of games for children. We would like to dedicate this section to boys, where you will meet boahetra Ben 10 and his mysterious watch. There are many pictures in this section but also many others which are for boys of virtually all ages. Of course, these pictures are always free and you can choose them as you like. We also invite you to the homepage, where every day something interesting and new for girls and boys appears.

Bakugan Battle Planet

Online coloring book Bakugan Battle Planet
This boy has special powers that he uses when the world is in danger. He can change into different characters. Each of them has a different interesting...

Kineceleranin - Fairy speedster

Another one for the collection from these fantastic characters with magical powers. Each character in the Ben Tena cartoon has different powers. You can read about them in...

The character Pyronite - Inferno

Another one of the characters that we can meet in this children's cartoon from Carton Network. We encourage you to watch these episodes of course...

Tetramand - Four-handed

Tetramand Coloring Book - Four-Handed - We'll meet one of the characters that Ben 10 can turn into with his magic watch. See what other characters...

Omnitrix Watch

It is through this mysterious watch that it is possible to summon and change into other beings in this tale of a boy who found a mysterious watch....

Upgrade alien from Ben 10 cartoon

I think that such skills as this alien would like to have everyone. This creature can take control of anything. Ben has some interesting characters to choose from...


The wild climber from Ben 10

Check out Ben 10's ability to transform into different characters. This time he chose the Wild Vine. This alien looks like a plant. It is an interesting painting...

Ben 10 Speedster

Another coloring book from the Ben 10 series, this time in the picture we see an alien who is the fastest alien Ben has to choose from. Faster so...

Ben 10 watch alien

This alien should be associated with one of the best cartoons which is Ben 10. Ben quite often chose this creature to help other people. On...

Grey matter from Ben 10

Today Ben Tennyson decided to turn himself into grey matter with his super watch. Again, he probably needs to help someone or rescue someone from oppression....

Ben 10 Coloring Book

This boy needs no introduction, everyone older or younger knows him. His watch has amazing abilities and every boy dreams about such a...

Vilgax character

super hero from the ben 10 cartoon
Surely you know what heroes this wonderful boy can turn into. They are, of course, Four-Handed, Inferno, Toothless, Diamondhead, Dzikopyski, Quickwit, Fly, Grey Matter,...

A character from the Fairy Tale of the Mysterious Boy

See how our favorite hero can change. It's all of course to the mysterious and magical watch he has. He found it on vacation when he was with...

Ben 10 Alien Powerhouse

boy fairy tales for boys ben 10
Surely many of you have played various online games with this character or watched various videos on Youtube.

Ben 10 omniverse

Ben 10 and the watch printable coloring book for boys
If you want to see what this unique character looks like, there is nothing more simple than clicking on this link, and the next step is to color it...

Ben is a television series that was created in 2005 by Cartoon Network. It tells the adventures of a boy named Tennyson and his cousin Gwen. They go to the countryside where their grandfather Max lives. They go camping there. It is there that they find a mysterious watch which is magical. Thanks to it our hero can change into different aliens who have different powers. Below we have described each of them along with the Polish name of each character:

1) Inferno - Pyronite - his abilities include controlling fire as well as flying.
2) Four-handed - Tetramand - he has very high strength as well as endurance.
3) Fastidious - Kineceleran - is very fast and agile. He can think very quickly.
4) Grey matter - Galvanium - has very high intelligence and is very adhesive
5) Diamondhead - Petrosapien - has great strength as well as the ability to shoot crystals.
6) Dzikopysk - Wulpimancer - super agile and durable player like no other.
7) Teeth - Piscciss Volan - can see the darkness. He can also breathe underwater.
8) Fly - Lepidoterran - can fly and spits a sticky substance this ability is often useful to him.
9) Upgrade - Galvanic Mechamorph - can change its shape and merge with different machines.
10) Phantom - Ektonurite - its main advantage is its invisibility.

Ben Alien Power - The English name is Ben 10: Alien Force. This series was created in 2008 by Man of Action. It is a continuation of the first part which was very popular all over the world. Below we wanted to present a list of characters that appear in this series. Of course it will not be every character because there is a lot of them. But there will be the main ones which are most often scrolled in the various threads of the series.

Ben Tennyson - This boy is 15 years old, he is five years older than in the previous version and we see that he has grown up a bit compared to the first season.

Gwen Tennyson - He has finally managed to master his great power, which he can use very well. He treats his friend like a brother and he treats her like a sister.
Kevin Levin - in the first part they were not fond of each other. You could be the thing that they were enemies to each other to some extent. Now it all changed. What influenced it and how it looks like you will see in each episode.

Enemies - It is worth introducing a few of them, with whom the hero will have to face in almost every episode of this fairy tale. However, as you will see he does quite well fighting them. Popular enemies include: Over Tribe, UFO-birds , Eternal Knights , Cash , Argit, Mike Morningstar , Blank, Simian , Albedo, Vilgax.